AIIMS MBBS 2017: Excel the AIIMS Exam with our Preparation Tips

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    All India Institute of Medical Sciences better known as AIIMS is the topmost medical institute in India. It conducts the AIIMS Exam, which is one of the toughest exams in India. Cracking the AIIMS exam is no child’s job. Hence, through this article, we provide you with some of the most useful AIIMS MBBS Preparation Tips. But, before that, it is important to understand the AIIMS Syllabus and Pattern.

    AIIMS MBBS 2017: Syllabus and Exam Pattern

    As far as the AIIMS syllabus is concerned, it includes questions from Physics , Chemistry, Biology, English and Reasoning. The questions are from Class 11th and 12th syllabus of the respective subject.

    However, the level of questions is bit high for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology but relatively easy for English and reasoning. AIIMS medical entrance exam majorly tests a candidate’s ability in two aspects:

    • What the candidate has studied till class 12th, and
    • Is the candidate capable enough to complete a course in medical science?

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    AIIMS MBBS 2017: Subject-wise Weightage

    AIIMS MBBS  2017 Preparation Tips

    A total of 200 Multiple choice questions (MCQs) are asked. Three and half hours are allotted to complete the AIIMS MBBS Exam 2016. The below pie-chart depicts the subject-wise weightage of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and GK.

    Marking Scheme

    All the appearing candidates must note that 1 mark is awarded for every correct answer and 1 marks shall be deducted for every 3 wrong answers (-1/3 for every wrong answer). No marks will be allotted for unanswered questions.

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    AIIMS MBBS 2017: Preparation Tips

    Candidates appearing for AIIMS MBBS 2017 must be thorough with the AIIMS syllabus. This will help them prepare well and get an excellent AIIMS Result. Any candidate’s focus must be on the topics and their AIIMS MBBS Preparation should be on those lines only. This will held them save time as well as pay attention to the most important topics.

    Here are a few helpful AIIMS MBBS preparation tips for candidates appearing in the AIIMS Medical Entrance Exam:

    • Having cleared the basics of what candidate studied in class 11th and 12th is the key to scoring great in AIIMS 2016
    • Practicing as much the candidate can from the past year question booklets and sample papers, can help a lot in understanding the format and get along with the questions of AIIMS medical entrance test.
    • Read Newspaper daily and watch the news for at least 30 mins to have the best idea of what is happening around in order to get through General Knowledge.
    • Concentration is important during the AIIMS exam, as the duration of paper is 3 hours 30 mins.
    • Candidate should practice questions given at the end of each chapter honestly and compare their responses with the solution given at the end of the book/chapter.
    • Evaluate your responses, thus identifying those topics he/she have to work on before proceeding to next chapter or section.
    • Revision is a must. Make notes of important topics and figure in topic wise manner and keep revising them from time to time.
    • Candidates should keep asking the doubts to their mentor or even friends but make sure no doubts shall remain unanswered.
    • Candidates should take the test of individual topics and evaluate their response. If your performance is not good, go through the topics again.
    • Candidates should keep asking their doubts, but make sure no doubt remains unanswered.
    • Revise as much as possible. Just a single time revision is not enough to crack AIIMS medical entrance exam . Don't buy too many books, instead, revise 1 book 10 times. Candidates should at least revise 3 to 4 times before starting AIIMS MBBS Mock Test.
    • Take as many mock tests as possible in order to increase your speed by solving the maximum number of questions in a day. This can boost candidate’s confidence as well as let him have a planned preparation for the final exam.

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    AIIMS MBBS 2017: Subject Wise Preparation Tips

    Here are some useful subject-wise AIIMS MBBS Preparation Tips:

    Physics and Chemistry

    • Make separate notes of all the formulas of Physics and record the chemical formula and reactions of Chemistry.
    • In Physics and Chemistry, some calculation based questions are asked, that will require mathematical techniques. So, revise all the important mathematical formulae and have a grasp of class 10th Mathematics.
    • Assertion and reason type questions are often asked. Descriptive responses are provided against each question and candidates have to choose the most suitable response. This part is compulsory and to answer these questions, a candidate must have the deep understanding of the subject.

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    • Candidates should prepare the diagrams of biology as such questions are very popular with AIIMS MBBS.
    • As biology is a subject of theory, candidates should must take out time to revise the definitions and meanings of the terminology they learned.
    • Assertion and reason type questions are often asked. Descriptive responses are provided against each question and candidate have to choose the most suitable response. This part is compulsory and to answer these questions, a candidate must have the deep understanding of the subject.
    • Candidates should take the test of individual topics and evaluate their response.

    AIIMS MBBS 2017: Topper Tips

    Read below some of the most helpful preparation tips, straight from the AIIMS MBBS Topers.

    1). PattispaduSrividya AIR 1, AIIMS 2014

    According to Pattispadu, ‘'Self-discipline, hard work and faith in myself have helped me in reaching such great heights in my career. This strategy will always help everyone in long run. I used to study for 12 to 14 hours a day during the preparation period. In the last six months of AIIMS MBBS 2014, I worked the most on my weak areas and had tried to convert my weaknesses into my strengths"

    She further said "It is very important to freshen up your mind during prolonged study hours", says Pattispadu. She said, "Whenever I felt stressful, I do painting and it also allows me to enhance my creativity. I have never comprised on my eight hours sleep during AIIMS MBBS preparation time. In order to study with fresh mind and more concentration, it is very important to take short and recreational breaks in between”

    Her Advice to aspirants: "I would like to suggest them that do not take stress about AIIMS MBBS exam and the real success mantra is NCERT Books. NCERT Books are the best way to clear your basics and concepts in all the three subjects, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology''.

    AIIMS MBBS Participating CollegesAIIMS MBBS Sample Papers

    2) Arvind Subramanian AIR 4, AIIMS 2014

    Arvind's preparation strategy has been given below:

    ''The basic strategy I adopted was to have clarity on all the concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. I invested a lot of time to strength Zoology and botany subject because these two subjects have a vast theory. I have tried to solve at least 20 numerical on daily basis within a set deadline to boost my problem-solving speed’'.

    Revision plays an important role:  "A month before the AIIMS 2014 exam, I was busy in revising notes which I made during school and coaching classes. I used to solve previous year sample papers and take 4 to 5 mock tests a week. Revision exercise has helped me in analyzing my weak areas and brought good improvement in my studies, thus it has played a very important role during preparation,"

    A piece of advice from his side: "I would like to tell other aspirants that do not take stress about the exam and do not study under pressure, Recreational activities play the vital role in releasing stress and restlessness, so indulge in activities which help you relax and then start studying with more concentration’'.

    AIIMS MBBS 2017: Quick Exams Strategies

    Along with some detailed preparation tips given above, we also give you some quick tips to improve your AIIMS MBBS Result. Find them below:

    •  Do not take the stress and take a proper break in between studies to keep your mind fresh and active. Develop a Recreational activity to do.
    • Have a deep understanding of every topic.
    • Take the test of topics individually to test yourself.
    • Attempt sample questions before appearing for AIIMS Medical Entrance Exam 2016 to have an idea what AIIMS MBBS Exams look like. Attempt as many question papers as possible.
    • Read newspapers and watch news every day for an hour to have the best idea of the latest happening in order to get along with the GK (General knowledge) part in the AIIMS MBBS Exam 2015.



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