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Luck or Hard Work -TOEFL Independent Writing Essay
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Luck or Hard Work is all about the preference of the candidates - TOEFL even after being a standardized test of English proficiency, offers the flexibility to the candidates to state their opinion. TOEFL writing independent tasks are all about denoting the feelings and opinions of the candidates.

Among Luck or Hard Work , they need to denote why they prefer luck or hard work. They need to put examples in support of their preference – or specifically, they need to provide reasons why they prefer hard work over luck or vice versa. Along with practicing with the TOEFL writing practice paper, get the idea of the topics from the TOEFL writing sample. Below is a TOEFL writing sample for the independent writing task.

The Question:

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “When people succeed, it is entirely because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with their success.” Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

The Sample Essay

Model Answer 1

We have all heard stories of people who have achieved success in their life, and we often wonder how they did it. I believe that success is only the result of hard work and perseverance. I think this way for two vital reasons, which I will elaborate in the following essay.

To begin with, success is always the outcome of hard work over a long period of time. Success takes place gradually, and only after a series of correct decisions and small victories. A stroke of luck, in contrast, generally happens to be a one-time event. The experience of my father, as a successful entrepreneur, is a compelling example of what I mean. Since 2005, he has run a very profitable technology firm which manufactures and sells a wide range of products. His business started very small when he invested his savings to develop and market a single product and hire his first employee. When that product became popular, my uncle compounded his success by introducing new products and gradually increasing the size of his company. His company later grew from a single employee to include a staff of dozens. While my father would have been lucky at one stage of his company’s growth, the long-term success of his firm cannot simply be the result of good fortune.

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Secondly, success is usually the result of consistency, dedication, research and education, all of which require a lot of work to achieve. For instance, some people said that my father was lucky when his initial product offering was successful. However, he was confident that his product would be a hit even before he started manufacturing it. This is because he spent thousands of bucks on market research and focus groups. It was this investment of time and money, not luck, which assured the early success of his business. Likewise, when his small firm merged with another firm just before that company rose to prominence some called him lucky. However, my father had spent weeks interviewing the research and development team at that company and predicted their success based on what they told him. Had he not been confident of their potential, he would not have completed the merger. Again, this victory was the result of diligence rather than luck, despite what some observers say about it.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that success comes as a result of hard work. This is because success takes a lot of time to achieve, and it also requires dedication .

Model Answer 2

Luck and Hard work are a combination that leads someone to a promising future. If you do all you have got and also have a little chance, you can beat down all the hinders and reach your causes, but there are some people who disagree. they believe there is nothing like luck and everything is in your hand. I believe both luck and hard work are two important elements of reaching success. I will describe my reasons below.

First, Luck can bring a good situation to work. If you are lucky, unexpected job opportunities can happen on your way, unless you have a good job there is no point in working hard because you never will be successful. For instance, I studied Civil engineering, I was hopeful that I could find a job, corresponding to my major, nevertheless, I couldn’t find any. Thus I started working in an IT company, I was working there for about a month. Suddenly one of my friends saw a job opportunity on the Civil engineering department board, he told me about it, I called them as soon as I could and I got the job. I can consider it a big step in my career as a Civil engineer, I think it was my chance that my friend saw that invitation and regarded that he informed me.

Second, even if you have a good job, there is always the possibility to ruin everything. anything can happen to destroy the result of your hard work and leave you empty-handed. For example, I had a friend how made a big contract with a governmental department for economic research, he had to adopt a university professor in order to lead the research process, so he signed up the professor for the project, after a while, it was about receiving the first payment of the project, the primary studies had been done and a report was delivered to the governmental department, the professor suddenly duped him, blocked his telephone and exploit all the hard works that he had done, that was truly adversity. adapting that corrupt professor was his bad luck and despite his hard work, he got nothing in result.

In conclusion, By having good luck you can find a suitable job opportunity and meanwhile with hard work you can get a good result, also if you are lucky you can finish the job properly and receive all the benefits of it. Luck and Hard work at the same time can pave your way to what you want.