Why IELTS SCORE is required for US universities?

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    IELTS score is one of the most important considerations when it comes to taking admission in most of the English speaking countries. It is a standardized aptitude test. We can say that it is like a certificate for a student that represents his English language ability. It is the basic requirement for the student to complete. Most of the colleges require a minimum band score of 7. The higher the band the more benefits a student can get from the colleges. Some detailed specifications about the IELTS are mentioned below. 

    What is the role of IELTS in the university’s academic criteria: It represents the overall marks that a student gets in his aptitude test. Most of the best universities demand a minimum of Band 7 or 7.5, it all depends upon the university level. Reputed universities like Harvard and oxford demand so. But there is a thing that needs to understand that it is not necessary that every university accepts IELTS score. In fact, some particular departments of the university can demand the other requirements from the students like they consider TOEFL score rather than the IELTS score. For more clarification let’s discuss an example; at Harvard University, the graduate school of Arts and Sciences doesn’t accept IELTS scores while another department which is Harvard Business School accepts both TOEFL and IELTS scores. Another similar example that we can see is from the MIT Biological Engineering Department which accepts only IELTS score while other departments may consider TOEFL scores. 

    When a student should opt for the IELTS test: There are many points which a student may consider before appearing for an IELTS exam. As there are still many universities in the US that only consider TOEFL. It is most commonly seen as the basic eligibility in may colleges till the date. Hence, before directly jumping into the preparations for the IELTS, a student must take some points in the mind - 

    • Admission Requirements: A student must check out all the requirements that a university may need before preparing for IELTS. So, by checking the eligibility, a student comes to know about the scores and criteria, and then it will help them prepare in that way. There are some pre-decided regulations of the university like minimum score and all of the academic scores. Hence, a student must prepare up to that mark, for example, taking some coaching classes would be a better option before appearing in the exam. As it may be beneficial for achieving the required score. As it is considered easy to get scores around the 7 or 8 band but there are many universities which would have a higher demand for achieving more than 8.5 band score overall. A student will definitely get a seat in the desired US-based university if the score is quite high. 
    • Differences in TOEFL and IELTS: There is some kind of differences in both TOEFL and IELTS examination. TOEFL is considered a little bit tougher than the IELTS examination. But if we try to find a similar angle in both of these examinations then it is very obvious that they both examine the English language ability of a person. So, when both of the examinations is about a common language then what is the harm in appearing for both of the tests. In fact, it will provide an additional certificate to the student’s ability. But yes one thing to keep in mind is that if any student shortlisted 1 or 2 particular University which requires the clearance of only IELTS exam then a student should focus only on that.

    How to prepare for IELTS examination

    On the surface, a student will definitely think English as a very basic and easy language especially in the country where English is the official language and also a bilingual country like India. But to get a high score in the eligibility test is not an easy task. The exam pattern of IELTS and checking criteria is quite tricky. IELTS is divided into four different parts. First, of all the IELTS listening module which takes approximately 30 minutes of the examination, a student has to attempt answers by listening to the questions. It will check the student’s ability for sentence completion, notes, diagrams, flowcharts, grammar, etc.

    The second part is IELTS Reading. It takes 60 minutes of the examination which consists of 40 questions. A student has to read 3 texts then attempt questions accordingly.

    The third part isIELTS Writing which includes writing an essay and responding to a situation with the letter. Two tasks need to be completed in IELTS writing section. For Task 1, test takers need to write 150 words in 20 minutes and for task 2 it is 250 words in 40 minutes. In IELTS Writing section, examiners measure how well the test takers articulate their arguments around a topic. 

    And the fourth part of the examination is IELTS Speaking, it takes in the different parts of the oral interview having 11 to 14 minutes of time. There are three tasks to be completed in IELTS speaking where the interviewer asks a few questions to the test takers. 

    Hence it is clearly seen that students can easily crack the exam by adopting seriousness and up to the mark preparation. 

    Best universities in the US that accept IELTS score

    A shortlist of some universities across the US which accept the IELTS score only. In that way, a student can easily catch up on the best and reputed universities. So, the name of some of them are mentioned below - 

    1. Wayne state university
    2. Cornell university
    3. Michigan university
    4. North Carolina state university
    5. Duke university
    6. Ohio state university 
    7. Princeton university
    8. Iowa state university 
    9. University of Miami 
    10. Stanford University

    Also, many universities are there other than those mentioned above which would accept the IELTS score. So, the student must make a strategy before appearing directly into the examination and for this, they may shortlist the colleges which could go a minimum 5 in number. It will increase the chance of getting selected in at least one of the colleges. Also, by attaching a relevant and attractive CV and LOR (Letter of Recommendation), which a student can get from the previous authority would work very greatly. It will definitely create a good impression of the student. SOP (Statement Of Purpose) will also help a student to seek admission to a college as it will show the strong vision and a relevant purpose which he has towards the University. Then strive to get the highest score possible in the IELTS. In this way, a student must get the desired college.



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