Impact of Coronavirus on IELTS

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    Amid the on-going crisis, COVID-19, IELTS has announced to minimize the disruption to giving life-changing opportunities for international higher education and migration to the test-takers. The move aimed at protecting the health of the test takers and to ensure their safety as well. IELTS testing will be continued at those places that are safe and the test will be conducted with the additional precautions so that it becomes safe for the test takers and staff.

    The test-takers planning to give IELTS soon are advised not to give the test in case they have been in contact with someone exposed to novel coronavirus. Also, in case the candidates are showing the symptoms of cough, fever or shortness of breath, then also they are suggested to self-quarantine themselves. The authority might impose additional requirements based on the region where the test is being conducted. The test takers are advised to contact the test center to discuss the available options for transferring the amount to a later date or refund. However, in some areas, the testing authority has canceled the IELTS tests to prevent COVID-19 from spreading further.

    At the places where the tests have been canceled, the test-takers will be allowed to take their tests to post the normalization of the official restrictions.

    Suspended Testing

    IELTS Testing is presently canceled at various locations across the world and with the evolving situation, it is possible that tests at the other locations might also be suspended for a shorter period in line with the official notice.

    India - Some tests are suspended at different locations

    Beneath is the list of the centers with their current status regarding the IELTS test:

    British Council test location - LucknowBritish Council test location - ThrissurBritish Council test location – RudrapurBritish Council test location - Amritsar
    British Council test location - KochiBritish Council test location - AnandIDP Education - ThaneIDP Education – Coimbatore
    IDP Education - VijayawadaIDP Education – AnandBritish Council test location - AngamalyIDP Education - Chennai ( available)
    IDP Education - Chandigarh ( available)IDP Education - CalicutBritish Council test location - MaduraiBritish Council test location - Baroda
    British Council test location - VijaywadaBritish Council test location - VizagIDP Education - JammuIDP Education - New Delhi (available)
    British Council test location - PatialaBritish Council test location - HyderabadBritish Council test location - Delhi (available)IDP Education - Hyderabad (available)
    IDP Education - KolkataIDP Education - Ahmedabad (available)British Council test location – CalicutIDP Education - Amritsar (available)
    British Council test location – RanchiBritish Council test location at Mumbai- (available)IDP Education – MehsanaIDP Education - Bangalore (available)
    IDP Education - KarnalBritish Council test location – MehsanaIDP Education - LucknowBritish Council test location – Kolkata
    British Council test location - GuwahatiBritish Council test location - RajkotBritish Council test location - SuratIDP Education – Rajkot
    British Council test location - BhubaneswarIDP Education - MaduraiBritish Council test location - BhopalBritish Council test location - Jaipur
    IDP Education - Mumbai (available)IDP Education - Ludhiana (available)British Council test location - TrichyIDP Education - Trichur
    British Council test location - PatnaIDP Education - Bhatinda (available)British Council test location - LudhianaBritish Council test location – Chandigarh
    British Council test location - JalandharIDP Education - MogaIDP Education - PatialaIDP Education – Kollam
    IDP Education - RudrapurIDP Education - KottayamBritish Council test location - KottayamIDP Education – Gurgaon
    IDP Education - IndoreIDP Education - JaipurIDP Education -TiruchirappalliIDP Education – Vizag
    IDP Education - MangaloreIDP Education - TrivandrumIDP Education - BhopalIDP Education – Noida
    IDP Education – Jalandhar (available)British Council test location - BangaloreBritish Council test location - MogaIDP Education – Nagpur
    British Council test location - Navi MumbaiIDP Education - AngamalyBritish Council test location - AhmedabadBritish Council test location - Siliguri
    British Council test location - RaipurIDP Education - AmbalaIDP Education - SuratBritish Council test location – Pune
    IDP Education - Pune ( available)British Council test location - TrivandrumBritish Council test location - CoimbatoreBritish Council test location – Goa
    IDP Education - VadodaraBritish Council test location - BhatindaIDP Education - KochiIDP Education - Dehradun

    What are the additional health and safety precautions on test day?

    The health of the test takers and staff are the prime responsibility of the authorities and to maintain the same, the test-takers are advised to adhere to the following guidelines:

    • In case you get contacted with a person suspected to have been exposed to novel coronavirus, then you must inform about the same at the test center so that your test can be rescheduled.
    • Also, in case you are having a cough or fever, or are showing signs of being short of breath, then also ask the authorities to reschedule your test or to arrange a refund.
    • In case you are not comfortable taking the exam amid COVID-19 then ask for a free transfer or refund.
    • The test-takers will be informed ahead of the test date through an SMS and Email in case there are any kind of modifications in their test schedule and/or test venue

    The test takers are suggested to follow the official advice, which includes self-isolation or quarantine restrictions in the country where they are taking the test.

    Wearing a mask

    • As a precautionary health measure, all the test takers, center staff and examiners have to come to the test center wearing a face mask that can cover their mouth and nose during the test.
    • Test takers are allowed to carry their own masks.

    What Hygiene practices one can follow on the day of the test?

    A lot of additional health and safety measures are being taken across all the IELTS test centers on test day. The test takers are instructed in advance to create a safe testing environment and wash their hands at the time they are visiting the center and throughout the test day as well.

    • All the venues are sanitized before the start of every test.
    • Hand sanitizers are provided at eth venues.
    • All kinds of equipment like computers, etc are cleaned between each test session.
    • The test-takers and venue staff are suggested to wear masks on test days.
    • The speaking examiners are also required to wear a surgical mask.
    • In case a test-taker is wearing a mask, they have to remove it at the time of registration, ID checks and after any toilet breaks to confirm identity.
    • Designated bins are kept for disposing of the mask.
    • Test-takers must carry back the used stationery at the end of the test.

    The IELTS collaborators are considering exploring different measures aimed at supporting the test takers which include:

    • The authority aimed at increasing the test session availability in regions that are affected by suspensions as soon as we can restart testing.
    • The test-takers will get free preparation materials in readiness for their test.
    • Also, the number of computer-delivered IELTS test sessions will be increased, which can be up to three times per day and seven days per week.
    • The test will be conducted at bigger and spacious venues to accommodate increased volumes of paper-based test-takers.
    • More flexible use of speaking examiners from around the world so that the test takers can complete their Speaking tests with ease and at the earliest.

    To ensure the top-most quality of language testing during this situation, IELTS conducting body is leaving no stone untouched in offering the best services to the students who want to show their English proficiency through this test to excel in their chosen course.

    The COVID-19 coronavirus has disturbed the testing schedules for one of the most important prominent standard tests conducted for language proficiency in the world: So till the time, the current situation doesn’t come to the normal, the test-takers are advised to stay safe by self-quarantine and utilize the time effectively by preparing for the IELTS test.



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