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CLAT English Preparation Tips from Top Educators at Unacademy
Exam: 13 Jun `21
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CLAT is a gateway to get admission in NLUs and various other prestigious law colleges in the country. Most of the aspirants thought that Legal Reasoning is the most important subject. They also go ahead and add that Legal acts as the tie-breaker in the event of two candidates having similar marks. Well, the ones who claim this are not wrong, however, there are other schools of thought to it as well.

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As per the interpretation of Unacademy Educators, the most important subject for CLAT would be English. But English is not the largest section, nor is it a tie-breaker. So what are the reasons that make English an important section for CLAT preparation? 

  • English Language as a subject might only carry 30 marks in this examination but since the exam itself takes place in English, the topics you study for this subject help you in other subjects one way or another. 
  • With the changed pattern and a complete passage-based paper, the value of English as a subject in CLAT has grown exponentially and there is no debate on it being the most important subject. 

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Reasons Why CLAT English Preparation is Important

  • How do you expect to solve Critical reasoning questions from Logical Reasoning?
  • How do you expect to extract meaningful information from passages in sections like Current Affairs?
  • How do you plan to understand complex judgment-related passages in Legal Reasoning?

All these are compelling questions. While we say so, many students do not pay attention to this English subject at all owing to one of the two reasons.

  • I can speak fairly good English, I need not waste much time on this subject.
  • I am neither very good at this subject nor can I speak fluently in English so I will not waste time on it.

These are both blunders when it comes to preparing English for CLAT. 

  • If you are good at this subject, work harder to make sure you do not miss out on any question, make sure that this subject becomes your forte because this is one subject where many students falter.
  • If you are not good at this subject, make sure you invest at least 2 hours of preparation spread out over a time span of several months because ignoring this subject will mean scoring less in other subjects too.

4 Best Tips to Prepare for CLAT English

Focus on your Basics

  • Anyone who says that since the core grammatical questions will not be asked in CLAT so you need not study English Grammar anymore is not being truthful. 
  • Basics of Grammar form the bedrock of this subject, it need not be ironclad for you to answer questions, but you should be aware of the basic level concepts and examples of each concept from basic English grammar.
  • Any 10th grade English Grammar book if studied well, should prepare you for this. 
  • You can check Wren & Martin.

Increase Your Reading Speed

  • This skill will help you in your law entrance, your law school, your internships, your job, and even when you’re good at your job, this skill will continue to bear fruits.
  • Make no mistake, speed reading does not simply mean mumbling words in your mind very fast while your eyes are on a piece of paper. 
  • It means that you should be able to understand and retain at least 70% of what you’re reading and at the end of the text, your mind should have a general idea about what the entire text was all about.
  • Read about Evelyn Woods Reading Technique and try to master it. 

Enhance your Vocabulary

  • Enhancing the vocabulary does not mean learning 5 words and then noting them down in your diary. 
  • The one technique which should work for most people is the use of words in conversation.

This is a two-step process.

  • Step 1: Acquire words in your brain - This can be done easily by reading quality text or listening to someone speak who has a good command of the language. So, regular reading of editorials (bonus: Will help with Current Affairs) and 20 mins a day watch the top speeches of history on Youtube. Listen to Martin Luther King Jr speak about his dream instead of web series for a few months.
  • Step 2: Use it in conversation - The barrier here is that you need people who would understand or at the very least not ridicule you for using these words (Yes, I understand). Form a group of CLAT Aspirants and do this exercise with them whenever you meet.

Practice Religiously

  • The key to scoring well in any exam is the ability to not be surprised by the questions. 
  • You should be able to solve every possible kind of question that can come in the exam.
  • So solve as many questions and mocks as you can. 
  • Track your progress and see what your mistakes are and then go at them again.

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