NLAT vs CLAT Debate: Know the Difference between the two Law Entrance Tests

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    The National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Banglore, rolled out a press release on September 6, 2020 stating the decision to opt out from CLAT 2020 and instead introduce National Law Admission Test (NLAT) 2020.

    Reasons vented for the introduction of aseparate law entrance test were:

    • NLSIU’s follows a trimester system which means every academic year is made up of three terms, each of 90 days’ duration.
    • The decision to postpone CLAT 2020 from August 5 to August 27 was not taken unanimously.
    • NLSIU had suggested alternate admission options like: 
      • Allowing CLAT 2020 to be conducted in two or more phases so that participating NLUs could choose a date of their convenience
      • Allowing the NLUs to carry their own admission process for 2020-21 as a single national examination may not be feasible

    With the introduction of NLAT 2020, the debate over NLAT vs CLAT has taken rise. Students' rage has reached to the doors of Jharkhand High Court wherein students have filed a writ petition against NLSIU holding NLAT 2020. However, NLSIU is determined to conduct a separate law entrance test and is continuously working towards addressing internet connectivity issues faced by the students.

    What is the difference between NLAT & CLAT?

    What is the difference between NLAT & CLAT?

    ExamNLAT 2020CLAT 2020
    Exam ModeHome-based Online TestCenter-based Online Test
    Number of QuestionsUG- 40 PG- 30UG- 150 PG- 120
    Exam Duration45 mins120 mins
    Marking SchemeCorrect Answer: +2
    Incorrect Answer: -0.50
    Unattempted Question: -0.25
    Correct Answer: +1
    Incorrect Answer: -0.25
    Unattempted Question: No Negative Marking

    NLSIU has taken a bold step by deviating from the traditional exam pattern of CLAT.

    The university will conduct an online home based test that students can give from the comfort of their homes and feel safe in this COVID-19 pandemic time.

    The paper for undergraduate students will consist of 40 questions, which is way to less in comparison to that of CLAT 2020 which consists of 150 questions.

    The NLAT PG paper will also comprise of 30 questions instead of 120 questions of CLAT.

    The entire exam duration will be 45 minutes. The most important difference between the two papers is the marking scheme. Whereas CLAT consists of questions of 1 mark each with a negative marking of 0.25 for every wrong answer, and no marks deduction for unanswered questions, NLAT on the other hand carries questions of 2 marks with a negative marking of 0.50 for every wrong answer and 0.25 for every unattempted question. Thus, students are advised to attempt all questions in NLAT 2020 with accuracy. Check NLAT 2020 Syllabus here



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