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Borrowed Item - IELTS Speaking Sample Answer
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The IELTS Speaking analyzes the competence of the candidate through 3 parts. “Describe an occasion you borrowed something from somebody” is an IELTS speaking cue card. The best way to prepare for the IELTS speaking section is meticulously practicing from IELTS speaking practice papers.

Describe an occasion you borrowed something from somebody

Include in your answer:

  1. What was the thing?
  2. When was the thing borrowed?
  3. From who was it borrowed?
  4. What was the purpose?
  5. What did you do with the borrowed thing?

Two years back, one of the internationally acclaimed universities accepted my application for their master’s program of Economics. I was thrilled but at the same time knew that it was about a huge sum of money which had to be paid at once as no installment facility was available.

Also check:

I had no other choice but to ask for the partial amount from my parents whom I promised to pay them back as soon as possible.

I started working really hard in the internships provided by my university and accumulated quite a sum of money within a very short span. I must tell, working and studying can really take a toll on you if not taken proper care of. But I always had in my mind to repay the debt and get myself that degree.