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House - IELTS Speaking Sample Answer
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The IELTS speaking sample answer - House is an IELTS speaking part 1 topic, in IELTS Cambridge test. IELTS speaking test on house consists of the following types of questions:

  • Personal questions
  • Preference/interest type questions
  • Perception types questions
  • Analytical questions
  • Descriptive questions

IELTS speaking samples contain answers to possible IELTS speaking questions. From IELTS speaking task 1 to IELTS speaking task 3, the questions get complicated and the candidates need proper IELTS speaking tips. The IELTS speaking practice papers can help you in further practice.

  1. Do you live in a house or an apartment?

Ans: I live in a 2 BHK flat which has one living room, two bedrooms with well-equipped bathrooms, a fully furnished kitchen, and two balconies. Though it is a small apartment but a well-planned house. I enjoy my life spending in the apartment because all facilities are available within the walking distance.

  1. Which is your favourite room in your home?

Ans: The bedroom is my favorite room in my home where I can relax and take a rest after hours of study and work. It is one of the comfortable and perfect places to take a rest. In my bedroom, I have a bookshelf attached to the wall which is my favorite spot for reading. As it is an East facing room, so I get sufficient air and sunlight.

  1. Who do you live with?

Ans: I live with my family. I have three members in my family. Though it is a small family we spend a lot of time spent with each other.

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  1. How long have you lived there?

Ans: I have been living here since 2018. Recently, on the 16th of June, we have completed 2 years in the apartment.

  1. What is the difference between where you are living now and where you have lived in the past?

Ans: As compared to the old house, there are quite a few differences. In my old house, the rooms are very spacious and huge. The campus of my old house was very big and safe. But now in my apartment, the rooms are smaller and the campus is not at all big. In my old house, there was a beautiful garden in which children can play but due to the lack of space in my new apartment, there is no place to play for children.

  1. Would you like to change anything about your home?

Ans: Yes, definitely I would like to change the interior design of the house. I would like to change all the furniture in the house. All the rooms need to be repainted as the wall of the house is getting crack. I will like to paint my bedroom pink color because pink is my favorite color.

  1. Do you plan to reside there for a long time?

Ans: Yes, I plan to live in my apartment for a long time as it is my dream house. One more reason I would live there for a long time because my kid’s school is nearby the apartment. I love my home so I think I will stay there forever.

  1. Do you have a garden?

Ans: No, I don’t have a proper garden, but I do have indoor plants. A green patch always makes the house aesthetically pleasing and helps circulate positive energy. It is important to be in touch with nature.

IELTS Speaking Question on Accommodation

  • Do you live in a house or an apartment?
  • What is your favorite room in your home?
  • Would you like to move to a different home in the future?
  • How is your apartment decorated?
  • Do you plan to live there for a long time?
  • Do you have a garden?
  • Are there many amenities near your home?
  • Who do you live with?