How can an unsuccessful IELTS aspirant turn it to success?

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    Every year thousands of candidates appear for IELTS. British Council along with IDP conducts IELTS every year to measure the linguistic skills of those candidates who want to pursue higher education in the foreign land or migrating to foreign lands for employment opportunities. Many candidates fail to achieve a good score in IELTS at the first attempt. The candidates who fail to achieve a good score in IELTS on the first attempt and lose hope. 

    Few steps from being unsuccessful to successful

    As IELTS is a language proficiency test, one requires good preparation tips to excel in each section of the exam. This exam is about how well a candidate is critical in articulating opinion and argument. Few elements required in lifestyle of the candidates to make an unsuccessful IELTS into a successful one. Firstly one needs motivation to overcome any kind of negative vibes around. During IELTS preparation, one has to be completely calm and compose to concentrate fully on the exam. 

    Similarly, a determination is another important element, one requires to ace IELTS. It is an emotional state of mind where the candidate achieves the goal in spite of thousands of obstacles. Without determination, one can never motivate himself or herself. Similarly, grit resembles the constant courage and mental strength required by the candidate to achieve the goal. Lastly, resilience defines that immediate attitude to recover from any kind of failure. It is about getting back to shape as quickly as possible. 

    IELTS journey includes all difficulties, challenges, and failures. If a candidate loses hope after being unsuccessful in the exam then it won’t turn into successful any day. Only those candidates taste success who push themselves at large even after seeing failure in course of life. One can enjoy failure only if one is resilient enough. Candidates need to understand that this exam plays with your psychology without being calm and compose one will never be successful. When a child takes birth, from the first day it doesn’t start walking and it needs determination and attitude to succeed. One should always have a positive attitude to learning various elements as required in IELTS. Even if one makes a mistake, preparatory stages give the candidates an opportunity to rectify those mistakes. 

    What kind of characteristics lead to unsuccessful IELTS?

    IELTS is all about how to be analytical enough to articulate your own opinion completely through linguistic skills. For being successful in any exam, it is necessary to keep negative perspectives away. Few bad characteristics one need to avoid to excel in IELTS 

    • Never compare yourself with others

    So IELTS is about how to answer questions correctly within a specific time frame. Therefore, time management plays an important role in IELTS preparatory stages. Without strict time management, one can never be successful. During mock tests, candidates always end up in finding out thousands of negative thoughts about others. Without focusing on their own mistakes, test takers compare themselves with others who perform well in mock tests. One needs to ignore those people who are ahead of race. One can ask for help if required during studies, but journey of IELTS preparation is solely yours so it is your struggle to overcome it at any cost. Always keep yourself as your only competitor. 

    • IELTS is all about struggling with failures

    In the beginning, candidates struggle with different kinds of questions. When you will start practicing IELTS writing section, you will find difficulty in articulating opinion and substantiating your argument. It does not mean you are incapable of scoring well in IELTS. It means you require constant hard work along with practice. It is said that practice makes a man perfect in this case as well one can achieve his goal only with the right approach to practice. Failure is the pillar of success if you find out mistakes made in the mock tests to rectify it for better performance in IELTS. Never take failure too seriously it will bring impact to your success process. Always make your failure your path to success. 

    • Without Motivation 

    Never start your preparation for IELTS without proper motivation. Don’t start for IELTS under the pressure of your family or under peer pressure. After scoring well in language proficiency exams like IELTS, it will be great for your career. Clear motivation will always guide you to overcome any kind of struggle. Never take IELTS without a specific reason. One lives his life for meaning, never register for IELTS in vain. Clear motivation will help you to take steady steps towards your goal. 

    • Never indulge in bad Study Plan 

    Study Plan is one of the most important parts of IELTS. Without a proper routine, one will not get a good IELTS Score. Since childhood, one follows any specific time schedule for study purposes. Therefore, one needs to fix such strict planning for indulging in a good routine for studying. Many candidates love to study at night but with such a schedule, candidates mess up with the entire study plan completely. 

    Few Good Practices for Successful IELTS

    1. Always use a notebook to write down any important points that you find out during practice. In leisure time, go through those notes to find out mistakes made during mock tests. 
    2. Always adopt good habits for better performance in IELTS. Never be stubborn with your bad qualities always welcome new things in life to learn. 
    3. Always think your failure as the turning point of life because with those little mistakes you will climb your stairs of success. 
    4. While finding out the reasons behind your motivation, you will find out the real reason for taking IELTS as compared to other exams. 
    5. While getting bored with your regular study plan, never break it completely. Add a few new things to your study routine but never get rid of regular practice. Taking an example when a candidate fails to achieve any respective score in mock tests, he or she feels demotivated and leaves the preparation for IELTS completely. One should never leave preparation after getting demotivated. 
    6. Always think you have taken the decision of writing IELTS for yourself. It is not your parents or teachers for whom you are taking IELTS. With such kind of motivation towards study, you can excel in your exam easily. 
    7. Whenever you get demotivated while preparing, listen to those motivational speakers whose insights can help you in adopting good habits. 

    With regular practice and hard work, you can easily score well in IELTS. Best of Luck!!!



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