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What Should One Wear for the IELTS Speaking Test?
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Many times we hear the statements of how our outfits determine our behavior, or our comfort-level, or our personalities. All these hold true to most of the time, how we dress showcases our intelligence level too. Therefore, when taking the IELTS exam which proves your English proficiency skills to secure a chance to study abroad, you’d definitely not want to ruin the first impression before the examiner.

It is very crucial to dress up in appropriate clothes that ensure comfort; otherwise, it will be visible on the face of the candidates that they are not confident. This is the very reason most candidates always deck up in professional and classy outfits while going for an interview as it reflects their poised nature.

A proper outfit is proven to lift up the confidence level, as when you know that the outfit you’re wearing is suiting you and a determination is seen on your face.

All the above-mentioned factors are equally vital for selecting the outfit for your IELTS speaking exam. While speaking, you’d definitely want to focus more on what you’re speaking rather than the fitted shirt or pant. You would definitely want to provide a proper first-impression before the examiner.

IELTS preparation needs hard-work and spending your thoughts on what to wear is definitely not recommended. We have therefore curated the best IELTS speaking outfits that will give an edge to your look:

  1. Slacks: Slacks have been a consistent piece in office-going candidates and it is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable wearables. It instantly gives you a formal and edgy look; you can wear or purchase black slacks as it will be suitable for every kind of color shade. You can also go for dark blue or brown, considering your need.
  2. Boots and Leggings: Heels are a big no for women as it will only provide discomfort during the IELTS speaking exam. A perfect combination is wearing leggings with boots depending on the weather. A long shirt with leggings provides an edgy ‘business casual’ appearance. Men out there, pair up your formal shoes.
  3. Top: Coming to the top for women, a white blouse is the most suitable one (definitely without a cleavage). For men, wearing a collared shirt would be good. There is no need for a bow-tie but one must button up their shirt. A buttoned-up crisp shirt always provides a professional look.
  4. Skirts/Dress: Skirts and dresses are two commonly used options by women. In case of dressing up in a skirt, go for a classic pattern with dark colors like black, dark blue, or dark brown. In case you are going for a dress, go for a black classic one which doesn’t show any cleavage. Shirtwaist, high waist, or drop waist – go for anything, or else just Google Coco Chanel for a better understanding. The length should be till the knee.


  • Sweat pants/suits: Maintain distance from sweat pants or suits as they present a sluggish look;
  • Blue jeans: Though certain people consider wearing blue jeans but slacks tend to be more comfortable and present a more professional look;
  • T-shirts: Avoid wearing T-shirts as they provide the way too sluggish look and especially if it has texts or images on it;

Must do’s:

  • Fix your hair: Ladies with long hair tie it up in a knot and do the needful to avoid hairs disturbing in the middle of the speaking session. Men should groom their hair, most hair products are used for that.
  • Makeup: slight makeup should be used by the ladies to avoid looking pale. Men can use lip balm to avoid dry lips.
  • Nails: Cut and polished nails for both men and women.
  • Brush your teeth and use a mouthwash or breathe freshener before the interview.

Though IELTS doesn’t have strict guidelines regarding dress code but being presentable is necessary.