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Advertisement - IELTS Speaking Sample Answer
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The IELTS speaking sample answer - Advertisement is an IELTS speaking part 1 topic, in IELTS Cambridge test. IELTS speaking test on Advertisement consists of the following types of questions:

  • Personal questions
  • Preference/interest type questions
  • Perception types questions
  • Analytical questions
  • Descriptive questions

IELTS speaking samples contain answers to possible IELTS speaking questions. From IELTS speaking task 1 to IELTS speaking task 3, the questions get complicated and the candidates need proper IELTS speaking tips. The following is one of the IELTS Speaking Topics you can practice. The IELTS speaking practice papers can further help you to get a good score.

Sample answers to the questions:

  1. Did you witness any ad that had a profound impact on you in recent days?

Yes, the commercial advertisement for Hamam soap products has recently captured my attention and heart. The promotion where a young girl offers soap to the delivery man telecasted on the television proves the humanity and sanity of the human community.

  1. Name a few places where we could see brands advertising?

In recent days, everyone could see commercial advertisements just everywhere. Personally, I witnessed enormous advertising on platforms such as,

  • Television commercials
  • Radio
  • Subway walls
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • In the streets
  • Distributed as pamphlets
  • Malls
  1. Can you give out your thoughts about why so many commercial advertisements have come into play in the recent period?

The reason why so many commercial advertisements have come into play in the recent period is that people generally don't find time to research that particular product and then give it a try due to their busy schedules. Advertisements help in analyzing and satisfying the customer's doubts about the product.

Check out:

  1. Do you feel that your country imposes enormous advertisements?

Yes, I do feel that my country imposes an enormous amount of advertisements. People in my country experience,

  • 10-15 minutes of TV commercials between shows.
  • Pamphlets distributed in the streets.
  • Giant cutouts in the buildings
  • Walls painted with colorful pictures advertising for certain products
  1. Why do you think that advertisements and products strictly need to be advertised?

I personally think that products need to be advertised due to following reasons,

  • Helps customers analyze the product
  • Helps in the growth of the product in society
  • Helps customers to know about the availability of the product in the market
  1. Have you ever bought a product after getting to witness their commercial ad on the television or some other platform?

Yes, I have recently purchased a pair of shoes after getting to witness an advertisement from the brand. I must include that it turned out to be a great deal.