CLAT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines-Social Distanced Computer Based Testing

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    On August 22, 2020, the NLU Consortium will administer CLAT 2020 in socially distanced computer-based testing mode (SD-CBT). Admissions to law programs such as BA LLB, BBA LLB, B.Com LLB, and B.Sc LLB and LLM will be given to the candidates through CLAT. Keeping the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, the conducting body has released the new CLAT exam day guidelines. The candidates must choose the CLAT 2020 online test centre.

    • The last date to state their preference is July 10, 2020.
    • The instructions for the exam day are of two forms. The first guidelines pertain to the code of conduct, while the other is related to the specific guidelines set out concerning COVID-19.
    • The new CLAT 2020 guidelines are aimed at enforcing social distancing norms and ensuring everyone's health. 

    Read the article below to become familiar with CLAT 2020 exam day guidelines. 

    CLAT 2020 Latest Highlights 

    • The CLAT 2020 will be carried out in the computer-based, digital, center-based test mode that will take place on Saturday, August 22, 2020. 
    • The Consortium has marked 203 locations as CLAT 2020 exam centres.
    • Candidates are allowed to register for CLAT 2020 until July 10, 2020.
    • All candidates who register have to choose or reconfirm their chosen test centers or have their registration withdrawn before July 10, 2020. 
    • If a candidate decides to withdraw from CLAT 2020, after reduction of INR 400 for SC/ST candidates and INR 500 for all other candidates as processing fees, their application fee shall be refunded. Refunds would be made by July 18, 2020.
    • In the CLAT 2020 LLM program, there will be 120 MCQs which have to be answered in 120 minutes of the test. CLAT 2020 will not have a Descriptive Section. 
    • The Consortium will provide specific guidance on the CLAT 2020 computer-based, digital, center-based system protocols and modalities for all candidates. This will assist them in their test preparations.
    • The Consortium will also administer mock exams to establish familiarity with the test program and design for all registered candidates.

    CLAT Exam Day Guidelines Type 1

    CLAT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines Type 1: Covid-19 Specific 

    All protection measures will be fully fitted to every CLAT 2020 exam centre. Relevant staff will be present at the exam center to perform the thermal inspection, cleaning, and order maintenance. The model of conduct for CLAT 2020 is stated below:

    • Staff will be assigned to control crowds and ensure orderly movement.
    • Thermo Guns will be provided to employees who will be present at the entrance gate of every exam centre.
    • Adequate cleaning staff, centre administrators, and invigilators will be stationed with face masks and hand gloves. 
    • Disinfectant liquid spray machines would be used to thoroughly sanitize the examination centres. 
    • There will be enough hand sanitizer and hand soap in the exam centres and their washrooms.
    • Candidates with signs of fever or COVID would not be allowed inside the exam centre. To accommodate such candidates, a separate isolation laboratory will be established. 
    • The required PPE kits would be made accessible in isolation laboratories for staff.
    • For isolated candidates, 3 ply masks and gloves will be given.

    CLAT Exam Day Guidelines Type 2

    CLAT 2020 Exam Day Guidelines Type 2

    • To take the test, all candidates with temperature over 99.14 will be led to the isolation lab. 
    • Both the candidate and the scribe should carry their own N95 mask, in the case of candidates who arrive with a scribe. 
    • Candidates will be instructed to turn off their cell phones and deposit them at the designated venue. Mobile phones can be retrieved when they leave the exam centre.

    CLAT 2020 Code of Conduct

    CLAT 2020 Code of Conduct

    • Candidates are expected to carry their admit card and a valid ID card with them. ID cards could include voter ID, Aadhar card, passport or any other proof as specified in the CLAT admit card. 
    • Applicants are not allowed to carry anything else, other than the items mentioned below:
    • Mask
    • Gloves
    • Transparent water bottle
    • Personal hand sanitizer (50 ml)
    • Pen
    • Admit card
    • Identity card
    • Phone (to be deposited outside)
    • Thermal screening is compulsory for all. 
    • Candidates would need to avoid group formation at the examination centre.
    • Calculators are not permitted within the building, nor is any paper or material for study. 
    • The test will be carried out in the computer-based test mode. CLAT mock test is published prior to the actual exam. Most importantly, candidates should be familiar with the use of computers.

    CLAT 2020 Banned Items 

    CLAT 2020 Banned Items 

    The items mentioned below are strictly prohibited in the exam hall: 

    • Food items
    • Any kind of metallic substances
    • Any electronic gadgets like Bluetooth, cell phones, headphones, headsets, pager, camera, health band, and microphones.
    • Items such as goggles, caps, handbags, wallets, and belts. 
    • Stationery items like study material, calculator, pencil box, geometry, plastic pouch, scanner, writing pad, pen drive, eraser, scale, log table, paper bits, and electronic pens.

    CLAT 2020 Misconduct Rules 

    CLAT 2020 Misconduct Rules 

    All persons who will appear for the CLAT 2020 are advised not to create any kind of disturbance in the exam centre. In a scenario where someone is found to be misbehaving in any realm at the centre, negative results will have to be faced. 

    The candidates who are found guilty of the following will in no way be entertained: 

    • Using any debarred objects in the exam hall. 
    • Trying to emulate or impersonate someone else. 
    • Misbehaving in the interview or during the test period. 
    • Making use of the candidature in the wrong way.

    The negative consequences that misconduct carries are as follows: 

    • The candidates may be dismissed from the test on the spot.
    • Candidates could be debarred from the recruitment process on a temporary or permanent basis depending on the extent of misconduct. 
    • If at the time of the selection process no guidelines are taken into account but they are after the selection process, the disqualification for that student would still be practiced.

    CLAT 2020 Exam Day Dress Code 

    CLAT 2020 Exam Day Dress Code 

    • The students must keep a close eye on the dress code requirements for CLAT 2020. Anyone who does not meet the dress code rules will get debarred immediately. 
    • The students have to wear light clothes so that there is no likelihood of concealing any kind of cheating material. 
    • The candidates should wear a half-sleeves shirt or t-shirt that does not have a big button or any badge which can be used to conceal material. 
    • It is advised that candidates wear slippers or sandals and avoid shoes. Note that shoes are not allowed in the exam centre. 
    • As there is no Safe Keeping Place, candidates are advised not to carry items that are not allowed in the Examination Centre. 
    • The female candidates must carry no rings, nose pins, chains, or badges of any form.

    CLAT 2020 Exam Day Advisory Guidelines 

    Students must learn a few tips and tricks on the day of the exam. These can be applied a few hours before the exam to have a successful attempt. They also become nervous and feel the burden of results, which is why Careers360 has come up with an article to help the candidates cope. 

    1. Sufficient sleep: It is very important that the candidates have a good 7-8 hours of sleep in order to keep their minds focused and the process of thinking functional. 
    2. Checklist of documents: Although the candidates will keep all the required documents handy for the day of the examination, it is recommended that they check them again to avoid the least chance of missing any document. Do not miss to take your admit card of CLAT 2020 along with a proof of identity such as an Aadhaar card / driving license / PAN card to the exam centre. 
    3. Do not start a new concept on the day: Candidates sometimes assume that they can utilize extra time to read a new topic when their course is finished and revision is done. We recommend that you do not start a new topic on the exam day. This would just take up your memory and overwhelm you with additional knowledge that will lead to confusion during the test. Students usually panic when they begin mugging additional details, rather than revising the course prepared and relaxing.
    4. Remember the location of the exam centre: Candidates must have detailed knowledge about the exam center such as its location, distance from home to the centre, travel time, common nearby landmarks, and so on to prevent any kind of trouble when approaching the examination center. 
    5. Do not take unwanted items: Candidates should not carry unnecessary items like electronic gadgets including mobile phones, digital watches, calculators and so on inside the examination room. Only your admit card, ID proof, and basic supplies such as pencils, pens, and erasers are required. Anyone found not obeying laws will get debarred from the test.
    6. Reporting time: It is crucial for candidates to report on time to the exam centre. In order to prevent inconveniences such as traffic congestion or car breakdown, it is strongly recommended to arrive on time at the exam centre at least 45 minutes to 1 hour before the test. 
    7. Review seating arrangement: Candidates must verify the seating arrangement as soon as they enter the examination centre. The seating arrangement must be checked in addition to other details including name, roll number, and date of birth to ensure that the listed seat is correct and to avoid wasting time after reporting time in finding the seat.

    CLAT 2020 Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme 

    CLAT 2020 Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme 

    • Mode of Exam: Social Distanced Computer-Based Testing (SD-CBT)
    • Duration of Exam: 120 minutes
    • Language of Exam: English 
    • Type of Questions: Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
    • Subjective questions: No
    • Marking Scheme: +1 for a correct answer, -0.25 for an incorrect answer 
    Read more about CLAT 2020 Exam Pattern

    It is important that candidates understand the CLAT 2020 exam day guidelines to avoid any confusions on the day of the exam. The new guidelines were announced in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. Candidates must ensure that they comply with the updated code of conduct and health standards. 



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