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    For measuring language proficiency ability of the test taker, IELTS has been taken. Examiner tests the language ability of the candidate on various sections like Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. Here specifically a proper guideline has been provided to improve IELTS Writing. Few steps to score high in this section are as following

    • Read questions properly before writing answer
    • Without understanding question, it is advisable not to attempt none of question
    • It is necessary to understand the tonality of passage
    • Start practicing scanning and skimming for better understanding of requirement
    • As there is a word limit for both tasks, therefore, it is required to make proper planning for each answer
    • Always maintain coherence between paragraphs while writing
    • While writing these paragraphs, follow a proper format of introduction, main body, and conclusion

    Skills to be improved during IELTS Preparation

    Despite being a good writer, IELTS preparation requires something more to score the highest on a scale of 9. Test takers should develop a few basic skills for scoring the best in IELTS. These skills include are as following

    Proper planning for essay: Always make a proper plan what to incorporate in the essay then one can get a clear idea about the structure

    Relevance: If the test taker is writing on a specific topic try to be relevant enough to maintain coherence between paragraphs. Without coherence, it will be difficult to make the essay relevant

    Structure of Complex Sentence: Usually the examiner scores well for complex sentences. Therefore test takers should be cautious in using complex sentence perfectly without any grammatical mistake

    Paraphrasing: In IELTS paraphrasing help in boosting up vocabulary score

    Idea Generation: Examiner wants a proper answer with coherence for IELTS. It is advisable to keep these points in mind while writing for IELTS.

    Supporting Paragraph: While writing a supporting paragraph, test takers have to write supporting paragraphs with proper explanations and examples. Examiners want test takers to substantiate every statement written in this particular paragraph.

    Thesis Statement: Test taker has to make an opinionated statement for this particular section. In one of the tasks of the writing section, a thesis statement is important to express one's own opinion where it is required.

    Graphical Statement: if the test taker has to find out specific information from graphical representation, it is necessary to study graphical representation.

    Steps required to be successful in IELTS

    IELTS Prepration
    • To score well in IELTS, firstly test takers have to find out areas of weakness. It is an exam where one has to be equally good in all through sections.
    • After finding out weaknesses, test takers should know how to make it their strengths. Regular practice for all four sections can help the test takers to improve in scoring.
    • Try to find a teacher or guide for a better assessment of your writing skills.
    • In this exam, test takers have to show their writing skills in the Reading, Writing and Listening section. Good articulated and opinionated essays are always preferred in IELTS.
    • With strict time management, test takers can understand how to improve in any particular section.

    Few common topics for IELTS Writing

    Usually IELTS exam topics are quite random in nature. After a proper analysis of sample papers of previous years, few common topics are as following

    Try to study as many essays as possible around these topics. These topics will help you in understanding how well one has to read vast topics to expand vocabulary. If one finds any new word in any reading passage try to make your own dictionary for improving vocabulary. Try to be inquisitive in nature to find out more topics for IELTS.

    • Education
    • Globalization
    • Health
    • Development
    • Environment
    • Technology
    • Public Transport
    • Criminal Justice
    • Government
    • Crime/Youth Crime
    • Traditional Culture



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