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Police Grasped Owners for the Continuance of IELTS Coaching Centres
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The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a relapse in the whole education sector and especially the study abroad sector. The government was bound to regulate the discontinuance of the educational sectors (universities, schools, colleges, and institutes) to strictly avoid gathering of people. Coaching centers were no different, but recently in Amritsar 6 owners were caught by the police who were noticed running their IELTS coaching centers despite the outright announcement by the government to keep them shut.

It was discovered on Tuesday in the Ranjit Avenue District of Amritsar that 4 IELTS coaching centers were being continued by those 6 owners in their establishments and were arrested by the police as the Punjab government strictly ordered the closure of the same. Immediate cases have been registered against them as stated by the police itself.

The offenders as booked are Haramrit Singh Gill and his wife Amordeep Gill of Shine IELTS Centre, Saurab Kumar owning Way and Wings IELTS Centre, Vishal Mahajan, and Kalamdeep Vaid owning Redwood IELTS Centre, and Munish Arora owner of Blue Horse Education. Haramrit Singh Gill, Saurab Kumar, Vishal Mahajan, and Kalamdeep Vaid were the ones taken into custody but were soon released by bail.

The disturbing fact is, more than 200 students were attending classes in these IELTS coaching centers that too without abiding by the social-distancing rule. This is not the end, some were noticed to be not wearing masks. These two facts which came into notice are quite alarming considering the fact that they are necessities in today’s time.

The police discharged the students and the teaching faculties by prohibiting them to not engage in any teaching activities until further government notice.

It has been further notified by the Deputy commissioner of police (DCP-investigation) Mukhwinder Singh Bhullar that they have received news about more IELTS coaching centers being run in a hidden manner. He has stated, “Seven teams were formed to conduct raids at nearly 10 centers.” this act of disobedience shows how irresponsible the citizens are and why the virus spread is shockingly increasing every single day. Amritsar itself has been one of the most affected districts in Punjab with a catastrophic count of 5,200 positive cases and 214 deaths.

With regard to the case, the owners have been booked under section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by a public servant) of the Indian penal code.