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A factory in your community - TOEFL Writing Samples for Independent Writing
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TOEFL independent writing is a 300 words essay to be completed in 30 minutes. TOEFL independent writing task requires the candidate to write about an issue This TOEFL independent writing sample is about the construction of a factory in the community. TOEFL writing practice papers offer a wide range of sample questions for daily practicing.

Model 1:

Many companies whose business goes on effectively, often wish to extend it to expand their benefit. Due to this fact they build new factories and headquarters in their own nation just as in outside countries.

To begin with, I would like to express that such choices have an incredible effect on friendly and monetary circumstances in districts where the events happen. On the one hand, companies take care of the issue of unemployment in this manner by extending to greater employment opportunities, which advance first and foremost from utilizing laborers to assemble a processing plant and secondly from employment office work for the factory when it is constructed. Consequently, it builds the financial circumstance in the country. In addition, it positively influences social contacts between people to get familiar with one another when they work together.

Nevertheless, then again, a local area that lives or works close to the future manufacturing factory is adversely impacted by this building. As I would like to think, there are too many disadvantages, which disturb the daily life of the local area.

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Most importantly, the building of the factory cost a lot of time. It implies for the local area that it should rely on loudness, which will take a very long period. In this way, people can't focus on their work, are getting nervous and overemphasized, which impacts their day in a bad way. What occurs next is the lack of motivation and the excess of people who are getting sick as a result of loudness and environmental pollution.

A positive factor for the local area is the way that it receives many new members after the factory has been built. Be that as it may, such activities require years and this time membership from the local area has to suffer under all the negative viewpoints I have recorded previously.

Model 2:

It is about the idea of the construction that has been laid out recently. Having a construction near our residence has its own pros and cons. The construction is most probably going to be of a factory. I have my own opinions regarding the construction of a factory in the upcoming days.

Let us talk about the advantages first. Considering the escalated level of unemployment in the country presently, this factory will lend support in the form of employment of people. There are families in our town who need employment right now to survive themselves as well as their families. Not only will there be a rise in income in families but also among the retailers around. The retailers will gain through the rising amount of sell activated by the workers and laborers in the factory. There may also be a rise in the tax income exercised by the government. But all these factors seem trivial before the gigantic disadvantage that it will throw.

Whenever we cross a construction site we instantly smell a disgusting polluted smell. A construction generally continues for a minimum of two years or so. The bigger the project, the extended will be its construction time. Coming to the factory, it is expected to continue for a minimum of two years or more. Imagine waking up to a sight full of waste materials, and smelling hazardous gases throughout the period. This doesn’t end here, even after the construction of the factory, the production will persist and the smelly gases will continue to prevail. Furthermore, imagine picking up ear splitting noises throughout the day for years is a tiring thing. The rumbling and stream-line sound flying from the factory will take away the tranquility of your lives.

The construction of the factory will simultaneously bring in new people and a wave of population. Neither can you spend time with your family in nearby parks, nor go for a long drive in the occupied jams. Additionally, there can be a hike in the food prices, occupied private cars, and more will cause trouble.


I might want to put stress on the environmental pollution caused by new factories. Actually, there are a lot of processing factories all over the world, which produce the same items in spite of the fact that there is no need for them.