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AIIMS MBBS Photo, Signature and Thumb Impression Specifications

Last Updated - January 23, 2018

The registration for AIIMS 2018 will begin from second week of February 2018. While filling in the application form, candidate needs to upload scanned passport size photograph, signature and left thumb impression as per the defined guidelines.

The registration slip will be generated only after uploading the photo/thumb and signature details. Failing to follow the same would lead in rejection of the online application form.

AIIMS Photo Specifications

Medical aspirants applying for AIIMS MBBS should strictly adhere to all the important instructions related to Photo details, photo size, etc. while attaching their photograph in the application form. Instructions for photograph file upload are -

  1. Recent passport size colour picture i.e. should not be more than 6 months prior to the registration.
  2. Photo should be in colour, against a white background only. Look straight at the camera with a relaxed face.
  3. Black and white photos (or) photos with shadows and Polaroid photos are not allowed.
  4. Photos taken from a mobile camera or selfies are not acceptable. It should preferably be taken from some professional, so that it does not blurs while enlarging it.
  5. If you wear glasses make sure that there are no reflections and your eyes can be clearly seen.
  6. Select only the area where the photograph is pasted, not the entire sheet and scan the photograph on a DPI resolution of 200 dpi.

AIIMS MBBS Photo Dimensions - between 3.5*4.5 cms (width*height)

AIIMS MBBS Photo Size – between 50kb-100kb

AIIMS MBBS Photo File Format – in jpg/jpeg/gif/png

Note: Draw a box of size 3.5 x 4.5 cms (width*height) on a plain white paper and paste the photograph inside this box.

Note: Candidates must be very careful while uploading the photograph. In case of any mistake, it will result in cancellation of candidature.

Sample Image is given below:

Sample Photo

AIIMS Signature Specification

Candidates also have to upload scanned images of signature and thumbprint alongwith the photo. Some of the important instructions for attaching signature are as follows:

  1. Signature must be done on a plain white sheet with thick point blue/black pen only.
  2. While scanning the signature, scan only the area  having signature and not the whole sheet. Scan the signature on 200 dpi resolution. Ensure that the image should not appear blurred while enlarging it.
  3. The signature has to be done by the applicant itself and not by any other person.
  4. Applicants have to do signature on attendance sheet during examination, and the signature mentioned on the call letter should match with the one on the attendance sheet.
  5. The signature must be done in running hand only. Signatures which contain capital letters or initials will not be accepted.

AIIMS MBBS Signature Dimensions - 6x3 cms (width*height)

AIIMS MBBS Signature Size – between 10kb - 50kb

AIIMS MBBS Signature File Format – in jpg/jpeg/gif/png

Note: Draw a box of dimensions 6x3 cms (width*height) on a plain white paper and the signature must be done inside it.

Image of Sample Signature:

AIIMS MBBS Signature

(Sample signature)

Note:Take utmost care while uploading signature to the correct field. Do not make any mistake in uploading Signature.

AIIMS Thumb Impression Specifications

Along with photograph and signature, in AIIMS MBBS application form students also need to upload their thumb print files. Some of the important instructions for uploading thumb print file are –

  1. A box of size 4 x 3 cms (width*height) should be drawn on a plain white sheet. The thumb print should be inserted inside this box only.
  2. The thumb impression should be done either from a blue/black stamp pad only.
  3. Place your left thumb in a gentle manner on the stamp pad and role it in a manner such that the lines of your left thumb should be clearly visible in the scanned picture.
  4. Only the area of the sheet containing the thumb impression should be scanned and not the whole paper.
  5. The thumb impression should be scanned on a resolution of 200 dpi so that it does not appears blurred when we try enlarging it

 AIIMS MBBS Thumb Dimensions - 4x3 cms (width*height)

AIIMS MBBS Thumb Size – between 10kb - 50kb

AIIMS MBBS Thumb File Format – in jpg/jpeg/gif/png 

Sample Thumb Impression:

AIIMS MBBS Sample Thumb

Note: Take utmost care while uploading the file to the correct field. Do not make any mistake in uploading the left thumb impression file.

Do’s and Dont’s for AIIMS 2018 Photograph, Signature and thumb impression

  • The applicant must sign crossed on the photograph, only in the presence of the invigilator.
  • It is advisable to carry multiple copies of passport size photographs which may be helpful in case of emergency.
  • Do not click photographs wearing sunglasses or hats. Spectacles can be worn, if being used regularly.
  • For signature, upload the signatures in the correct box. Writing just full name and uploading would not be counted as signature. And such applications are liable to be rejected.
  • For the thumb impression, make sure that the thumb impression is not too light and is clearly visible showing all the lines of the thumb properly.

Scanning the Photograph, Signature & Thumb impression for AIIMS 2018

  • Before scanning ensure that the photo is taken against a light (white) color background showing your face clearly and fits into the desired requirement.
  • Scan only the box and the photograph and not the entire sheet and set the scanner to a resolution of 200 dpi and then scan the photograph.
  • Stick the photograpgh in box and then scan it. While scanning, crop the image in the scanner and check the cropped image in review tab, then see the final size and upload it.
  • Image size should be between 50kb-100kb only. Files greater than 100kb will not be acceptable for uploading.
AIIMS MBBS Image instructions
  • Signature should be clear and not containing any overwriting or dull background. There should be enough light while clicking the picture.
  • Thumb impression must also be clear displaying the thumb lines very clearly against a white background only.
AIIMS MBBS img instructions
  • Applicants can check the image dimensions by listing the files in the folder or using file image icon. With MS Windows or MS Office Picture Manager all photo, signature and thumb print images can be saved in required jpg/jpeg formats in the required size that is between 50KB -100KB (photograph) , 10 KB- 50 KB (for signature and thumb impression). Apart from these other picture options are also available for editing and resizing the pics such as paint etc.
Note: If the file size and format are not as prescribed, an error message will be displayed.

Procedure for Uploading the Photograph, Signature and thumb impression

  1. There will be three separate boxes for uploading the passport size photo, signature and thumb impression.
  2. Click on the respective links and “Upload Photograph / Signature/Thumb impression".
  3. Browse & Select the file from the saved location of photograph, signature and thumb impression.
  4. Select the file by clicking on it and check the preview to ensure image in not blurred.
  5. Finally click the 'Upload' button

Guidelines to attach photograph/signature/thumb impression in AIIMS 2018 Application Form

While filing the application form, candidates tend to make errors while choosing the photograph. Sometimes, the photos uploaded by candidates do not adhere to the instructions mentioned as candidates overlook them and as a result these images get disqualified. Some of the common mistakes made by the candidates are:

1. Try to upload a photograph taken by a professional camera. If clicking photos using a digital device, click it in bright light in a white background only and try using a 5+ megapixels camera while clicking the pictures. Also avoid using flash light which may cause a red eye to the picture. Photos with a colored background are not accepted. If photo is clicked from mobile camera try resizing it to avoid distortion as shown in the image below.

AIIMS MBBS img instructions

2. While clicking the photograph the candidate must look straight into the camera making an eye contact for a clear image. The face should ideally cover more than 75% of the total area of the photograph.

AIIMS MBBS img instructions

3. If the photograph is not clicked properly or in a poor digital resolution it appears to be blurry and unclear. Such images are rejected while screening the application forms.

AIIMS MBBS img instructions

4. Wearing spectacles in the photo is acceptable but avoid wearing tinted glasses or goggles in the photo. The photo with too much glare or light on the spectacles will not be accepted.

AIIMS MBBS img instructions

5.  Signatures should be done with a thick tip ball point only in blue or black. Do not create signatures containing initials or only your name in capital letters. Also, ensure that the signature is done inside the box and not going outside it.

AIIMS MBBS Signature instructions

6. For thumbprint clean your hands and dry them properly before taking the thumb print. Candidates can make multiple boxes and put thumb impressions in it and select the best one among its which shows your thumb print clearly.

AIIMS MBBS Thumb instructions



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