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    NUALS Kochi was the regulating body of the law entrance examination. Yet again, more than 5 potential errors ruined the status of CLAT 2018 this year as well. Based on responses from the test takers and experts, the level of the examination was easy but was almost a fiasco.

    As per the reports, students at 243 out of 260 total exam centers reported issues and glitches in the online test, there were also reports of mismanagement. All the aspirants had to wait for long in line before biometric verification.

    • An aspirant who had a centre in Noida had a problem with the system. “The systems were not functional which cost a lot of time apart from other mismanagements.”
    • Another aspirant who had center in Kolkata complained, “We started late due to technical glitches in spite that we were forced to leave fifteen minutes before the completion of exams. The question papers appear on the computer for half an hour after the examination started”.
    About CLAT 2019
    The examination is expected to be conducted by NLU Odisha, Cuttack. An official notification will be released shortly at CLAT 2019 is scheduled for May 12 in online (computer-based) mode. Like previous years, the participation is expected to go down. The reason behind this is CLAT authorities failing attempt to maintain its status and disappointing the law aspirants. 
    - Registration window will open in January 2019 – Apply Now
    - The exam is conducted separately for LLB and LLM programs.CheckCLAT Program-wise Eligibility

    CLAT 2018: System Glitch

    CLAT 2018 had a lot of problems with the system and the platform of the test. The computers hanged in between and there were other technical problems like the question paper first appeared on the screen and then disappeared, making the test takers lose almost 30 minutes from their allotted 2 hours. Also clicking on the ‘Next’ button would take the aspirants 3 questions forward and then they had to come back to the previous questions one by one.

    If aspirants clicked on the subsequent questions instead of clicking on the Next button, answers would not get saved. The system got stuck in between the test but the timer didn’t stop, it was frustrating for the students taking the exam.

    CLAT 2018: Mismanagement of the test centers 

    CLAT 2018 conducting authority did not do a good job of allocating the test centers as well as making arrangements for the same. The name of the test centers, as well as address, was also not properly mentioned in the admit card leading to students facing difficulty in locating the centers. Some centers were not properly ventilated and were suffocating for most of the students. Some centers did not have properly functioning ACs all the time. Electricity cuts were also reported in many of the centers. There were also a lot of reports.

    The biometric verification to enter the examination centers was time taking, students had to wait for 20-30 minutes as some systems were hanging leading to unnecessary stress.

    CheckCLAT Exam Centers 2019

    CLAT 2018: Poor Invigilation

    The invigilators present at the test centers were inexperienced and unprofessional. Questions of many students were simply ignored by the invigilators. Some of the invigilators got into argument with the students over the glitches in the system and other issues. Invigilators at most of the centers did not distribute the pen and paper to students beforehand which wasted time of students. Also, there were no seats allotted to the students in a systematic or pre-planned manner at most of the test centers.

    CLAT 2018: Cheating

    Due to the technical glitches, the test was started on different computers at different times, a few students got up from their seats and gathered around one computer system on which the exam was going on. The students saw the questions, solved them and told the candidate actually taking the exam what to mark. Not only did they save their time (as they hadn’t started the exam on their system, but had solved a few questions) but they also assisted the candidate in answering. 

    CLAT 2018: Errors in Questions

    As per the claims by the experts and students, there were more than 5 questions in the examination. They are as follows:

    Error 1 - Ques. 5

    Directions: Identify the incorrect sentence/sentences.

    A) The college has organized a science fare

    B) This is to notify that a leather wallet has been lost

    C) Shortly blood donation will begin a camp

    D) The agenda of the meeting is available on the website.

    Code Options:

    1) B

    2) C

    3) D

    4) A

    CLAT Answer: 2) C

    Correct answers – A as well as C Reason – Spelling of fare is wrong.

    Nature of Error – There are two correct answers

    Most justified Action – Accept both answers and reward one mark to both. No change for those who correctly marked option c. But extra marks for those who marked option A.

    Error 2 - Ques. 105

    Directions: Read the statement and on the basis of that, choose the most appropriate course of action(s) given below the statement.

    Statement: Most of those who study in premier Medical colleges in India migrate to developed nations for better prospects in their professional pursuits.

    Courses of Action:

    I. All the students joining these colleges should be asked to sign a bond at the time of admission to the effect that they will remain in India at least for ten years after they complete their medical education.

    II. All those students who desire to settle in the developed nations should be asked to pay the entire cost of their education which the government subsidised.


    1) Only I follows

    2) Only II follows

    3) Both I and II follow

    4) Neither I nor II follows

    CLAT Answer: 2)

    Correct answers – 4

    Reason – The second one is a highly irrational course of action. This action is too extreme and impractical. [Ed note: And probably unconstitutional]

    Nature of Error – Incorrect answer. The quality of question very poor

    Most justified Action – change the answer

    Error 3 – Ques. 106

    Directions: Read the statement and on the basis of that, choose the most appropriate course of action(s) given below the statement.

    Statement: Official data show more people died on Indian roads in 2016 than in 2015; UP and Tamil Nadu accounted for the largest numbers of fatalities.

    Courses of Action:

    I. Government should make a policy regulating the manufacturing of automobiles for private use.

    II. Government should take steps to create awareness among the public about road safety.

    III. Accidents can be avoided if the Government takes steps to make good roads.

    IV. To eliminate accidents completely the Government should impose stringent punishments for traffic violations.


    1) Only II and IV follow

    2) Only II follows

    3) Only III and IV follow

    4) Only IV follows

    CLAT Answer: 2

    Correct answers – None of the options are correct but best option among these is option 1.

    Reason – The first and third ones are also appreciable courses of actions but the best among all options will be the first option 1) as there are no better ways to control accidents than imposing punishments. “To eliminate accidents completely” - This term is not correct but the question requires us to focus on the action and not the result.

    Nature of Error – Incorrect answer. Poor quality

    Most justified Action – change the answer

    Errors 4 to 8 – Ques. 99 to 103

    Direction: Read the passage given below and answer the Question.

    Ten friends attended a marriage, five of them Venkat, Manohar, Ravi, Prasanth and Tilak are sitting in a row facing North and other five friends Vidya, Maya, Divya, Keerthi and Anu are sitting in a row facing south not exactly in the same order. Each friend in a row is facing exactly one from the other row. One of them is using a Skoda Car. Manohar sits opposite to his friend who is using a Ford Car and sits at one of the extremes. The friend who uses a Honda car, is not Ravi who sits second to the right of Manohar. Venkat sits exactly in the middle of Ravi and the friend who uses a Nissan car is not Manohar. Keerthi does not sit at the extreme end but uses a Tata car and sits opposite the friend who uses a Fiat Car. The one who uses a Maruthi car sits opposite to the friend who is to the immediate left of Keerthi. The friend who uses a Toyota Car but not Anu, sits opposite Prasanth. Tilak does not sit at any of the extremes, but sits opposite the friend who uses a Chevrolet car, and is sitting adjacent to Divya and the friend who uses a Mahindra car. Vidya neither uses Chevrolet nor Toyota cars.

    There is one minor error in the language.

    “The friend who uses a Honda car, is not Ravi who sits second to the right of Manohar.”

    The text above is creating a problem. Question setter meant that the friend who uses the honda car sits 2nd to the right of Manohar and not Ravi. Few because of the language error misunderstood that ravi is 2nd to the right of Manohar. But comprehending any of the two is not correct. Also, in both cases the question could have been solved and the error is not putting an impact on the answers of 5 questions.

    Nature of Error – Language error

    Most justified Action – Do not cancel the question.

    Reason - As the language was not clear and the two possible comprehension of the fact which student did is not perfect anyways. Hence any wise student will go according to the rest of the facts which would have lead to a correct solution. This also must not be cancelled as both solution answers remains the same or correct answer can be reached.

    Error 9 - Ques. 153

    How many languages are there in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India?


    1) 21

    2) 22

    3) 19

    4) 18

    CLAT Answer: 1

    Correct answers – option 2

    Reason –.

    Nature of Error – Incorrect answer.

    Most justified Action – change the answer.

    CheckCLAT Exam Pattern 2019

    Conclusion: Other than all the glitches and mismanagement of the test, students found the questions to be easy than previous years. According to experts, this year, the cut-off may vary between 126 to 127, like that of last year. Overall the meritorious students are the ones that have suffered the most due to mass cheating, mismanagement and chaos during the examination.



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