How to Study Biology for NEET 2020?

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    NEET is conducted by NTA to admit eligible candidates to MBBS and BDS courses across Medical and Dental colleges in India. More than 15 Lakh candidates appeared for NEET in 2019, and since the registration trend shows a positive growth every year, it will only get more competitive this year. As per the observations of the past few years, the difficulty level of Biology has risen. Until and unless you make a complete schedule of the way you want to study, you will not be able to complete the syllabus. Check NEET 2020 Expected Cut Off

    Latest: NEET 2020 has been postponed to the last week of May considering the COVID-19 outbreak and nationwide lockdown as per the recent notice released by NTA. 

    To study Biology for NEET 2020, candidates must ascertain first, the important topics from both the sub-sections (Botany & Zoology), their weightage and books which must be used for preparation. Among all the topics, Animalia and Plantae are a bit confusing, therefore, they require rigorous practice. Apart from this, Plant Physiology, Ecology, Cell Biology, Human Physiology, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Biomolecules, and Biotechnology carry a lot of weightage. Check NEET Paper Analysis 

    In order to be in the run and ace this exam, candidates must be well versed with NEET Exam Pattern. The questions are asked from 3 sections namely, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.  A total of 90 MCQs are asked in NEET Biology section- 45 MCQs from each Zoology and Botany. Read the article below for a detailed analysis of important questions and preparation strategy to ace NEET 2020 

    Download NEET 2020 Practice Papers

    Chapter-wise Weightage
    Chapter-wise Weightage of Botany section in NEET 2020

    Planning is the main step of NEET 2020 Preparation. It is always wise to pick up those topics which carry high weightage, so, go for it. Plant Physiology and Ecology are the topics which carry high weightage but they take much time to prepare. All the topics are mandatory but if you are running out of time, then focus on those which carry high weightage.

    Chapter UnitNumber of QuestionTotal MarksWeightage Percentage
    Biological Classification3126.00%
    Kingdom Monera284.00%
    Cell Biology4168.00%
    Cell Division284.00%
    Prokaryotic Cell142.00%
    Biosphere Reverse142.00%
    Environmental Issues142.00%
    Population Growth Model142.00%
    Blood Grouping142.00%
    Genetic Disorders284.00%
    Mendal’s Biography142.00%
    Mendal’s Selected Characters142.00%
    Living World142.00%
    Taxonomics Aids142.00%
    Molecular Basis of Inheritance62412.00%
    DNA PAcking142.00%
    DNA Replication284.00%
    Genetic Code142.00%
    Genetic Material142.00%
    RNA Processing142.00%
    Root Modifiation142.00%
    Morphology of flowering plants142.00%
    Plant Anatomy3126.00%
    Secondary Growth284.00%
    Plant Kingdom62412.00%
    Life Cycles142.00%
    Plant Morphology284.00%
    Steam Modification142.00%
    Cellular Respiration142.00%
    Mineral Nutrition-Biological Nitrogen Fixation142.00%
    Plant Growth and Development142.00%
    Water Transport142.00%
    Water Transport- Water Potential142.00%
    Reproduction in Flowering Plant52010.00%
    Embryo Sac142.00%

    Chapter-wise Weightage of Zoology Section in NEET 2020

    Zoology in NEET 2020 is a sub-section of Biology Section. As per the previous year analysis of NEET Question Papers, Human Physiology has major contribution in Zoology section. The other major topic in NEET Biology Preparation is Endochrine System, also questions from Animal Kingdom, Biotechnology, Human Health and Disease are asked.

    Chapter UnitNumber of QuestionsTotal MarksWeightage Percentage
    Animal Kingdom3127.50%
    Chordates and Hemichordates142.50%
    Animal Morphology142.50%
    Animal Physiology142.50%
    Frog Reproductive System142.50%
    RNA processing142.50%
    Artificial Vector145.00%
    Horse Evolution142.50%
    Human Health and Disease3127.50%
    Immune System285.00%
    Infectious Disease142.50%
    Human Physiology166440.00%
    Circulatory System142.50%
    Digestive System3127.50%
    Endochrine System41610.00%
    Excretory System285.00%
    Nervous System285.00%
    Respiratory System142.50%
    Sense Organs142.50%
    Skeleton System285.00%
    Human Reproduction142.50%
    Male Reproductive System142.50%
    Microbes in Human Welfare3127.50%
    Industrial Products142.50%
    Sewage Treatment142.50%
    Reproductive Health285.00%
    Artificial Fertilisation142.50%
    Contraceptives Method142.50%
    Strategies for Enhancement of Food Production285.00%
    Animal Husbandry142.50%
    Artificial Selection142.50%

    Preparation Tips
    How to Prepare for NEET 2020 Biology?

    With NEET 2020 approaching, your preparation must be in full swing. If you haven’t started your preparation then start preparing today. Prepare for topics as per the weightage in NEET exam.

    • In order to achieve a good level of preparation, you need to keep studying your biology course on daily basis.
    • Make sure that you are studying with the help of NCERT books. Go through the diagrams of NCERT as many questions are based on diagrams.
    • Solve all the examples provided in NCERT textbooks. In pre-medical exams, few tricky questions are asked in which the meaning and concept of the question is changed by replacing a few words.
    • It is better if you know the weightage of all the chapters so that you can prepare accordingly. Spend more time on the chapters with high weightage.
    • The topics carrying good weightage are - the Plant Physiology, Ecology, Cell Biology, Human Physiology, Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Biomolecules, and Biotechnology. So, students must focus on these chapters.
    • Topics like Animalia and Plantae are a bit confusing. Phylum non-chordata and class levels up to chordate also require consistent practice and revision.
    • Use markers to highlight important points in your notebooks.

    Important Books
    NEET 2020 Preparation Books for Biology

    NCERT Books are considered best for understanding the concepts. And most importantly, most of the questions are picked from NCERT books in NEET exam. Practicing questions from other reference books will greatly boost up the preparation. Given below is a set of reference books for NEET Biology preparation.

    Recommended BooksISBN Number
    NCERT Biology of Class XI and XII8174504966, B010WAREYW
    Trueman’s Elementary Biology for class 118187223596
    Objective NCERT – Biology9385966405
    Trueman’s Elementary Biology for class 12818722360X
    Genetics by Strickberger9332555109
    GRB Bathla's Publication's for BiologyB01IHR490O
    Pradeep Publication's BiologyB01IHR4H6A



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