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How to Prepare for SSC CGL Tier II in 30 days?

Last Updated - February 06, 2018


The Staff Selection Commission holds CGL examination to recruit candidates under Group B and Group C non-gazetted posts offered by GOI. Tier I results are out and more than 1.5 lakh candidates have qualified for SSC CGL Tier II. CheckSSC CGL Vacancies 

Listed below are facts about SSC CGL Tier II Exam Pattern:

  • The questions are objective in nature in Tier II. Check Detailed SSC CGL Tier II Exam Pattern
  • There are four papers in the exam namely Paper 1 (Quantitative Ability), Paper 2 (English Language), Paper 3 (Statistics) and Paper 4 (General Studies)
  • Paper 3 is conducted exclusively for Jr. Statistical Officer (JSO) and Compiler post.
  • Paper 4 is for Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) post.

Tier II is scheduled from February 18 to February 22, 2018. As only a few days are left, it is important to have proper plan and strategy to prepare for the recruitment exam. Since every single day is of utmost importance, candidates cannot afford to waste any time now. To make preparation easier, we have created a 30-day plan for cracking SSC CGL Tier 2. This timetable, if adopted properly, can surely help you crack this exam. CheckSSC CGL Preparation Tips

SSC CGL Tier II - Important Topics in Mathematics

Mathematics is a daunting section of SSC CGL Tier II. It has a huge syllabus and also the level of questions is not easy. Therefore, prioritize the topics according to their importance. Since the cutoff is high, you can not choose to ignore any topic. Check How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude Section?

Let us take a look at how Quantitative Aptitude paper has been structured in past years. This will help us derive an idea of what can be expected in this paper for this year -

TopicNovember 30, 2016December 1, 2016December 2015
Number System10810
Profit and Loss848
Ratios, Mixture and Alligation657
Time, Speed and Distance545
Time and Work667
Data Interpretation555

Overall, the papers of SSC CGL Tier 2 have been of easy-moderate level. Generally, there are two or three topics on which the questions asked to become a little too tough to solve. Mostly, Algebra, Geometry and Mensuration questions tend to go on the tougher side (not all of them). Check Best Books for Quantitative Aptitude for SSC CGL

On the other hand, topics like DI, Percentage, Percentages, Averages offer many low hanging fruits which should not miss. Since the level of competition is very high, one should ideally attempt more than 65-70 questions in the exam.

Based on the above analysis, the expected number of questions in SSC CGL 2017 Tier II are as follows -

  • Geometry: 12-18 questions
  • Mensuration: 10-13 questions
  • Profit and Loss: 6-9 questions
  • Trigonometry: 8-10 questions
  • Algebra: 9-11 questions
  • Number System: 8-10 questions
  • Simplification: 3-6 questions
  • Averages: 5-6 questions
  • Ratio & Proportion: 1-6 questions
  • Interest: 4-5 questions
  • Time and Work: 5-6 questions
  • Time Speed and Distance: 4-6 questions
  • Mixture and Allegations: 1-4 questions
  • Data Interpretation: 5-8 questions

SSC CGL Tier II - Important Topics in English

English is such a section that needs deeper understanding. Proficiency in this section is developed over a longer duration, rather than a short period. However, in these 30 days, you can refine your English skills and work on your test-taking strategy. Also, you can learn many new words during these 30 days. Check  How to Prepare English & Comprehension for SSC CGL

TopicNovember 30, 2016December 1, 2016December 2015
Error Spotting202020
Sentence Correct202015
Antonym Synonym666
Mis-spelt words343
Idioms and Phrases121010
Para Jumbles202015
One word substitution101012
Active and Passive Voice202020
Sentence improvement222022
Direct Indirect Speech222527
Cloze test202025
Reading Comprehension252530

English language paper of SSC CGL Tier II is more about managing time. Some questions like Reading Comprehension and Error Spotting can eat up a lot of time, therefore, candidates must take care of the time spent on them. Check Best Books to Prepare for English Section

Overall, the difficulty level of the paper is easy-moderate (more on easier side). Candidates must attempt at least 135-140 questions.

Take a look at the topic wise importance of English section of SSC CGL Tier II, based on above analysis –

  • Reading Comprehension: 25-30 questions
  • Direct Indirect Speech: 20-25 questions
  • Active Passive Voice: 20-25 questions
  • Error Spotting: 15-20 question
  • Sentence correction: 15-20 questions
  • Antonym Synonym/Mis-spelt words: 10-12 questions
  • Idioms and phrases: 10-12 questions
  • Para Jumbles: 15-20 questions
  • One word substitution: 10-12 questions
  • Cloze test: 20-25 questions
  • Sentence Improvement: 20-22 questions

SSC CGL Tier II - Important Topics in Statistics

Candidates looking for a job as a Statistical Investigator have to appear for Paper 3. Most of the concepts that arrive in this paper are upto 12th class level syllabus. Let us take a look at the structure of last year’s paper of statistics –

TopicNumber of questions in last year’s paper
Measures of Central tendency and dispersion21
Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis10
Correlation and Regression6
Probability Theory6
Random Variable9
Sampling Theory7
Statistical Inference15
Analysis of Variance6
Time Series Analysis5
Index Numbers7
Theory of Attributes8

The good thing is that the two topics with high weightage, (Measures of Central tendency and dispersion; Moments, Skewness and Kurtosis) had questions on the easier side. On the other hand, statistical inference, probability theory and random variables had questions that were on a bit tougher side (not all of them). Read More How to Prepare Statistics for SSC CGL Tier 2?

Overall, the paper was moderate and an attempt of 65+ questions is necessary. The weightage of topics in 2017 is also expected to remain the same.

Check Best Books for SSC CGL Statistics Paper

SSC CGL Tier II - Important Topics in General Studies

Economics and Finance paper is a new addition to SSC CGL. This exam is conducted for the post of Assistant Accounts Officer and Assistance Audit Officer. These are A grade jobs and thus are the most elite jobs under the recruitment exam.

This paper will also have 100 questions, to be answered within 2 hours. 40% of the paper will be from Finance Subject and 60% will be from economics. Take a look at the examination pattern of this paper below –

SubjectNumber of questionsMaximum MarksDuration
Finance4080120 minutes
Total100200120 minutes

The exam has a huge syllabus but questions are generally of moderate to tough level. Although the syllabus is of graduation level, the questions are based on elementary applications and not on advanced ones. Check SSC CGL Syllabus

SSC CGL Tier 2 Weekly Strategy

With just few weeks remaining for the exam, it is important to have a defined strategy. We have created a weekly strategy that will explain in brief that what should be ideal way to prepare for the exam.

This strategy is divided into 3 Phases, and is as follows –

Phase 1 (Week 1 & 2):- This phase of preparation is basically focused on syllabus completion. Although you must have completed the syllabus for Tier I exam, it is suggested to go through the syllabus again. Don’t forget to practice the concepts after studying, as practice is what matters most in this exam.

Since the syllabus of Finance and Economics is huge and demands deeper understanding, it is recommended that we go slowly with it. Every day, if you are devoting 120 minutes to Finance of Economics, 80 minutes will be devoted to learning the concept and 40 will be devoted to learning its applications.

DayQuantitative AptitudeEnglish LanguageStatisticsEconomics and Finance
1Simplification (Concepts + Practice)Reading Comprehension (Concepts + 5-10 RCs practice)Measures of Central TendencyCAG – Provisions, rules and responsibilities
2Geometry (Concepts)Go through all important idioms and phrases, one-word substitutionsMeasures of DispersionFinance Commission – Role and Functions
3Geometry (Concepts + Practice)Practice idioms and phrases, one-word substitution, antonym-synonymsStatistical InferenceFundamental Principles and Basic Concepts of Accounting + Introduction to Financial Accounting
4Mensuration (Concepts)Direct Indirect Speech (Concept + Practice)Moments, Skewness and KurtosisNature, Scope, Limitations of Financial Accounting + GAAPs
5Mensuration (Practice)Active Passive Voice (Concept + Practice)Index NumbersBasic Concepts of Economics + Introduction to Macro Economics
6Mock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisCorrelation and RegressionLaw of Demand, Law of Supply, Elasticity of these
7Algebra (Concepts)Error Spotting (Concept + Practice)Probability TheorySingle & Double Entry, Books of Original Entry, Journal
8Algebra (Concepts + Practice)Sentence Correction (Concept + Practice)Mock Test + AnalysisLedger and Trial Balance
9Ratios, Averages, Percentages, Mixtures (Concepts)Sentence Improvement (Concept + Practice)Time Series AnalysisTheories of Consumer Behavior + Meaning and Factors of production
10Ratios, Averages, Percentages, Mixtures (Practice)Para Jumbles (Concept + Practice)Theory of AttributesLaw of Variable Proportion and Law of Returns to Scale
11Trigonometry (Concepts + Practice)Cloze Test (Concept + Practice)Sampling TheoryMock Test + Analysis
12Mock Test + AnalysisRevise thoroughlyAnalysis of VarianceManufacturing Account and Trading Account
13Number System (Concepts)Practice (200 questions, averagely 20 from each topic)Theory of AttributesBalance Sheet, Profit and Loss Appropriation Account
14Number System (Practice)Practice (200 questions, averagely 20 from each topic)Complete RevisionVarious forms of market + Price determination in these markets

Phase 2 (Week 3):- 2nd phase (or the 3rd week) of preparation must be dedicated to practice. Practice as much as you can. Solve as many questions as possible.

For Finance and Economics, the focus will still be on a good mixture of learning plus simultaneous application.

DayQuantitative AptitudeEnglish LanguageStatisticsEconomics and Finance
15Interest, Time Speed and Distance, Time and Work (Concepts)Practice (200 questions, averagely 20 from each topic)Mock Test + AnalysisEconomic Reforms in India Since 1991 + Disinvestment
16Interest, Time Speed and Distance, Time and Work (Practice)Practice (200 questions, averagely 20 from each topic)Practice (100+ questions)Monetary and Fiscal Policy + Role and Functions of RBI/RRBs/Banks
17Revision of Whole SyllabusRevision of Whole SyllabusPractice (100+ questions)Depreciation Accounting + Inventory Valuation
18Mock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisPractice (100+ questions)Income and Expenditure Account + Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations
19Practice (5 topics, at least 20 questions each)Practice (200 questions, averagely 20 from each topic)Mock Test + AnalysisIndian Economy (Go through stats) + Leftover topics
20Practice (5 topics, at least 20 questions each)Practice (200 questions, averagely 20 from each topic)Practice (with more emphasis on low scoring areas)Leftover topics of Accounting (Rectification of Errors, Self Balancing Ledgers etc)
21Practice (5 topics, at least 20 questions each)Practice (200 questions, averagely 20 from each topic)Practice (balanced)Revision of Whole Syllabus

Phase 3 (4th week): - Last week is all about mocks. Mocks help you gain expertise over exam-like conditions and are the best way practice. Take a mock, analyze it and work on weak areas, this is the daily schedule. Remember that this is the last phase, so be ready to devote your 100% to this exam.

DayQuantitative AptitudeEnglish LanguageStatisticsEconomics and Finance
22Mock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisPractice (Numerical + Theoretical)
23Mock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisPractice (more emphasis on low scoring areas)Mock Test + Analysis
24Brush up weak areasBrush up weak areasMock Test + AnalysisPractice (more emphasis on low scoring areas)
25Mock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisPractice (more emphasis on low scoring areas)Mock Test + Analysis
26Mock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisMock Test + Analysis
27Mock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisMock Test + Analysis
28Mock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisMock Test + Analysis
29Mock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisMock Test + AnalysisMock Test + Analysis
30Revise everything, practice a little bit, keep yourself calm and motivated

Things to remember while using the 30 days Plan

  • This plan follows a strategy of doing most important topics first, you can change the order of topics but do keep in mind that which topics will be most beneficial, if given preference over other.
  • Leaning a ‘concept’ does not mean doing only theory here. As you go through any topic, do 10-20 basic questions of it on the same day.
  • It is very important that you do 2 RCs everyday (along with the topics mentioned for any day).
  • Just like the RCs, you must do 1 set of data interpretation everyday. Since there are not much concepts involved in DI, we haven’t mentioned it in the study plan.
  • To perform better in English, read for at least 30 minutes everyday. Notice new words and grammatical pattern while reading.
  • Do not skip mocks. It is very important to know that where you stand with your preparation, at any given point of time.
  • For Accountancy, as soon you learn any practical concept, make sure that you fine tune with some practice everyday. From Day 7 (when we start learning practical concepts) till the last day, make sure that you are doing 10-15 practical questions of accountancy everyday.
  • Try to learn 5-10 new words everyday. Since vocabulary has no limits, try to make it as vast as possible.

As an SSC aspirant, you have already devoted enough time and effort in clearing the tier-1 exam. Since you have done so much hard work, you must not let go this opportunity from your hand. It’s acceptable that exam is not easy, but it’s not impossible too. Devote your everything to it and it will bring you a great career. Good Luck!



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