IELTS Indicator Test for the Ease of the Students amidst Covid-19 Restrictions

    Due to COVID-19 a lot of changes are taking place in the format of all the exams and the international language proficiency tests are no exception here. It is now decided by the conducting authorities of IELTS that the examinees do not need to go the test centers amidst this pandemic and they can take their tests from their homes.

    This announcement is apparently good for the test-takers but at the same time, the test-takers are confused because this is the first time the candidates will take their test from their home. Naturally, the candidates are not very comfortable with the new rules and regulations.

    The conducting authority of IELTS - Cambridge ESOL, the British Council & IDP is well aware of the uneasiness of the candidates. To make the candidates comfortable with the test format, the conducting bodies have launched the online support for the candidates. It is named as IELTS indicator.

    What Is IELTS Indicator?

    IELTS indicator is an online timed test that can work as supporting materials for the test takers of IELTS which will help the candidates to practice the lessons of English at their homes. This also indicates how much the candidate is ready for the actual test too. With the help of the IELTS indicator, a candidate's English language skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking will be evaluated.

    There will be timed online tests on each section to make the candidates familiar and comfortable with the new IELTS test format. For speaking, there will be video calls where the candidates will speak with a trained IELTS examiner.

    How IELTS Indicator can help the candidates?

    IELTS indicator will be a helpful way of preparing for IELTS as the candidates will be able to exercise each section here. Not just this, the opted tests will be marked by the official examiners of IELTS. There will be a similar duration for each task and the contents of this test will be of a very high standard.

    With the help of these, the candidates can understand how much they are prepared and how much improvement is still required from their end.

    IELTS indicator is like a complete assessment of IELTS where the candidates will go through the same types of questions and tasks and will receive a score on that.

    It is like personalized coaching for IELTS from the IELTS examiners that can be opted from the comfort zones of the candidates. This is a real exam like a mock test but it is much more reliable than any simple mock test because the candidates can get accurate IELTS score here.

    What is the purpose of the IELTS Indicator?

    There is no doubt that the candidates may face a lot of difficulties as they will be taking the exam from their home. But the IELTS indicator will help the candidates to experience real-exam like environment from their homes. Therefore, it will not be wrong to claim that on the day of the exam, it will be less difficult for the candidates to understand the procedure. As the candidates will be aware of the exam procedure and format with the IELTS indicator, they can stay calm and complete their exams properly with confidence.

    According to the managing director of IELTS at Cambridge Assessment English, Christine Nuttall, IELTS indicator is not only a helpful; online support for the test-takers during this pandemic, but the education providers too can understand how much their students are ready for one of the most difficult English language proficiency exam in the world.

    About the contents of IELTS indicator

    Yes, students are a bit worried about the qualities of these practice materials. As per the information from the official site of IELTS, it is confirmed that there will not be any compromise on the quality of the IELTS practice materials online.

    It has been confirmed that the materials for this IELTS support online will be just like the real exam. The difficulty level of the questions of real IELTS can be found in the test materials of the IELTS indicator test too. It means that the candidate will prepare through the mock exams and experience the setting of a real exam from their home.

    How to get IELTS indicator tests

    With the help of the IELTS booking system, the candidates can book their slots. However, this IELTS indicator is not available for all the locations. The charge for each IELTS indicator test is $149.

    For this test, the candidates will not need to go anywhere to take this test. Only a computer with internet facility will be enough to take this test. The candidates can take this test once a week and on the rest of the weekdays the candidates can prepare with other IELTS practice papers available in the online sources.

    So, right now, it will not be a problem for the candidates to prepare and assess their abilities before the real IELTS exam during Covid-19 restrictions. Prepare with the IELTS indicator test and secure a good band score for IELTS.



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