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Best Books for SSC CGL Logical Reasoning

Updated On - May 31st 2017

SSC CGL logical reasoning section has moderate difficulty level with only few surprises. By mastering a few topics, you can easily score 18-20 marks. Logical reasoning syllabus is divided into two halves of general mental ability and non-verbal reasoning.

Questions are rarely asked from non-verbal reasoning section but some topics do come from non-verbal section.  The best book for preparation of Logical reasoning is RS aggarwal.

  • The total numbers of questions in this section are 25.
  • The section appears in only SSC CGL tier 1 exam.
  • The maximum marks for this section are 25.
  • Every wrong answer will make you 1/4th marks.
  • Easy to moderate difficulty level of the questions and topics.
  • Analogy, series and visual reasoning is expected to have 6-8 questions.
  • Matrix questions are most difficult so avoid them in the main exam.

Logical reasoning syllabus is divided into two halves viz. General Mental Ability and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The questions asked in the section will be to test candidates’ aptitude and their intelligence. Let’s look at the sub-topics asked under both topics.

General Mental Ability:Non- Verbal Reasoning
Alphabet TestPaper cutting & folding
AnalogyEmbedded figures
Arithmetic ReasoningFigure formation & Analysis
Blood RelationSeries
ClassificationCube & Dice
Coding decodingMirror Image
Distance direction testWater Image
MatrixPattern Completion
Logical venn diagramCounting of figures
Missing number -

Expected number of questions in each topic:

TopicNumber of Questions
Odd one out5
Statement- conclusion1
Analytical Reasoning2
Venn- Diagram3
Word Formation3
Sentence – inference2
Visual reasoning8
Maths Based questions7
Coding- decoding3
Matrix based1

Check SSC CGL 2017


  • Questions on picking odd one out among numbers, letters, words.
  • Apply knowledge of daily life while answering the questions.
  • Answer generally is the one that does not match the pattern.

Example: Pick the Odd one Out: Mango, Banana, Apple, Carrot. Ans – Carrot

Book namePublisherISBN
A complete guide to Logical Reasoning - 25 TopicsPractice guru-
M.B.A. Admission TestUpkar’s-


  • Find the relationship given in the statement.
  • Find relation between statement and questions.
  • Draw conclusions based on general topics.

E.g. Eye:Vision :: Ear: ? Ans – Hear

Book namePublisherISBN
Logical and Analytical Reasoning (Useful for All Competitive Exams) Paperback – 2016Ramesh Publishing House9350127768
A Modern Approach to Logical ReasoningS Chand8121919053

Arranging words in Meaningful Order

  • Arrange words according to dictionary meaning
  • Rearrange words to form meaningful sentence

Example: The logical order of the words will be: Root, Stem, Branch, Leaves, Fruit.

Book namePublisherISBN
Analytical & Logical Reasoning For CAT & Other Management Entrance TestsArihant Publications9352038541
Logical and Analytical ReasoningRamesh Publishing House9350127768

Coding Decoding

  • Minimum 1 question will be asked
  • coding by letter shifting or coding by word
  • Moderate to high difficulty level
Book namePublisherISBN
M.B.A. Admission TestUpkar Prakashan8174821724
A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal ReasoningS Chand Publishing9352535316

Venn Diagram

  • Represent relationship through venn diagram
  • Easy difficulty level
  • High accuracy through practice
  • 1 or 2 questions may be asked

Eg- Relation between bird, parrot, cat have to be represented in form of venn

Book namePublisherISBN
Short Tricks and Notes on Logical Reasoning - Venn DiagramPractice guru-
Shortcuts in Reasoning (Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical) for Competitive Exams with 3 eBooks Paperback – Nov 2016Disha Publication9386146983

Word Formation

  • High accuracy is possible with practice.
  • Check if any word can be formed from the options given.
  • Moderate difficulty level.
Book namePublisherISBN
Objective General EnglishS Chand8121915317
Quick Learning Objective General EnglishS Chand8121922119


  • Questions are based on alphabetical orders, number series and completing series.
  • 6-7 questions can come.
  • Moderate to high difficulty level.
Book namePublisherISBN
SSC MultitaskingDiamond Power Learning9351654044
SSC Combined Graduate Level Success SeriesKalinjar Publications9382732403

Direction & Distance

  • 1 question can be asked at the most.
  • Tricky problems.
  • High difficulty level.

Book name



Short Tricks and Notes on Logical Reasoning - Distance and Direction

Practice guru


SSC Combined Graduate Level 2015

G.K. Publications Private Limited


NCERT class 10 book



Blood Relation

  • Questions on family tree.
  • Identify people from a photograph.
  • The questions sometimes become uninteresting.
  • You can create diagrams to make them short.
Book NamePublisherISBN
M.B.A. Admission TestUpkar Prakashan8174821724
A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal ReasoningS Chand Publishing9352535316

Verbal Reasoning

  • Rarely questions are asked from verbal reasoning.
  • Practice problems based on Statements and Conclusions, Statements and Inferences, Statements and Assumptions, Assertion and Reason, etc.
  • 0-2 questions may be asked.
  • Moderate difficulty level.
Book NamePublisherISBN
Quick Learning Objective General EnglishS Chand8121922119
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExaminationsS Chand Publishing9352534026


  • Easy to solve but take a lot of time.
  • Questions on seating arrangement.
  • Questions on age, distance and speed, etc.
  • May be 1 or 2 questions may be asked.
Book NamePublisherISBN
Magical Book On PuzzleBSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.8456221236
Puzzle Book A/B/C (Set of 3 Books)Arihant Publication9352038746

Non-verbal Reasoning

  • 2-3 questions will be asked.
  • Diverse natures of questions are possible.
  • Questions on completing the pattern, assemble image, mirror image, hidden image, etc.
Book NamePublisherISBN
A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning S Chand Publishing9352535316
Verbal ReasoningArihant Publications9351769054


  • May be 1 question can be asked.
  • Difficulty level is high.
  • Rigorous practice is required. 
Book NamePublisherISBN
Shortcuts in Reasoning (Verbal, Non-Verbal & Analytical) for Competitive Exams with 3 eBooksDisha Publication; First edition9386146983
A Modern Approach to Logical ReasoningS Chand8121919053

Preparation tips for Logical Reasoning

  1. The question will be solved on the basis of the data given, do not make assumptions about the same.
  2. Always select one topic and practice, avoid mix practice as questions require you to think.
  3. Be wise with the words like un-, non-, they are introduced to fool you.
  4. Try eliminating option strategy if the answer is not coming.
  5. Don’t try to solve all the questions as this may lead to negative marking.
  6. Understanding the directions north, south, east and west are important.
  7. Do not rush through topics, especially series, they are difficult to master in one go.
  8. Keep time constraint in mind while preparing for the exam.
  9. The section helps you score good marks if you are patient.



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