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TOEFL independent writing task tests the candidate’s proficiency through a 300 words essay having a duration of 30 minutes. Every TOEFL independent writing task topic requires the candidate to form an answer to an issue. This sample answer talks about the changes in the hometown the writer desires. More topics like this are found in TOEFLwriting practice papers.

Model 1:

There is no shortage of things that could be changed in my hometown. however, if I had the chance to make one important improvement, I would decide to make more parks and green spaces. I feel this way for two significant reasons, which I will explore in the following Essay.

As a matter of first importance, parks help people to relax and find quiet, two things which are both hard to find in the present feverish world. Here in my hometown people are typically surrounded by high-rise apartments of dull dim cement. Also, they regularly manage long drives, traffic jams, and crowded sidewalks. Such issues make occupants of this town extremely restless. As a rule, our uneasiness gets so outrageous that we experience medical issues. I firmly accept that building parks could offer a perpetual arrangement. My dad is a compelling example of what I mean. For a very long time, he lived and worked in the same city that I do now, yet quite a while back he was constrained into exiting the workforce following a minor heart attack failure achieved by hypertension and work environment stress. In any case, after his retirement he moved to a more rustic area, surrounded by trees, waterways, and untamed life. In a short period of time, his stress was reduced and he started to carry on with a more joyful and better life. I'm sure that by building a few parks in the city where I reside, my hometown and I could enjoy similar benefits.

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Besides, the development of parks won't simply benefit our mental health, however, will also support actual wellness among the population. Not every person can manage the gym membership, and our crowded walkways and roads are not appropriate for running or bicycling. The development of parks would furnish kids with a place to run around and adults with an area to take an interest in group activities. At the point when my dad moved to the countryside, it was not just his concerns then he went away. He also lost a lot of weight since he settled on the choice to start every morning with a brisk walk in the forest. Even if I wanted to follow his example. doing so would be impossible where I live as the roads are too crowded for casual walking. While my dad is recovering from his illness, I fear that I might get worse and worse if things don't change soon.

Model 2:

If there is something I would like to alter about my hometown that would be a clean city with reduced air pollution. In today’s time, air pollution is considered a destructive factor in the environment. Our country is a victim of air pollution that is engulfing the goodness present in the air. We no more view clear blue skies, neither can we enjoy the morning view nor the dusk. This is all because of the air pollution sourced from factories, construction, and more. Our state has promoted to significant growth of the nation. But recently due to increasing industrialization, we have lost the age-old dense forests, the mountains are no more the snow-capped ones, the waterfall is full of plastics, people are littering in almost all the parks. The list is unending and the saddest part is, people, do not still have the intention to keep their state clean and pollution-free.

Another very big reason behind my wish to see my city developing is for investors. Investors play a huge role in developing a state. They will notice our state if we keep it clean, tidy, and attractive. Nobody wants to invest in a state which will not serve their purpose. In today’s time, most people know how the city’s environment also known as the ‘software facility of the city’ talks about the city’s future. To explain this in a better way, if a city doesn’t offer proper infrastructure, workplaces, career, academics, hardly any student will pursue their education. Parents will target to send their kids to other states or abroad where education is proper. Or students who are already studying in that city will be on the quest to work in other states. Since a poorly developed state also means poor paychecks.

Moreover, having a clean and pollution-free state will also add to the health safety of the residents. It will be a great turn of events for the aged people, as well as for kids as well. People of today’s time are more concerned about having a healthy body and that is another reason.


If I could transform one thing about my hometown I would decide to change over a portion of our concrete and steel surrounding to beautiful parks and green spaces. This is because such spaces would profit both the mental and physical health of me and my hometown.