How SKYPE Lessons can help with TOEFL preparation?

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    TOEFL is known as the Test of English as a Foreign Language conducted for non-native English speaking students wishing to complete their higher education abroad in English speaking countries. 

    The TOEFL exam consists of 4 sections respectively,

    Nowadays, Skype lessons have received positive responses from students. The skype lessons come at the advantage of learning the language from a native speaker or a more experienced teacher in a more affordable and convenient way. More students have a chance of preparing for TOEFL online through skype lessons. 

    The TOEFL exam is to check the level of English of students. The exam is an objective test which can be taken in 3 different variants;

    Students can apply for the exam at any time, as it is conducted over 50 times in a year. The students just need to keep an eye on the application and registration part of TOEFL. Students can prepare at any time and appear for the exam.

    We are going to discuss the details of how skype lessons can help a student prepare for their TOEFL exam sitting at home.


    Name of ExaminationTOEFL
    Type of ExamInternet and Paper based
    Level of ExamInternational
    Duration3.5 hours
    Conduction BodyEducational Testing Service(ETS)
    TOEFL Helpline Number1-609-771-7100 | 1-877-863-3546

    Advantages of Online Skype Classes

    In this fast-paced life going to an institute to receive training to prepare to apply for Higher Education is getting more difficult with the busy schedule of students. 

    So when Institutes provided the alternative of applying for the TOEFL Skype Lessons, many students were ecstatic. As preparing for their dream got a tad bit easier. Keeping in this in mind, some of the advantages of taking TOEFL Skype Lessons are as follows:

    • Being Extremely Convenient: Skype TOEFL Lessons are very convenient for students. As students can arrange the lessons according to their daily routine. They can also take advantage of the lesson wherever they just require a good internet connection and a favorable environment. 
    • Time-Investment: Students can give more time to their learning as they save a lot of time on travel. While traditional classes are the best way to learn, not everyone has the time, energy, and money to spend on taking them. So the next best option for them is online classes.
    • Affordable Prices: Skype TOEFL Lessons are cost-effective and affordable than traditional classes or private tuition. An online English Institute usually has lower expenses than the traditional Institute. 

    Although face-to-face classes are to date the best but with living expenses being too high in some countries and regions. Online classes at a lesser price turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    • Native English Teachers: Students are at the advantage of learning the language from a native speaker. The native teacher is also at an advantage, as he/she can travel and earn students all over the world to achieve their goal. 

    These lessons are extremely attractive for native teachers as they can live a relaxed lifestyle on a beautiful island and still earn some money.

    • Use of technology: The use of technology because online classes make the session more interactive than traditional ones. Both the students and teachers are trying to understand how to use this platform in the most efficient way. Teachers can take note of the students’ mistakes while speaking and note them in the chat box. Through this, the students can reflect on their mistakes and try to make more of an effort to improve. 
    • Record the Classes with access from the Teacher: The students can review their notes after the class ends as well. With just a click of a finger, the teacher can give access to students to record the lecture. Students can not only record the audio but also the video. With the video, all the documents, graphics, and music can also be recorded which is a successful way of revision for the future.
    • More Interactive Classes: Not being in the presence of the teacher, it makes the student want to put in more effort to succeed. Students take in every mistake and errors which leads to more determination on their part.
    • Helping the Environment: This point does not come to mind immediately. But Skype lessons save a lot of time, energy, and power. Which leads to less dispersal of greenhouse gas emissions, and with less vehicles on the streets, it saves fuel consumption as well.
    • The best way of improving English for business purposes: Skype Lessons are especially famous in the business world. As more and more companies want their employees to excel in the business language. Companies prefer Skype lessons as it helps them achieve their goal at an acceptable price for excellent 1-on-1 English classes.
    • Comfortable Time-Table: The student has the advantage of selecting the time of the class along with the duration. They can opt for as many and as fewer classes at an affordable price.
    • Well Structured Material: The material for the online classes is very well structured to offer students a diversity of topics. The teachers and students put in more effort than usual to make this process more efficient and effective.
    • Personalized Activities: Students get the chance to test their progress through personalized activities usually available on the institute’s website with regular inputs from the teacher. Students get activities based on their motives for learning the language. Like a job abroad, higher education, practice, etc.
    • Effective Learning: The thought of online lessons is less stressful for students. The fact of a teacher not sitting next to you puts the student’s mind at ease and leads to fewer mistakes by him.
    • Personalized Approach: No two people are the same, which means no two students will make the same progress or mistakes. Which is why these skype lessons are personalized for every individual. Which makes them more cost and time-efficient.

    Skype Lessons help in better Listening

    Most of the listening audios are taken from lectures. This is because the examiner wants to check if the student understands the words if put in an academic setting. As most of us are more used to listening to English in web-series which are hard to find with an academic background. 

    With the help of Skype lessons, students are prepared for the listening section of the exam in an academic setting.

    In conclusion, the rise of Skype lessons is a definitive advantage for students to achieve their desired TOEFL score. Students are at the advantage of saved time, money, energy, etc. With rising technology, the trend of opting for online Skype lessons is going to be a definitive way of studying.

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