AIIMS MBBS 2019 Preparation Tips from AIIMS Toppers

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    All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will conduct AIIMS MBBS 2019 to fill about 1207 MBBS seats in 15 AIIMS institutions across India. AIIMS MBBS 2019 will be conducted by AIIMS, New Delhi on May 25 and 26, 2019.

    Every year, AIIMS MBBS is taken by many candidates. Hence, a good preparation strategy is extremely necessary to survive the competition that this exam offers.

    Preparing for any exam involves dedication, perseverance, and hard-work. In this article, we have jotted down some helpful exam tips, that were followed by the AIIMS MBBS toppers. One common tip from all the toppers is to practice a number of previous years’ papers.

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    Nikhil Bajiya, AIR 2, AIIMS 2016

    Nikhil Bajiya always dreamt of being a doctor from his very childhood and worked hard with determination and perseverance. He achieved the top rank in the highly competitive medical entrance exam that is AIIMS MBBS 2016. With dedicated preparation for 2 years, he hardly bought anything to distract him from his aim.

    The aspiring neurosurgeon is to take admission in AIIMS Delhi. Nikhil went to G.B Modi Vidya Mandir and moved to Kota for his coaching. Some of the important points that he mentioned in his interview about the preparation strategy are as follows:

    1. According to him, self-study is equally important along with the guidance of coaching mentors and followed a systematic preparation strategy.
    2. He never speculated about the rank and only focused on his performance.
    3. He also competed for other exams like NEET although his attention was wholly towards AIIMS but he gave some other exams for his practice and knowledge.
    4. He started full-fledged preparation from Class XI only. He had joined a Kota-based coaching institute for medical entrance exam preparation and strictly followed the guidelines given by his faculty members.
    5. He concentrated on gaining stronghold over the concepts followed by taking regular practice tests and solving previous years question papers
    6. Apart from coaching he used to put around 6 to 7 hours of self-study regularly.
    7. He suggested that the students should never over burden themselves and should follow a systematic preparation schedule with ample practice.

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    Mridul Sharma AIR 5, AIIMS 2016

    Mridul Sharma attributes his success to hard work, focus and determination he has put for 2 years consistently. He says, “my preparation technique was planned tactfully and I did manage to stick to my time table daily for 2 years with patience and focus. I was successfully able to revise the concepts and attempt mock tests every day to sharpen my time management, speed and comprehension skills”.

    He further explained that, “My teachers and parents helped me in doubts, study schedules and at times when I was bored for revising the same concepts simultaneously. However, I never lost my excitement and kept my spirit level very high while taking mock tests. Indeed, it has helped me a lot”.

    On his preparation plan, he added, “I studied every day for 8 to 10 hours that included usual syllabus studies, revision and mock tests. Mock tests usually demanded extra hours than routine, I dedicated those extra hours that helped to analyse my weak areas. It helped to achieve phenomenal results during mock tests itself”.

    Mridul’s suggestion to all AIIMS MBBS 2019 aspirants, I advise you to get a strong command over concepts and commit mostly to sample tests from authentic publications to boost your exam taking capability”.

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    Het Shah AIR 4, AIIMS 2016

    Het Shah’s explains the preparation process as below;

    “One of the important steps to my success was the early determination of my goals when I was in class 8th. I worked upon the basic concepts by referring to NCERT books and revised them time and again. Visualisation of concepts is the key factor while appearing for AIIMS MBBS entrance exam and it helped me a lot as I could literally remember the pages for each subject.

    Het added that, “I studied only for 6 hours per day with focus and dedication rather than exhausting for 12-13 hours. Therefore, I never recommend the concept of marathon studies as it only kills your brain functioning. I was just consistent with the number of hours that I utilised for studying every day.

    Het’s suggestion to all aspirants, “Join a good coaching institute as it plays a key part in your success. Avoid marathon studies and keep consistency in your studies”.

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    Pattispadu Srividya AIR 1, AIIMS 2014

    Pattispadu Srividya is from Vishakhapatnam and topped AIIMS MBBS 2014 exam. She secured All India Rank 1. She said that she started working for AIIMS Medical entrance exam right after her class VIII. Her preparation strategy was to work hard, adopt a systematic study approach and have clarity on whatever was being taught to her in school and coaching classes. Some of the preparation tips that she shared are as follows:

    1. She said that she used to enjoy studies andwas not particularly preparing for AIIMS MBBS entrance exam but was studying regularly for other medical entrances such as AIPMT, JIPMER etc.
    2. According to her,self-discipline, hard work and faith in her have helped her in reaching such great heights in her career.
    3. She used to study for 12 to 14 hours a day during the preparation period. In the last six months of AIIMS MBBS 2014, she worked the most on her weak areas.
    4. She said thatit is very important to freshen up the mind during prolonged study hours. It is very important to take short and recreational breaks in between.
    5. She suggested that the students should read the NCERT books as they provide the best way to clear basics and concepts in all the three subjects.

     Apart from studying PCB, she suggested that the students should make it a habit of studying newspaper daily as AIIMS GK section also plays a big role in scoring high in AIIMS Medical Entrance Exam.

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    Arvind Subramanian, AIR 4, AIIMS 2014

    Arvind Subramanian obtained an All India Rank 4 in AIIMS MBBS 2014 exam. He attributed his success to the guidance he received from his teachers.

     He was sure of being among the toppers but did not expect a single digit rank. 

    In his interview, he said that he began preparing for AIIMS MBBS right after his class X boards. He says his preparation strategy was to work hard and have clarity on basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Some of the basic preparation tips given by him are as follows:

    1. Arvind said that he truly believes in the English proverb ‘Hard work is the key to success’. The basic strategy that he adopted was to have clarity on all the concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
    2. He invested a lot of time to strengthen Zoology and botany subject because these two subjects have a vast theory. He has tried to solve at least 20 numerical on daily basis within a set deadline to boost his problem-solving speed.
    3. According to him, revision plays a very important role. He used to solve previous year sample papers and take 4 to 5 mock tests a week. Revision exercise had helped him in analyzing his weak areas.
    4. He suggested other aspirants that they should not stress about the exam and do not study under pressure. According to him, recreational activities plays a vital role in releasing stress and restlessness, so aspirants should indulge in activities which help them to relax and then they should start studying with more concentration.

    We hope readers will find the AIIMS Preparation Tips from Toppers useful while preparing for AIIMS MBBS. Wish you good luck!

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