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    ETS, a global test Provider is a team of education experts, researchers and assessment developers which develops, administers, scores and conducts a plethora of tests in over 180 countries with an aim to improve teaching and learning, expanding opportunities for learners thus forming the foundation of refining your English language skills. Passionate and striving to provide innovative and meaningful measurement solutions it is a journey of rigorous research and an uncompromising commitment to quality and to evaluate people and program all their assessments, with well researched and customized products and services designed to improve teaching and learning quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

    The Global Test provider conducts more than 50 million tests , one of them being the TOEFL which is the English-language test most preferred by universities in Germany, France and the United States, and Canada. TOEFL iBT test evaluates and measures how well you combine your listening, writing, speaking and reading skills at the university level to perform academic tasks with English skill level range between Intermediate and Advanced.

    Online scoring network delivers test results that are fast, cost effective and secured and wants to ensure that the testing experience is as convenient and flexible as possible. ETS has recently announced that students appearing for the reading and listening exam sections can have access to the unofficial scores immediately after the completion of the test. The cost of the Test varies depending upon the location. TOEFL test is scored by a combination of network of raters and a carefully controlled AI scoring from a secured central location. The test is scored on the basis of a combination of human judgement for content and meaning, and AI scoring for linguistic features, ensuring consistent and quality scores.

    TOEFL is the only English language assessment that provides students scores instantly which in turn make the students at an advantage as in case they are unhappy with their result they have an option to cancel their scores at the end of the test which prevents their score to be displayed in the official score report. Students can make decisions about reporting the scores or reappear for the exam as the official score will be available six days later following the test. Here are some of the highlights of some recent changes with this exam pattern.

    • New - Reading and Listening Instant score. This will give you a fair idea about your performance and will help you determine if you wish to report or cancel your score.
    • Duration Reduced- The scale for each section is 0-30 and 0-120 for the total score
    • Fewer Questions than before in the reading, Listening and Speaking sections
    • Free Practice tests- Make yourself familiar with the Test format and the Question type.
    • Easier Registration
    • TOEFL mobile app – Convenient way to stay connected even while on the move
    • Retest Waiting period reduced- If you wish to appear for the retest the waiting period for the same has been reduced from 12 days to 3 days.

    Give yourself the advantage with the TOEFL test, the leading English-language test for study, immigration and work as ETS in a bid to make registration more convenient has also reduced the time required to register online for tests from four days to two days and additionally has also shortened the time of the TOEFL ibt TEST BY 30 minutes to a total of three hours. Every year approximately 50 test dates are announced when the exams are conducted at authorized test centers around the world. For the convenience of the students afternoon sessions have been added for selected dates.There is no limit to the number of times you can appear for the test except for the fact that you cannot take it more than once in a 3-day period. TOEFL iBT scores irrespective of the test administration date, automatically include MyBest TOEFL scores along with the traditional scores from your selected test date. The new feature of showing your best score from all the sections is valid for 2 years so this score can be sent to all universities or institutions during that time.

    The process of scoring assessments ensures that tests are fair to all test takers and accurately measure with precision what they are intended to measure.



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