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How do I score an 8 band in the IELTS general tip in one month?
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The answer to your question is ‘Yes’, you can get a good score of 8 bands with one month of hard work and rigorous practice.

The candidate with good English and Vocabulary can easily get a score of 7.5–8 out of a band 9. You can self -study at home with a clear cut plan and maintain a schedule to get a good score. IELTS preparation can also be planned at home with proper study materials and materials and practice papers.

For Instance, you can focus on each module for 1 week, i.e.,

  • 1 week for Reading,
  • 1 week for Writing,
  • 1 week for Speaking,
  • 1 week for Listening.

You can also adapt a 20 minutes strategy, wherein prepare seriously for 20 mins and then give yourself a small break. Break depends as you can take a 1 min break to an hour. It solely boils down to you.

With this strategy, even if you prepare for 10 times a day (10 x 20 mins = 200 mins = 3 hrs 20 mins); then you would be able to put in 3 hrs and 20 mins of valuable effort.

And if possible, try to give as many as mock tests at the end of the week, this will boost up your confidence level.

As many Indian Candidates struggle in Writing and Speaking In comparison with Listening and reading, hence try to take maximum no.of tests in Writing and Speaking.

Analyse yourself and see where you stand at the end of every week.

We suggest you join IELTS coaching classes in India as per your convenience as they play an important role in providing predictable topics, tips and tricks to pass the exam with a good score.

Appear the tests that are provided by the coaching institute. This helps you to identify your flaws and weaknesses and improve your vocabulary and grammatical skills.

In case you want to enroll yourself in a coaching institute, then consider the following factors :

  1. Faculty profiles
  2. Small class size i.e Faculty : Student Ratio
  3. Materials provided by the Institute for preparation.

Well you can achieve it but depends upon the following factors as well:

  1. Your current English Competency
  2. Your dedication and way of preparation

In case to decide take IELTS preparation from your home, the one-month study plan below might be helpful:

Days How to Proceed
Day 1–3
  • Check the IELTS Exam Pattern and question format
  • Watch videos explaining how to approach IELTS questions
  • see some sample tests of listening and reading
  • refer to the topics of writing and speaking which are generally asked in exams.
Day 3–7
  • Prepare notes for writing and speaking and get some books of each module
  • refer to some websites related to it..
  • Practice speaking in front of mirror(see 8 Bands videos on YouTube)
  • write as much as possible as possible on IELTS topics
Day 8(Judgement Day)
  • Give one full length test of all modules and evaluate yourself..
Day 9–15
  • Listening-Try to avoid spelling errors and singular plural errors. Focus on listening,avoid distractions while listening.
  • Reading-Try to complete each module within 20 mins. Read questions first and do skimming
  • Writing-write answers in the official answer sheet for writing so that u will learn to manage space,improve vocabulary,grammatical errors and maintain flow in writing.
  • Speaking-don't be too fast or slow. Maintain eye contact,take care of coherence and cohesiveness.Add some idioms or phrases.
Day 16(Judgement Day 2)
  • Give full length test 2.
Day 17–25
  • Practice IELTS exam sample papers to get an overall idea of the exam
  • Focus on your weaknesses and improve them
  • Practice your vocabulary every day.
Day 25–30
  • Daily give one full length test and you are prepared for the test!!

IELTS General Preparation

The IELTS general preparation tips are listed below:

  1. Take a diagnostic test before starting your preparation as it will determine your strength and weaknesses;
  2. Make an IELTS general training study plan according to your schedule;
  3. The study from IELTS general training books like Cambridge IELTS general training book, Barron’s, Target Band 7, and more;
  4. IELTS is a time-bound exam, therefore take your practice tests under time pressure;
  5. Study IELTS vocabulary from flashcards and PDFs;
  6. You should at least devote 6 - 8 weeks as IELTS preparation time