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What is SSB Interview Conference Day?

Last Updated - March 04, 2017

NDA (National Defence Academy) is a national level entrance exam which is conducted by UPSC twice a year for recruitment in National Defence Academy and Indian Naval Academy. Candidates who will clear the NDA written exam, need to go through an Interview. The 5-day Selection Process is scheduled at the Armed Forces SSB Centers spread across the country.

SSB Interview or service selection board interview is a recruitment process under which a candidate skills are tested intellectually, physically, psychologically and through group activities. There are three major ways of testing candidates as per SSBs standards:

  • Physiological test
  • Interview test
  • Group test

All these tests are conducted in the five-day duration of the SSB Interview Process and the 5th day i.e. the final day of the interview is called the Conference Day.

SSB Conference / Final Selection

At SSB final process, Candidates are required to face the Board Officers. This includes the following: -

  • Closing address by Deputy President of the Board.
  • Conference.
  • Announcement of results.
  • Dispersal.

Conference in general is a meeting of people who exchanges opinions on a particular topic. In conference, all your assessors like Psychologist, GTO, the Interviewing officer and the President of the Board meet each other to discuss and prepare the results of candidates. Here, you will get the important facts regarding the conference.

Know About UPSC NDA Interview and its procedure

Board Conference

This is the final stage of 5-day testing process. Candidates will be asked to appear individually before the board. You will be asked question during the conference & your answers during the conference varies your performance. The board makes final recommendation about the suitability of the candidates as well as final marks to be awarded to each candidate.

15 frequently asked questions in SSB Conference

You will be called in the conference in increasing or decreasing order of your chest numbers. There will be a bell or call for you to enter the room. Generally, conference lasts for 30 seconds to 60 seconds, however if you are one of those whom the Board wants to confirm their findings then it might last for 10-12 minutes to 1 hour which is an exception case. There are few questions which are generally asked:

  1. How are you? How was you stay, food and accommodation here in last 5 days?
  2. How do you rate your performance in these 3 tests?
  3. What you will do if you are not selected this time?
  4. What is your next plan?
  5. How many friends you made in these last five days?
  6. Rate your performance out of 10?
  7. Why you were not selected in your previous attempts?
  8. Rate yourself in group?
  9. Which test you enjoyed most in SSB?
  10. In which test you think you could have done better?
  11. Any changes which you felt in yourself in these 5 days?
  12. Have you been out with friends? What all places you visited of the city in which you Board is Located.
  13. Compare your performance with previous SSB attempt?
  14. Some SRTs if you are boarder line case?
  15. Any suggestion for improvement of SSB?

Declaration of Result

After all the candidates, have appeared and the result has been compiled, the technical officer of the board will announce the result. All those who are recommended by the board will stay on for the medical examination which may take one week.

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Closing Address

In the continuation of the process of selection, the day begins with the closing address. During the address officer highlight the merits of selection system, explain the qualities of being in the Armed forces and provide clarification to any doubts or question that may arise. This is also interactive forum for you to put forward any problem complaint or any suggestion that you may have experienced during your stay at SSB.

Medical Examination

NDA candidates are examined both for Army and Navy unless otherwise instructed and endorsement of fitness status will be made accordingly. It takes 4 to 5 working days for the concerned Military Hospital to complete the medical examination board and after that the candidates are dispersed. President of the medical board will guide the candidates for Appeal/Review Medical Board procedures. Candidates may seek the advice of President Special Medical Board for review/appeal in case they have been declared unfit.

This ends the interview procedure by matching candidate’s actions, thought process and words.



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