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Semantic Classification in SSC CGL Logical Reasoning

Last Updated - June 30, 2017

Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level exam (SSC CGL) is scheduled from August 1 to August 20 this year. After going through a change in the mode of exam and pattern last year, the exam will again undergo a minor change this year.

Unlike last year the candidates would be provided only one hour of time that is, 60 minutes to attempt the tier one paper instead of 75 minutes. However, the number of questions to be attempted are unchanged (that is 100 questions).

The change in the duration of the exam means that now candidates would have less amount of time per question and hence their speed and accuracy would be at test. In such a situation holding onto your strengths would be a key to success. Those who are appearing must try to maximize the score in sections which they feel are their core strength areas and also sections which have a high scoring possibility.

Logical reasoning is one section which comprises one fourth of the paper and values 50 marks. In this section candidates can easily secure 40 plus marks without putting in much efforts.

Semantic classification is an important topic under the logical reasoning from where questions are asked in both verbal and non-verbal reasoning. The topic comprises 4 to 5 questions every year and is easy for candidates to solve these questions.

In this article, we will discuss in detail about the Semantic Classification and Classification type questions which are asked in SSC CGL.

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Weightage Over the Years

The Semantic classification topic is a sub-topic which falls under the purview of classification. Each year 6 to 7 questions are asked from classification topic out of which 3 to 4 questions are related to semantic classification. Since the number of questions has been reduced from 200 to 100 from last year in SSC CGL Tier 1 exam the relative number of question has also come down to 3 to 4 under this topic, however, the percentage wise weightage has remained same. For your reference, we have tabled the weightage of this topic in previous year papers.

YearNumber of Questions

Apart from SSC CGL exam, the Semantic Classification topic has a good weightage in other SSC exams as well like SSC CPO, SSC LDC and SSC Stenographer.

Type of Questions Asked in the exam

Since the classification topics come under the broader ambit of both verbal and non-verbal reasoning the question asked in SSC CGL exam are basically of two types. In verbal type semantic classification you would be asked to found out the odd term in the sequence, relationship between words, numbers, and alphabets.

Verbal Type Semantic Classification Question

  • Finding the odd one out
  • Finding out the odd number pair
  • Find out the odd letter pair

In non-verbal part, the questions of classification are majorly based on sequence and series of some figures. The questions would be asked to either arrange the number of figures in a series based on some pattern or identification of the wrong one out in the series. The questions would be mostly based on the underlying concept of rotation of figures by some fixed angle either clockwise or anticlockwise.

Non-verbal Type Semantic Classification Questions

  • Finding odd one out in a series of figures
  • Identifying the sequence of a series of figures
  • Finding out the next figure in the series

Questions in non-verbal part of classification are generally two to three in number and are easy to solve with some good amount of practice before hand.

Tips and Tricks to Solve the Questions

As we discussed earlier that reasoning is a scoring section and topic like classification makes it easier for you to boost your score it is important that you tackle them out with a proper strategy. To ease your tension a bit we would here provide you with some effective tips and tricks to solve the questions from this section with great accuracy.

  • Gather all the questions you can on the topic. Take help of both online and offline sources for that purpose. Keep in mind that collected questions are credible in nature as many websites/books give wrong answers to these questions so, be careful.
  • After collecting a good number of questions, say 100 to 200, start practicing slowly. Read the question and try to solve it without noting out the time taken to solve.   
  • After solving around 30 to 40 questions in this manner you will start getting comfortable with the kind of patterns they make. Now, the time taken by you to solve the question will also reduce. After you achieve this much, keep practicing and try to increase the level (optional).
  • When you have done over 100 to 200 questions and are satisfied with your performance you would realize that you are taking less than a minute to solve the question. If you have followed the plan diligently so far then by now no question from this topic would be alien to you.

Types of Questions Asked

To remove your doubts regarding the questions asked we have provided some questions from the previous year papers.

Verbal Type Semantic Classification Question

  • Find the odd one out: Cotton, Silk, Wool, Terrene
  • Find out the odd pair: 62-37, 74-40, 85-60, 103-78
  • Find out the odd one out: BCD, QRS, KMN, WXY

Non-Verbal Type Semantic Classification Questions

The questions asked from this section are shown in the screenshot below.

SSC CGL Analogy-Non-Verbal

You can take the help of both the offline (Books) and online sources for preparation of this section. For your reference purpose, we have noted down both the recommended offline and online sources.

Recommended Books

Verbal-Non Verbal ReasoningR.S. Aggarwal
Analytical ReasoningM.K. Pandey
Practice questions for reasoning abilityDisha Publication

Recommended Websites

  • Gradeup-
  • Testbook-
  • SSC Portal-
  • Unacademy-
  • Study Smart YouTube channel.



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