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Has the easiness of cooking improved life? TOEFL Writing Samples for Independent Writing
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The TOEFL independent writing tests the writer’s proficiency through a 300 words essay to be completed in 30 minutes. The TOEFL writing samples for independent writing helps in understanding the structure, types of topics, word count, and relevance. This TOEFL independent writing sample answer focuses on the easiness of cooking. Candidates can increase their proficiency by practicing from TOEFL writing practice papers.

Model Answer 1:

Cooking has a lot of benefits which adds up to an improved lifestyle. Smooth accessibility to food is one of the greatest desires of mankind. Nowadays, with urbanization and the evolution of technology, preparing food has become much simpler than it was in the past. I agree that cooking plays a major role in refining our lives but not without having an adverse effect on our life.

In my opinion, cooking at home is an intelligent way to save money and provide much healthier food for oneself as well as their family. Notwithstanding the fact that the entire process of cooking can at times become burdensome and time-consuming. Today’s generation has fast-paced lives wherein they work full time and hardly have hours to spare on cooking. Many individuals opt for instant foods or semi-cooked food that is easily accessible and affordable in the supermarkets. Advanced technology like microwave ovens, air fryers contribute to accelerating the process of preparing food. In contrast to the past, people had to go through an elaborate meal prepping process, followed by margination, cooking, and then garnishing. Devoid of such technology, the course of cooking, especially the process of making cuisines were considerably long. Therefore, this change has had a positive effect on bettering our lives.

However, not without its negative effects. Such easy cooking methods brought about by the development of technology have not only deteriorated our health but also our relationships with our partners and family members. Many young adults and even full-time employed professionals resort to restaurant food, junk food, and ready-to-eat meals as they are pressed for time to cook proper meals. Such foods have a high-calorie intake along with being greasy and low in vitamins and minerals. Research also indicates that eating such unhealthy food regularly leads to obesity or uncontrollable weight gain which in turn leads to fatal conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.

Workaholics prefer eating out as food can be easily acquired and therefore do not gather with their family members for lunch or dinner for some quality time with family. Having meals together with partners or families does indeed help in strengthening their bond. As was in the past, where family helped with meal prep, cooking, laying the table as well as eating together. To conclude, the process of preparing food requires less time as it has become trouble-free and undemanding because of various technological facilities. However, consuming such poor-quality food on a daily basis does not exempt people from the health problems that come along with it.

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Model Answer 2:

Presently, people are more occupied with their works than ever before. Most people are working for 10 to 12 hours every day to meet their ends. While some people are getting paid more, some are not. But one thing that is constant among everyone is utilizing the easiness of cooking, and how it has improved their life.

Today in the market we can avail an array of products that are readymade. By readymade, it means people can have it by just pouring water or frying, and it is that simple. There are also half-cooked items that require some extra ingredients or movement of hands to make it a complete meal. What is best about both of these is, it hardly takes time to prepare them. No matter how much you love cooking, preparing food after returning after putting up with the drudgery of work takes enormous effort. And for every day, it becomes a tedious task to prepare. But with ready-made foods like pasta, noodles, rice, and more, people just need to switch on the gas or even microwave.

The next important point that adds to the easiness of cooking is the price. Most of the ready-made products are affordable considering people of all sorts will buy them. Quite expectedly, french fries at a restaurant will cost you more since that is cooked by the chef. But with the ready-made products, you have to probably just heat it. Sometimes you actually can have it as it is without requiring any extra care. For instance, cup noodles are very famous among trekkers as they only need to pour warm water in it and swirl to consume.

Coming to the concluding facts, the easiness of cooking has definitely made way for improvement of life. People are getting more time to relish their favorite activities or spend time with their families. Some can even spend that extra hour to sleep more, and gain more energy to perform better at work the day after.