Last Minute Preparation Tips for TS LAWCET 2020
Exam: 23 Aug `21
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The state-level law entrance test of Telangana, TS LAWCET is scheduled to be taken on October 9, 2020. The scores obtained in this exam will help in getting admissions to the top-most law colleges of the state. Thus, it is important to prepare dedicatedly for the TS LAWCET, especially when the exam is just a few days ahead. Candidates while revising all the concepts must give additional importance to topics such as Legal aptitude, current affairs and GK as the majority of the questions will be asked from these topics.

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Since the exam is just a few days ahead, knowing the last minute preparation strategy will help in getting a good score. To know more about the detailed last-minute preparation strategy, go through the beneath article.

TS LAWCET 2020 Syllabus

Before anything, let’s have a quick look at the TS LAWCET syllabus 2020 from which the questions will be asked. The syllabus of TS LAWCET will come from the below-mentioned topics.

Topics Marks
General Knowledge and Mental Ability 30
Current Affairs 30
Aptitude for the Study of Law 60

Important points to remember for TS LAWCET

  • TS LAWCET exam will have a total of 120 questions and the candidates are given 90 minutes to write all the answers. So you really need to act smart and focus on the exam.
  • The question paper for 5-year LLB will be of intermediate level, while the graduate level paper will be asked from the students planning to get admission into a 3-year LLB course.
  • All questions will be objective types with multiple options.
  • As per the latest TS LAWCET exam pattern, no marks will be deducted in case of any wrong attempt.

Must follow tips and suggestions

  • You must follow the selective study, and practice all the topics which you have prepared earlier as it helps build confidence level.
  • Start solving last year’s question papers. Since the majority of the questions will come from previous year questions but in a different style, doing more mock tests will help you broaden your understanding.
  • In case a particular section has lesser weightage and you are not able to complete it on time, then rather than wasting time on the same, move forward and revise other more important topics.
  • The revision and preparing notes are the key aspects for success, so revise whatever you have studied so far.
  • Stay healthy and don’t take the pressure.

Exam Day Instructions for TS LAWCET

The candidates giving TS LAWCET exam must have the basic instructions and disciplinary rules that must be adhered while giving the exam. The below-mentioned information will help all the candidates in giving the exam smoothly.

  • The candidate must not forget to carry their TS LAWCET Admit Card.
  • The candidates have to keep the Admit Card safe and protected.
  • The candidates are suggested to reach the exam center before the specified time so that last minutes delays can be avoided. 
  • The candidates are not permitted to carry mobile phones, electronic gadgets, digital watches, calculators and any other such devices, inside the examination hall.
  • Any candidate who is found using unfair means of practice inside the examination hall will result in the cancellation of the exam.
  • Using unfair means of practice inside the examination center will urge authorities to take disciplinary action against those candidates.
  • Pen/ Pencil and blank paper sheets for doing rough work will be provided to the candidates inside the examination center.

TS LAWCET exam day guidelines - COVID-19 specific

Since the cases of COVID-19 are increasing across the country, the authorities have made it mandatory for the candidates to adhere to some safety measures while giving the exam. Some of the exam day guidelines that need to be followed include:

  • Candidates are supposed to bring their Mask and pen.
  • Candidates must carry gloves, personal hand sanitizer (50ml) and a transparent water bottle.
  • It is mandatory for the candidates appearing in the TS LAWCET exam to install the Aarogya Setu App on their mobile phone.
  • Candidates will have to undergo the thermal screening procedure while entering the exam center. Candidates having a high temperature will be allotted seats in a separate exam hall.
  • Make sure to carry a hand sanitizer bottle and sanitize the registration desk.

Last Minute Preparation Tips for TS LAWCET 2020

  1. Revise legal aptitude section effectively to get better scores in TS LAWCET 2020

The Legal aptitude section will have 60 questions and you need to complete all the questions within the allotted time. The candidates preparing for 5-year LLB need to solve a moderate level question paper so it is important to clear all basics related to Indian law and polity. However, the ones preparing for a three-year LLB must gather all the details related to Jurisprudence, Constitutional law, Law of Contracts, Torts law, International law, etc. in case you want to get a good score in the TS LAWCET, you must revise the Legal aptitude section effectively.

  1. Read daily current affairs

In this case, when the TS LAWCET exam is just a few days ahead, it is important to brush up what all you have learned. Preparing current affairs for TS LAWCET is easy in case you take the reference of visuals as well, look at the most popular current affairs magazine and have a quick recap of what all you have studied till now. Revise the magazine and the notes which you have prepared earlier to get better prepared.

  1. Revise short notes

At this point of time, revising from the TS LAWCET books can become a daunting task. So rather than making revisions troublesome by going through the books again, revise the course-related content from the notes you have prepared. It’s not easy to read the book again and again especially when you have limited time left in hand. Thus revising short notes is quite an easy and time-saving way to go through what all you have studied so far. The revision through the short notes will help you to remember all the facts which ultimately will help in getting a good score in the exam.

  • Fix the number of hours in a day so that you can revise each section separately
  • Using revision notes, develop tricks that help you remember the concepts for a long time.
  • In the remaining days, make sure that you are doing more mock tests and solving more last year papers.
  1. Study Smartly

Picking up the correct way to revise is important as you don’t have much time to experiment with new ways of preparation. The candidates are suggested to revise using the earlier referred books only. You must not look out for new books to revise the topics as it will create doubt in your mind. Also, try not to study in a new chapter which you have not covered till now as it will make you feel tenser. Study smart and revise what you have studied earlier.

  1. Inculcate the habit of Practising more 

It is imperative to practice regularly as it helps judge your performance. You can do more mock tests, sample papers, last year's question papers, etc. as it will make you feel more confident. Consistent practice helps clear all the concepts and doubts related to the kind of questions asked in TS LAWCET exam. By doing more mock tests, you can get familiarity with the kind of questions that might come in the final examination.

  1. Sleep and Eat Timely

Many candidates don’t pay attention to their health which in turn affects their performance as well. You must sleep and eat on time as it will help you to stay more focused and confident. In case you are skipping any of your meals or not taking enough sleep, then it will worsen your performance. So don’t underestimate the importance of sound sleep and a good diet as it can impact your preparation and performance to a much greater extent.

  1. Time Management

Managing the available time is important. If you have successfully managed to prepare for the exam within time, you can get a good score. Also, since this is a time constraint exam where you need to complete the exam within the allotted period, so rather than sticking to a question whose answer is not known to you, move on to the next question.

Make sure that you have planned your everyday activity as it will help you to manage time.

  1. Don’t pick new topics

Aspirants are advised not to study all day long as it might exhaust their mind and will not leave them with sufficient energy on D-Day. Overdoing can lead to exhaustion of both, body and mind. It not only hampers the final performance of the candidate but also the intake of too much information has the possibility of creating chaos in the mind of the student.

Focus on your weaker areas and monitor its improvement regularly. And most importantly while doing the final preparations, go through the basic topics only rather than revising the entire chapter.

We hope that the above-mentioned Revision tips will help candidates in developing a better understanding. A well-structured timetable and determined mind and soul will help you to clear the exam with flying colors. TS LAWCET is conducted each year to select the qualifying and deserving candidates who want to pursue law courses. Using the right preparation strategies and adequate preparation will help you ace the TS LAWCET 2020 exam.