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    VIT Master’s Entrance Examination (VITMEE) is a university level exam, which will be conducted by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT). It will be organized for candidates seeking admission into post graduate (PG) courses like MCA and M.Tech at VIT University’s Vellore and Chennai campuses.

    • VITMEE 2018 will most probably be conducted in June 2018
    • Examination paper will be set by conducting authority
    • VITMEE 2018 will be of B.Tech/ B.E. level for candidates seeking admission into M.Tech program and BCA/B.Sc (IT/Computer Science) level for candidates seeking admission into MCA program
    • VIT offers M.Tech program in following disciplines:
    Program Offered
    Bio-Medical EngineeringCivil EngineeringChemical Engineering
    ChemistryInstrumentation EngineeringElectronics & Communication Engineering
    Life SciencesMathematicsPhysics
    PharmacyNano TechnologyElectrical & Electronics Engineering
    Information Technology And Computer & Communication EngineeringMechanical Engineering--
    • Candidates giving exam for admission into M.Tech program will be required to select one of the above subjects. Questions from the selected subject will be asked in exam
    • Candidates seeking admission into MCA program will be judged on following topics:
    VITMEE Syllabus for MCA
    MathematicsDate StructuresDatabase Management Systems
    Operating SystemsProgramming in CComputer Architecture
    Logical Reasoning----
    • Candidates for both M.Tech and MCA course will be asked questions from English communication across various topics

    VITMEE Exam Pattern

    It is essential for candidates to understand the exam pattern of VITMEE 2018. A clear knowledge of examination pattern eliminates several doubts from candidates’ mind persisting to exam. Exam pattern creates awareness regarding type of question, number of questions, mode of examination, language in which questions will be asked, duration of exam, marking scheme and number of sections in exam, along with their weightage. Following is the exam pattern of VITMEE 2018:

    • The annual entrance examination will comprise of only objective type questions
    • Exam will be conducted via online mode only, i.e. it will be Computer Based Test (CBT)
    • Candidates will be required to answer a total of 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs)
    • Examination will divided into two sections – one will consist 80 questions from selected subject and other will entail 20 questions from English communication
    • Questions will be asked only in English Language
    • Duration of exam will be two hours
    • Candidates will be awarded 1 mark for ach correct answer, implying that the a maximum of 100 marks can be secured in VITMEE 2018
    • There will be no negative marking for incorrect or unanswered question

    VITMEE Subject-Wise Syllabus

    We will now discuss all the subjects mentioned under M.Tech and MCA syllabus in detail, including all the chapters and topics covered under those chapters

    1. Bio-Medical (BM) Engineering

    Candidates choosing this discipline will be judged on their knowledge of applying engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare functions. Questions from following topics will be asked in exam:

    Important Topics
    MathematicsAnalog ElectronicsElectrical and Electronic Measurements
    Basics of CircuitsDigital ElectronicsAnalytical, Optical and Biomedical Instrumentation
    Transducers and MeasurementSignals, Systems and Communications-

    2. Civil Engineering

    Under this discipline, candidates will be asked questions to evaluate their basic know-how of designing, constructing and maintaining physical and naturally built environment, inclusive of works like roads, bridges, canals, dams and buildings. Following topics will be covered under this discipline:

    TopicSub Topic
    Strength Of Materials & Structural AnalysisStrength of materials, structural analysis, reinforced concrete structures, steel structures
    Geotechnical EngineeringSoil mechanics, foundation engineering
    Water Resources EngineeringFluid Mechanics and Hydraulics, Hydrology, Irrigation
    Environmental EngineeringWater requirements, Air Pollution, Municipal Solid Wastes
    Transportation EngineeringHighway Planning, Traffic Engineering
    VITMEE Syllabus

    3. Chemical Engineering

    Candidates selecting chemical engineering will have to answer questions pertaining to application of physical sciences (physics and chemistry) and life sciences (microbiology and biochemistry), along with applied mathematics and economics for production, transformation, transportation and proper utilization of chemicals, materials and energy. Candidates will have to answer questions from following chapters -     

    Important Topics
    Chemical Process Calculation & Chemical Engineering ThermodynamicsChemical TechnologyChemical Reaction Engineering
    Momentum, Heat & Mass Transfer OperationsInstrumentation & Process ControlNumerical Methods & Computational Techniques
    Mechanical Operations & Renewable Energy SourcesDesign & Optimization & Environmental Engineering-
    Engineering Materials & Safety in Chemical IndustriesMulti-Phase Mass Transfer Operations-

    4. Chemistry

    Questions under this discipline will be formulated to review candidate’s awareness regarding composition, structure, properties and change of matter, including properties of individual atoms, formulation of chemical bonds by atoms for creation of chemical compounds, interactions of substances via intermolecular forces, providing general properties matter and interactions between substances for formation of various substances via chemical reactions. Candidates will have to prepare following topics:

    Important Topics
    Atomic StructureSolid StateOrganic synthesis
    SpectroscopyInstrumental methods of analysisHeterocyclic compounds
    d and f block elementsReaction Mechanism-

    5. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

    Candidates opting for this subject will be evaluated on their knowledge pertaining to study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Following topics will have to be covered by candidates:

    TopicSub Topic
    Engineering MathematicsLinear Algebra, Calculus, Differential equations, Analysis of complex variables, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods, Transform Theory
    Electrical EngineeringElectric Circuits, Signals and Systems, Electromagnetic Fields, Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Control Systems, Electrical and Electronic Measurements, Analog and Digital Electronics, Power Electronics and Drives

    6.Instrumentation Engineering

    Candidates selecting this discipline will be primarily assessed on the basis of their competence in principles and operations of measuring instruments that are utilized in designing and configuring automated systems. Candidates must study the following topics:

    Important Topics
    Engineering MathematicsLinear Algebra, Calculus, Differential equations, Analysis of complex variables, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods, Transform Theory
    Instrumentation EngineeringBasics of Circuits and Measurement Systems, Transducers, Mechanical Measurement and Industrial Instrumentation, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Signals, Systems and Communications, Electrical and Electronic Measurements, Control Systems and Process Control, Analytical, Optical and Biomedical Instrumentation

    7. Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Candidates appearing for entrance exam under this discipline will be judged on their proficiency in electronic devices, circuits, communication equipments and basic electronics as well as analog and digital transmission & reception of data, microprocessors, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. Candidates will be required to prepare below mentioned chapters -

    Important Topics
    Linear AlgebraNumerical MethodsDigital Circuits
    CalculusTransform TheoryControl Systems
    Differential equationsNetwork graphsCommunication Systems
    Complex variablesAnalog CircuitsElectromagnetics

    8. Life Sciences

    Candidates will be tested on their knowledge of scientific study of living organisms like microrganisms, plants, animals and human beings, along with associated considerations such as bioethics. Following topics must be covered by candidates when preparing for VITMEE 2018 under this discipline:

    Important Topics
    BiophysicsCell StructureGenetics
    BiochemistryFunction of the OrganellesMicrobiology
    BiotechnologyMolecular BiologyImmunology
    BioinformaticsRecombinant DNAPlant and Environmental Sciences

    9. Mechanical Engineering

    Candidates giving entrance exam under this subject will be appraised, based on their understanding of application of engineering, physics and materials science principles for designing, analyzing, manufacturing and maintaining mechanical systems. Candidates must have thorough knowledge of following topics:

    TopicSub Topic
    Mathematical FundamentalsEngineering Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential equations, Control Theory, Probability and Statistics, Algebra and Complex Analysis, Calculus and its Applications, Numerical Methods, Descriptive statistics, Exploratory Data Analysis
    Applied Mechanics And DesignEngineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, Vibrations, Technical drafting
    Fluid Mechanics And Thermal SciencesFluid Mechanics, Heat-Transfer, Thermodynamics, Power Engineering, Refrigeration and air-conditioning, Turbo machinery
    Manufacturing And Industrial EngineeringEngineering Materials, Metal Casting, Forming, Joining, Machining and Machine Tool Operations, Metrology and Inspection, Production Planning and Control, Inventory Control, Operations Research
    Some Current Trends In Design And ManufacturingMechatronics System Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Computer Aided Engineering, Automotive Engineering

    10. Information Technology and Computer & Communication Engineering

    Candidates under this discipline will be evaluated on the basis of their know-how of application of computers and telecommunications for storing, studying, recovering, sending, and manipulating information or data, usually from the perspective of a business entity or any other enterprise. Candidates must be ready to answer questions associated with following chapters:

    Important Topics
    Engineering MathematicsMathematical Logic, Differential and Integral Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods, Linear Algebra and Transforms, Algebra and Complex Analysis, Calculus and its Applications, Numerical Methods, Descriptive statistics, Exploratory Data Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Theory of Computation, Programming Language Processors
    Algorithmic Analysis and Data StructuresAnalysis of Algorithms and Computational Complexity, Algorithms for Problem Solving, Data Structures, Electronics, Digital Logic, Computer Architecture and Organization, Operating Systems
    Software Engineering and ProgrammingSystem & Program Development Methodology, Programming Methodology, Computer Networks & Data Communications, Computing Technologies, Databases Management Systems

    11. Nanotechnology

    Candidates selecting this division will be assessed on the basis of their understanding of dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometres, particularly manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale. Candidates under this dimension will be subjected to questions from following topics:

    Important Topics
    Quantum PhysicsMaterialsElectronics
    Solid State PhysicsFabricationElectron microscopes
    Electricity and MagnetismCharacterisation-

    12. Pharmacy

    Candidates giving VITMEE 2018 under this discipline will be judged on the grounds of their understanding of properties and effects of medicines and proficiency counseling patients regarding the usage of medicines. Candidates must completely cover the following chapters:

    Important Topics
    Medicinal ChemistryMicrobiologyPharmaceutical Jurisprudence
    Natural ProductsClinical PharmacyBio-chemistry
    PharmaceuticsPharmaceutical AnalysisPharmacology

    13. Physics

    Candidates willing to study Physics will be judged on the basis of their deep knowledge of the fundamental physical principles and techniques as well as quantitative and technical analysis, along with proficiency in application of knowledge and skills in physics. Candidates must cover all the following topics:

    Important Topics
    Mathematical PhysicsElectro Magnetic TheoryExperimental Design
    Classical MechanicsQuantum MechanicsSolid State Physics
    SpectroscopyStatistical MechanicsElectronics

    14. Mathematics

    Candidates opting for this discipline will be evaluated, based on their know-how of algebra, theorems, differentiation, topology and programming. Candidates must prepare the following topics:

    Important Topics
    Linear AlgebraFunctional AnalysisProbability and Statistics
    Complex AnalysisAnalysisLinear programming
    Real AnalysisPartial Differential EquationsCalculus of Variation and Integral Equations
    Ordinary Differential EquationsMechanicsTopology

    15. English

    Candidates giving entrance exam for both M.Tech and MCA courses will be judged on their knowledge of English communication. This section will be common for all candidates, who must prepare across following topics:

    • Grammar: Subject-verb Agreement, Tense forms, Voices, Articles and prepositions, Use of Conjuctions
    • Writing Technical Instructions
    • Writing Memos & Writing Minutes
    • Transcoding
    • Preparing Questionnaire
    • Proof Reading



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