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    SSC CGL is a national level recruitment exam conducted by Staff Selection Commission for filling various Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ posts in different departments/ministries of the government. There are multiple posts filled through SSC CGL and the number of vacancies for each post is announced by the department/ministry itself.

    Assistant is a Group B non-gazetted and this post is one of the major vacancies filled through CGLE (Combined Graduate Level Examination) by SSC.

    Some important highlights for SSC CGL Assistant Post and recruitment process are mentioned below:

    • SSC CGL Tier I will be held from August 1 – August 20, 2017. 
    • The recruitment process is likely to be completed in February-2018 after completion of all the tiers.
    • Approximately, 100 positions are likely to be filled for assistant grade post.
    • SSC CGL 2017 exam comprises 4 stages.
    • The last date to fill SSC CGL Application Form is June 16, 2017.
    • SSC CGL exam tier 1 and tier 2 are online objective type examination.
    • The third stage of SSC CGL is the written descriptive test.
    • Shortlisting of candidates takes place after completion of each level.

    Vacancies for Assistants in SSC CGL 

    • In SSC CGL 2016, 95 vacancies across several departments/ministries
    • However, only 2 posts were reserved for Physically Handicapped; 1 was reserved for OH category and 1 for HH category.
    • Tentatively 18 positions were reserved for SC/ST/OBC category candidates.
    • There is no separate DEST (Data Entry Skill Test) or CPT (Computer Proficiency Test) for the post of Assistant

    Departments Recruiting Assistant through SSC CGL

    There are several departments/ministries/cadres that are filling the post of Assistant through SSC CGL. List of all the departments recruiting assistants is recruited below:

    • Central Vigilance Commission
    • Central Administrative Tribunal
    • Department of Electronics and Information Technology
    • Election Commission
    • Department of Fertilizers
    • Directorate of Forensic Science Services (M/O Home Affairs)
    • Ministry of External Affairs (CPO)
    • Ministry of Mines
    • Ministry of Textile
    • Ministry of Tourism
    • National Technical Research Organization

    Promotion structure SSC CGL Assistant Post

    Recruited as an Assistant in any department, the career path for this post is likely to be:

    1. Section Officers (in 5-7 years)
    2. Under Secretary
    3. Deputy Secretary
    4. Director

    The hierarchy is usually the same across all departments. Generally, inter-department transfers do not take place for this post. Once you join in CVC department, you are likely to spend your tenure in that department although the job location may change.

    Assistant Vacancy in Central Vigilance Commission

    The main role of Assistants at CVC is to prevent corruption and look over the activities of all the departments coming under the jurisdiction of central and state government.

    Job Profile

    • Documenting reports in a proper format.
    • Managing reports from another department over the issues identified by CVC.
    • Making theoretical evidence reports from the rough data obtained from other departments.

    Assistant Vacancy in Central Administrative Tribunal

    17 offices are located all over India; the department was formed because of delay in judgments resulting in many pending cases in courts. The job role of assistant is considered quite challenging in this department.

    Job Profile

    • Coordinate with other 16 offices of the Tribunal.
    • Create reports of pending cases till date.
    • Make a record of judgments passed in various cases. 
    • Assist the officials in decision-making process.

    Assistant Vacancy in Department of Electronics and Information Technology

    The department of Electronics and Information Technology aims to introduce the digitalization across the country and ensure digitalization of all the sectors. The commerce ministry is also supporting digitalization and thus ecommerce ministry is also formed.

    Job Profile

    • Make reports about new ideas discussed in conferences.
    • Assist officers in decision-making process.
    • Maintaining data backup for future decision making.

    Assistant Vacancy in Election Commission

    The election commission is responsible for smooth execution of the electoral process. Election conduction, result and issuing of the ballet machines and training officers for the job of the election process are the main functions of EC. EC office is located in every state of India with its head office in Delhi.

    Job Profile

    • Creating reports about upcoming elections, training schedules, etc.
    • Making notes for meetings
    • Issuing or writing letters on behalf of EC

    Assistant Vacancy in Department of Fertilizers

    The department is responsible for ensuring adequate and timely availability of fertilizers at affordable prices for maximizing agricultural production in the country.

    Job Profile

    • Creating reports on the quality check of fertilizers.
    • Maintaining data of export and import done by the department.
    • Updating regularly the officers about new issues coming to the surface regarding quality.
    • Coordinate functioning with other ministries.

    Assistant vacancy in Directorate of Forensic Science Services (M/O Home Affairs)

    The main responsibility of this ministry is formulation of policies, acts and regulations for the maintenance of the quality of forensic science in the country. It also actively works in the area of supporting the growth of research and development in the field of homeland security and justice delivery system.  

    Job profile

    • Creating reports about development in the field of forensic science.
    • Answering mails on behalf of the organization.
    • Creating reports from the existing database

    Assistant vacancy in Ministry of External Affairs (CPO)

    The primary task of ministry of external affairs is to handle overseas affairs of our country. Ministry keeps a check of changes in international relationships among nations and the recent developments in UN.   

    Job profile

    • Generate daily reports of the changes taking in international policies
    • Update the officials immediately on major issues related to international affairs
    • Assist officials in important meetings

    Assistant vacancy in Ministry of Mines

    Mining ministry is responsible for conducting survey and exploration of all metallic and non-ferrous minerals, like aluminium, zinc, copper, etc and extraction and distribution of natural gases & petroleum in different regions of the country.

    Job Profile

    • Keeping record of the present price rates of various ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
    • Updating officials about new changes and researches taking place in the mining sectors.
    • Assist the officials in decision making.
    • Give updates on vigilance reports.

    Assistant vacancy in Ministry of Textile

    Ministry of Textile is responsible for national and international trade around the year of the popular Indian fabrics. Price regularization and cost of fabric is regulated by the ministry. Indian fabric is in popular demand in foreign shores and so managing the quality and conducting regular quality checks of the product is the job of textile ministry.

    Job Profile

    • Keep a record of rates of different fabrics and present them to higher officials from time to time.
    • Reporting grievances of farmers or buyers.
    • Does communication on behalf of the officers.
    • Keeps a record of mail exchange with other ministries.  

    Assistant vacancy in Ministry of Tourism

    MOT is responsible for maintaining the tourism business in India. The department keeps a check on the hotels, national and international bookings. The job is to promote the tourism industry as a large cash flow takes place through tourism.

    Job Profile

    • Maintain records of yearly, bimonthly and quarterly checks
    • Assisting official in national and international tourist fairs
    • Keep notes of important discussions
    • Keep checks on financial transaction taking place within the ministry
    • Generating grievance reports sent by tourists.

    Assistant Vacancy in National Technical Research Organization

    NTRO is a highly specialized technical agency set up in 2008 to gather information about the security and provide technical assistance to other agencies responsible for security. The agency is responsible for remote sensing, data gathering and processing, cyber security, cryptology systems, strategic hardware and software development and strategic monitoring.

    Job Profile

    • Report generation and maintenance is the primary responsibility.
    • Take notes during meetings and official proceedings
    • Assist the authorities in decision making process
    • Maintaining the confidentiality of data   



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