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Art - IELTS Speaking Sample Answer
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Content Curator | Updated On - May 11, 2021

The IELTS speaking test examines the candidate’s ability through 3 speaking tests. The IELTS speaking sample answer - Art is a 2017 IELTS speaking part 1 topic taken from the IELTS Cambridge test. In recent times people have started accepting art as an integral part of life and that it can help in the all-round development of a person. IELTS speaking test on Mirrors consists of the following types of questions:

  • Personal questions
  • Preference/interest type questions
  • Perception types questions
  • Analytical questions
  • Descriptive questions

IELTS speaking samples contain answers to possible IELTS speaking questions. From IELTS speaking task 1 to IELTS speaking task 3, the questions get complicated and the candidates need proper IELTS speaking tips. The following is one of the IELTS Speaking Topics you can practice. Also, check out IELTS speaking practice papers to get a good score.

IELTS Speaking Sample Answer - Art

  1. Do you consider yourself good at art?

Yes, I consider myself good at art because I can perform and sketch decently. Though I am not an expert in the field of art, I tend to keep learning so many new forms of it.

  1. Do you think art classes remain an important one for a child?

Yes, art classes remain a vital one for children who enjoy performing it. Parents and society must make sure that a kid doesn't penetrate due to the pressure but cherishes every moment while doing the same. Taking up art classes also improves children in areas such as

  • A peaceful and relaxed state of mind.
  • Art remains a form of meditation.
  • In improvising the child's creativity and out of box thinking

Check out:

  1. Do you enjoy art?

Yes, I do enjoy sketching and drawing. Art never fails to bring back the lost peace and calming state of mind.

  1. Name the type of art you're good at.

I can assure myself that I am good at human portraits and sketching as it depicts the colorful inner soul of a person's self.

  1. Do you think children can get benefitted from visiting several art galleries more than once?

Yes, I feel that children get to explore much of the world, predict and understand their choice of art, and grow the interest to work harder to achieve their passion and love for art.

  1. How much do you rate the popularity of art in your country?

I am from India where we could see widespread culture and I shall rate ten on a scale of 10 when it comes to the popularity of art in my country.

India has always topped other nations with unique masterpieces.

Not just one type but art explorers traveling across India shall find it fascinating to witness enormous kinds of art and artists.

  1. Have you ever been to art galleries?

Yes, as a kid, I loved visiting art galleries during the weekends. I love getting to see people's arts and admire them.

  1. Did you get to learn any form of art while in school?

Yes, my school had a separate period of 40 minutes, especially for art once a week. Our art teacher taught us all about the basics and different forms of arts in school.

All the candidates with aspirations to impress the examiner and ace the exam with more than 8.0 must make sure to be thorough with types of sample questions and answers, as mentioned above—All the very best.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What score shall the board consider a decent score?

Candidates scoring more than 8.0 get to experience a higher probability of cracking the exam.

  1. Does the commission conduct the test for candidates from every nation around the world?

No, the commission conducts the test only for candidates from non-English speaking nations.