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Recent impacts of COVID on GRE
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The GRE is one of the most vital entrance examinations for securing admission in abroad universities for pursuing masters. GRE is conducted by ETS with over 1,000 centres spread worldwide in more than 160 countries having numerous GRE exam dates. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, the pandemic has caused this and many other equally vital exams to pause their mechanism. Students, at this time, have reached a crossroad where they’re unable to decide how to pursue their academic career as without a GRE nobody can approach the universities. But this is where ETS has come up with remedies.

ETS arranges GRE Test at home

To ease the problem, ETS has arranged an at-home testing service for the students who are unable to visit the test centres for giving the exam. The authenticity of the at-home test is similar to the normal GRE general test.

The exam will be taken under the vigilance of the live remote proctors and artificial intelligence technology by ProctorU®, which is the best monitoring solution for online exams. The GRE at-home test will only apply to the places where computer-delivered tests were taken. The exceptions being Mainland China and Iran.

Apart from this, ETS is also arranging webinars for giving a clear view of the at-home exam system to the candidates. As this is a relatively new method of approaching the exam, the candidates may get confused. Registering on the official website of ETS will take them to the webinar.

GRE Test Centre Re-openings

It is recently that the GRE test centres are reopening slowly and gradually and this is because people are learning to live with the pandemic. Though, it must be noted that the openings are dependent on the intensity of the virus spread and also according to the regulations of the government. Candidates can check the updated availability of test centres from the official website itself.

Recent News: The government authorities of the Mainland China – National Education Examinations Authority has announced its reopening dozen of the GRE test centres from 11th July. The upcoming dates of August and beyond are under review.

In Iran, the GRE test centres are functional and the GRE General Test has been resumed too.

Safety measures as undertaken by the GRE test centres

It is quite anticipated for the GRE test centres to follow strictly the safety measures. The prevention steps taken by them include sanitizing the high-touch surfaces constantly, providing wipes to the candidates for wiping their test areas. Wearing surgical masks are necessary, only during the time of ID photos they might need to open it.

Rescheduling news

ETS has been highly functional about the rescheduling method of the GRE as the number of rescheduling has increased rapidly during the pandemic. It has carried out automatic procedures of rescheduling and returning the fees of the candidates registered so they can reschedule their exams. The big news is, ETS to keep the postponement issues at bay is temporarily waiving all the GRE rescheduling fees. This is applicable for the test takers who have rescheduled, postponed or troubled about visiting an accessible test centre.

News about score reports

The pandemic has prevented people from stepping out in a great manner and therefore, ETS has temporarily paused all the physical processing facilities. This involves a delay in printing and mailing facilities of the paper score reports. It is therefore advised to the candidates to shift to ETS data managers which are free of cost procedure offering electronic scores.

Additional Support to students by ETS

ETS has been catering the students whose test have been cancelled by providing:

  • Free GRE test preparation: ETS offers free GRE practice resources which consist of a mix of the actual test and full practice tests.
  • Fees reduction vouchers: This is offered to eligible students directly from 13 organizations.
  • Information: Students can stay abreast with the latest news about the GRE from the Official GRE Test Communities on Facebook.


Ques. Why did ETS arrange GRE test at the home exam?

Answer: By keeping the pandemic in mind, ETS arranged for the GRE general test at home so that the candidate’s health is not compromised.

Ques. How can one access the GRE test at home?

Answer: The GRE test at home is available for all the places where the computer-delivered test is available only with exception to Mainland China and Iran.

Ques. For how long will the GRE test be available at home?

Answer: The GRE is available at home till the time the test centres reopen and the situation is back to normality.

Ques. How soon will the scores be available?

Answer: The scores will be available within 10 to 15 days of the test.

Ques. Is there any change in the scoring procedure?

Answer: No, there is no such change.