CLAT Exam: Para-Jumbles Quiz 1

    CLAT 2019 is scheduled for May 12, 2019 (Expected) in computer-based mode. The registration for same will start in the month of January 2019, applicants who wish to apply can submit their applications through online mode at Students also have to pay an application fee of INR 4000 at the time of application form submission (for SC/ST INR 3500).

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    CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is a national level law entrance examination organized by 19 NLUs on a rotational basis. It is held for admission to LLB, LLM and Integrated courses at 19 NLUs and other top law schools. 

    After the announcement of CLAT Result, all the shortlisted candidates on the basis of their CLAT score are called for counselling process through which they will get a seat in their desired institute. 

    Para-Jumbles Quiz 1 Sample Questions

    Para jumble is an important topic of English section. It is generally part of every law private and government examinations. In this section, you have to rearrange the parts of a sentence into a meaningful sentence or sentences into a meaningful paragraph.

    Direction: Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

    Q1. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. 1971 war changed the political geography of the subcontinent
    2. Despite the significance of the event. There has been no serious book about the conflict
    3. Surrender at Dacca aims to fill this gap
    4. It also profoundly altered the geo-strategic situation in South-East Asia
      1. 1324
      2. 3142
      3. 2143
      4. 1423

    Q2. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Nonetheless, Tocqueville was only one of the first of a long line of thinkers to worry whether such rough equality could survive in the face of a growing factory system that threatened to create divisions between industrial workers and new business elite.
    2. "The government of democracy brings the nation of political rights to the level of the humblest citizens. He wrote," Just as the dissemination of wealth brings the notion of property within the reach of all the members of the community".
    3. Tocqueville was far too shrewd an observer to be uncritical about the US, but his verdict was fundamentally positive.
    4. No visitor to the US left a more enduring record of his travels and observations than the French writer and political theorist Alexis de Tocqueville, whose ‘Democracy in America’, first published in 1835, remains one of the most trenchant and insightful analyses of American social and political practices.
      1. 4132
      2. 2134
      3. 4321
      4. 4213

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    Q3. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. The potential exchanges between the officials of IBBF and the Maharashtra Body-Building Association has all the trappings of a drama we are accustomed to.
    2. In the case of sports persons, there is room for some sympathy, but the apathy of the administrators, which has even led to sanctions from international bodies, is unpardonable.
    3. A case in the point is the hefty penalty of US $10,000 slapped on the Indian Body-Building Federation for not fulfilling its commitment for holding the Asian Championships in Mumbai in October.
    4. It is a matter of deep regret and concern that the sports administrators often cause more harm to the image of the country than sportsmen and sportswomen do through their dismal performances.
      1. 3124
      2. 4231
      3. 4123
      4. D. 3421

    Q4. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Over the years, I have had the opportunities to observe and understand the thought processes behind the ads that have been flooding both the print and the TV media.
    2. Although there is a huge shift in the quality of ads that we come across on daily basis-- thanks essentially to improvement in technology--I somehow can't help but feel that the quality of communication of the message has become diluted.
    3. Proportionally, the numbers of ads that lack in quality have gone up exponentially as well!!
    4. There is an increasing attempt by most companies to be seen as cool and funky.
    5. Another reason could be the burgeoning number of companies, which means an exponential increase in the number of ads that are being made.
      1. 43125
      2. 43512
      3. 12453
      4. 21435

    Q5. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. His political career came to an abrupt end with China's military operation.
    2. He attracted as repelled.
    3. He was responsible for the debacle.
    4. A man of paradoxes, Menno remained an enigma.
      1. 4312
      2. 1342
      3. 4213
      4. D. 4132

    Know about CLAT Exam Pattern

    Q6. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Thus begins the search for relief: painkillers, ice, yoga, herbs, even surgery
    2. Most computer users develop disorders because they ignore warnings like tingling fingers, a numb hand or a sore shoulder
    3. They keep pointing and dragging until tendons chafe and scar tissue forms, along with bad habits that are almost impossible to change
    4. But cures are elusive, because repetitive street injuries present a bag of ills that often defy easy diagnosis.
      1. 2413
      2. 2143
      3. 2314
      4. 1234

    Q7. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Let us take a look at the manner in which the traditional bank adds value to the customer.
    2. The ability to retain deposits, in itself, is not enough to ensure long-term survival and growth.
    3. The ability to deploy invested funds into productive economic activity at a higher rate of return, hence contributing to the prosperity of both the economy and the institution, is the other loop in the banking cycle.
    4. Further, as only a small portion of the actual deposit base is retained with the bank in a liquid form, the very survival of the bank lies in building enough trust with its clientele so as to prevent the occurrence of a sizeable chunk of simultaneous customer withdrawal (a run on the bank).
    5. The bank's basic job is risk absorption- it takes money, which has a lot of attached risk, and provides the customer an assured rate of return.
      1. 31425
      2. 51234
      3. 24153
      4. 15423

    Q8. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. What came out was very large garland made out of currency notes.
    2. The unsuspecting governor opened the box in full view of the gathering
    3. When the RBI governor came to inaugurate the new printing press, the local unit of the BJP handed him a gift-wrapped box
    4. There was a twist – the notes were all as tattered as notes could get
      1. 4132
      2. 3124
      3. 3214
      4. 4312

    Q9. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Otherwise the Congress would not have opposed PSU disinvestment today.
    2. It is clear that there is not consensus on economic reform.
    3. Nor would allies of ruling NDA oppose privatization.
    4. All this would stop India from becoming the next superpower.
      1. 2134
      2. 1243
      3. 1234
      4. 2314

    Check CLAT Practice Papers

    Q10. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. I suggested that Ford should buy up a company called NCP, which owned most of the car parks in the city centers throughout the UK.
    2. We were discussing competing in the European market.
    3. If NCP became a Ford company, a notice could be placed at the entrance to all city centers car parks indicating that only Ford cars could use them
    4. At one time I was giving a seminar for the British marketing department of Ford, the biggest Ford operation outside of Detroit.
      1. 2134
      2. 4213
      3. 2431
      4. 2314

    Q11. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. The two neighbors never fought each other.
    2. Fights involving three male fiddler crabs have been recorded, but the status of the participants was unknown.
    3. They pushed or grappled only with the intruder.
    4. We recorded 17 cases in which a resident that was fighting an intruder was joined by an immediate neighbor, an ally.
    5. We therefore tracked 268 intruder males until we saw them fighting a resident male.
      1. BEDAC
      2. DEBAC
      3. BDCAE
      4. BCEDA

    Q12. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. He felt justified in bypassing Congress altogether on a variety of moves.
    2. At times he was fighting the entire Congress.
    3. Bush felt he had a mission to restore power to the presidency.
    4. Bush was not fighting just the democrats.
    5. Representative democracy is a messy business, and a CEO of the White House does not like a legislature of second guessers and time wasters.
    1. CAEDB
    2. DBAEC
    3. CEADB
    4. ECDBA

    Q13. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. In the west, Allied Forces had fought their way through southern Italy as far as Rome.
    2. In June 1944 Germany’s military position in World War Two appeared hopeless.
    3. In Britain, the task of amassing the men and materials for the liberation of northern Europe had been completed.
    4. The Red Army was poised to drive the Nazis back through Poland.
    5. The situation on the eastern front was catastrophic.
      1. EDACB
      2. BEDAC
      3. BDECA
      4. CEDAB

    Q14. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Experts such as Larry Burns, head of research at GM, reckon that only such a full hearted leap will allow the world to cope with the mass motorization that will one day come to China or India.
    2. But once hydrogen is being produced from biomass or extracted from underground coal or made from water, using nuclear or renewable electricity, the way will be open for a huge reduction in carbon emissions from the whole system.
    3. In theory, once all the bugs have been sorted out, fuel cells should deliver better total fuel economy than any existing engines.
    4. That is twice as good as the internal combustion engine, but only five percentage points better than a diesel hybrid.
    5. Allowing for the resources needed to extract hydrogen from hydrocarbon, oil, coal or gas, the fuel cell has an efficiency of 30 %.
      1. CEDBA
      2. CEBDA
      3. AEDBC
      4. ACEBD

    Q15. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. But this does not mean that death was the Egyptians’ only preoccupation.
    2. Even papyri come mainly from pyramid temples.
    3. Most of our traditional sources of information about the Old Kingdom are monuments of the rich like pyramids and tombs.
    4. Houses in which ordinary Egyptians lived have not been preserved, and when most people died they were buried in simple graves.
    5. We know infinitely more about the wealthy people of Egypt than we do about the ordinary people, as most monuments were made for the rich.
      1. CDBEA
      2. ECDAB
      3. EDCBA
      4. DECAB

    Q16. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Too much of the Labor movement, it symbolizes the brutality of the upper classes.
    2. And to everybody watching, the current mess over foxhunting symbolizes the government’s weakness.
    3. To foxhunting’s supporters, Labor’s 1991 manifesto commitment to ban it symbolizes the party’s metropolitan roots and hostility to the countryside.
    4. Small issues sometimes have large symbolic power.
    5. To those who enjoy thundering across the countryside in red coats after foxes, foxhunting symbolizes the ancient roots of rural lives.
      1. DEACB
      2. ECDBA
      3. CEADB
      4. DBAEC

    Q17. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. In the case of King Merolchazzar’s courtship of the Princess of the Outer Isles, there occurs a regrettable hitch.
    2. She acknowledges the gifts, but no word of a meeting date follows.
    3. The monarch, hearing good reports of a neighboring princess, dispatches messengers with gifts to her court, beseeching an interview.
    4. The princess names a date, and a formal meeting takes place; after that everything buzzes along pretty smoothly.
    5. Royal love affairs in olden days were conducted on the correspondence method.
      1. ACBDE
      2. ABCDE
      3. ECDAB
      4. ECBAD

    Q18. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Who can trace to its first beginnings the love of Damon for Pythias, of David for Jonathan, of Swan for Edgar?
    2. Similarly, with men.
    3. There are about great friendships between man and man a certain inevitability that can only be compared with the ageold association of ham and eggs.
    4. One simply feels that it is one of the things that must be so.
    5. No one can say what was the mutual magnetism that brought the deathless partnership of these wholesome and palatable foodstuffs about.
      1. ACBED
      2. CEDBA
      3. ACEBD
      4. CEABD

    Q19. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Events intervened, and in the late 1930s and 1940s, Germany suffered from “over-branding”.
    2. The British used to be fascinated by the home of Romanticism.
    3. But reunification and the federal government’s move to Berlin have prompted Germany to think again about its image.
    4. The first foreign package holiday was a tour of Germany organized by Thomas Cook in 1855.
    5. Since then, Germany has been understandably nervous about promoting itself abroad.
      1. ACEBD
      2. DECAB
      3. BDAEC
      4. DBAEC

    Q20. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. The wall does not simply divide Israel from a putative Palestinian state on the basis of the 1967 borders.
    2. A chilling omission from the road map is the gigantic ‘separation wall’ now being built in the West Bank by Israel.
    3. It is surrounded by trenches, electric wire and moats; there are watchtowers at regular intervals.
    4. It actually takes in new tracts of Palestinian land, sometimes five or six kilometers at a stretch.
    5. Almost a decade after the end of South African apartheid, this ghastly racist wall is going up with scarcely a peep from Israel’s American allies who are going to pay for most of it.
      1. EBCAD
      2. BADCE
      3. AEDCB
      4. ECADB

    Q21. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Luckily the tide of battle moved elsewhere after the American victory at Midway and an Australian victory over Japan at Milne Bay.
    2. It could have been no more than a delaying tactic.
    3. The Australian military, knowing the position was hopeless, planned to fall back to the south-east in the hope of defending the main cities.
    4. They had captured most of the Solomon Islands and much of New Guinea, and seemed poised for an invasion.
    5. Not many people outside Australia realize how close the Japanese got.
      1. EDCBA
      2. ECDAB
      3. ADCBE
      4. CDBAE

    Q22. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Call it the third wave sweeping the Indian media.
    2. Now, they are starring in a new role, as suave dealmakers who are in a hurry to strike alliances and agreements.
    3. Look around and you will find a host of deals that have been inked or are ready to be finalized.
    4. Then the media barons wrested back control from their editors, and turned marketing warriors with the brand as their missile.
    5. The first came with those magnificent men in their mahogany chambers who took on the world with their mighty fountain pens.
      1. ACBED
      2. CEBDA
      3. CAEBD
      4. AEDBC

    Q23. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. The celebrations of economic recovery in Washington may be as premature as that “Mission Accomplished” banner hung on the USS Abraham Lincoln to hail the end of the Iraq war.
    2. Meanwhile, in the real world, the struggles of families and communities continue unabated.
    3. Washington responded to the favorable turn in economic news with enthusiasm.
    4. The celebrations and high-fives up and down Pennsylvania Avenue are not to be found beyond the Beltway.
    5. When the third quarter GDP showed growth of 7.2% and the monthly unemployment rate dipped to 6%, euphoria gripped the US capital.
      1. ACEDB
      2. CEDAB
      3. ECABD
      4. ECBDA

    Q24. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. Four days later, Oracle announced its own bid for PeopleSoft, and invited the firm’s board to a discussion.
    2. Furious that his own plans had been endangered, PeopleSoft’s boss, Craig Conway, called Oracle’s offer “diabolical”, and its boss, Larry Ellison, a “sociopath”.
    3. In early June, PeopleSoft said that it would buy J.D. Edwards, a smaller rival.
    4. Moreover, said Mr. Conway, “he could imagine no price nor combination of price and other conditions to recommend accepting the offer.”
    5. On June 12th, PeopleSoft turned Oracle down.
      1. CABDE
      2. CADBE
      3. CEDAB
      4. CAEBD

    Q25. Solve the following jumbled sentence/ paragraph

    1. A few months ago, I went to Princeton University to see what the young people who are going to be running our country in a few decades are like.
    2. I would go to sleep in my hotel room around midnight each night, and when I awoke, my mailbox would be full of replies—sent at 1:15 a.m., 2:59 a.m., 3:23 a.m.
    3. One senior told me that she went to bed around two and woke up each morning at seven; she could afford that much rest because she had learned to supplement her full day of work by studying in her sleep.
    4. Faculty members gave me the names of a few dozen articulate students, and I sent them e-mails, inviting them out to lunch or dinner in small groups.
    5. As she was falling asleep she would recite a math problem or a paper topic to herself; she would then sometimes dream about it, and when she woke up, the problem might be solved.
      1. DABCE
      2. DACEB
      3. ADBCE
      4. AECBD

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