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    LPUNEST 2017 will be conducted online from April 10, 2017 to April 30, 2017, across various cities of India. The exam would be conducted in online mode. Candidates should carefully go through the LPUNEST Exam Pattern for different streams – engineering, management, law, hotel management, design, agriculture and applied medical sciences.

    All the questions will be in Multiple Choice Questions format (MCQs). There will be no negative marking in the exam. Candidates must carefully go through the section wise weightage and pattern of questions for the courses they want to apply at LPU.

    LPUNEST is conducted every year by Lovely Professional University for admission to various academic programs offered by it. LPUNEST is conducted in Computer based format divided among 4 sections viz. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English for a total of 400 Marks. The Syllabus of LPUNEST is of 10+2 level. The level of difficulty of questions asked in the test is at par with the Class XII standard.

    LPUNEST Result will declared on the official site in the month of May – 2017. Counselling sessions would be separately carried out for all the courses. LPUNEST was introduced in 2009 as a common entrance and scholarship test for all the aspirants from different streams.

    LPU NEST 2017 B. Tech Physics Syllabus

    The Physics Section of LPUNEST as mentioned will be at par with 10+2 level. The major topics asked in the section are listed below. The Topics are categorized under separate units to provide a clear idea to the candidates. Each topic mentioned below is important and should be studied carefully for candidates to excel in the exam.

    MotionRotational Motion
    Laws of Motion
    Work, Power & Energy
    Thermal PhysicsThermodynamics
    Properties of solids and liquids
    Kinetic theory of gasses
    Gravitation, Kinematics & OscillationKinematics
    Physics & Measurement
    Waves & Oscillation
    Atomic Structures & OpticsDual nature of matter and radiation
    Wave optics
    Atoms & Nuclei
    Electricity & MagnetismCurrent Electricity
    Magnetic effects of current & magnetism
    Electronics & ElectricalElectromagnetic Waves
    Electromagnetic induction & alternating currents
    Electronic Devices

    Check LPUNEST B.Tech Syllabus

    LPU NEST 2017 B. Tech Physics Preparation Tips

    Some topics are pretty important in every subject and we all know it. So, we did an analysis and came up with the ones that you shouldn’t miss in your preparation for LPU NEST. Check them out.

    1. Electrostatics: A high scoring topic that needs clarity of concepts. There are almost four questions that are asked every year in the LPU NEST exam.

    Book for Electrostatics- Concepts of Physics by H C Verma is a good book for electrostatics as it contains good quality of solved numerical problems  

    2. Oscillation and Waves: Once the basic concepts are clear, read the Concepts of Physics by H C Verma to study this in depth.

    3. Modern Physics: One of the important topics for both LPU NEST 2017, this is a scoring topic. Check out sub-topics such as radioactive decay of substances, nuclear fission and fusion, dual nature of matter and X-rays. Don’t forget the Bohr’s model while studying this one. The trick is to study and practice the numerical questions in this topic also. NCERT is best to get the basics right. Then move on to Concepts of Physics by H C Verma for the theory and 3000 Solved Problems in Physics by Schaum for the numerical problems.

    4. Optics: A relatively easy topic, it also happens to be a scoring one too. While studying this don’t foget to check the Huygen’s principles. You can score well as this topic is easy as well as important. Read Understanding Physics for LPU NEST, Advanced Optics & Modern Physics by DC Pandey to get a grip on this topic.

    Important Topics

    As part of the LPU NEST Preparation Tips for Physics, we bring to you those topics which are important as a good amount of question from them will be asked in the LPU NEST exam. The LPU NEST 2017 preparation for Physics must include these topics as every mark counts and these topics count too.

    1. Magnetics- LPU NEST in 40 Days by ARIHANT, Understanding Physics for LPU NEST are books that will help you sail through.

    2. Electromagnetic Induction and AC- Numerical problems from this topic generally are asked in LPU NEST. Brush up Faraday’s Law while studying this. Read Concepts of Physics by H C Verma to get better in this topic.

    3. Current Electricity- Ohm’s law, colour code for resistors, characteristic of ohmic and nonohmic conductors are some topics that need to be emphasized on. Use Concepts of Physics by H C Verma to hone them up.

    4. Waves- Sub-topics like principle of superposition of waves, simple harmonic motion (S.H.M) and its equation, Doppler Effect in sound are scoring topics. Give more importance to them.

    Last but not least

    The topics given below are not placed very high in the reading order but it is advisable to read them at least once and know the concepts.

    • Physics and measurement
    • Dual nature of matter and radiation
    • Communication system
    • Gravitation
    • KTG

    LPU NEST 2017 B. Tech Exam Pattern

    The engineering entrance exam conducted by LPU is an online exam. LPU-NEST exam paper consists of multiple choice objective type questions.

    Candidates can either opt to appear for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Physics, Chemistry and Biology entrance exam depending on the course they are applying for.

    The language of instruction for this engineering entrance exam is English only.

    The test duration is of 150 minutes (2 hrs. 30 min.) and consists of 110 multiple choice questions (MCQ) of the objective type.

    SubjectsNo. of questionsMarks per QuestionMaximum Marks per subject
    Physics30 questions4 Marks120 Marks
    Chemistry30 questions4 Marks120 Marks
    Mathematics/ Biology30 questions4 Marks120 Marks
    English20 questions2 Marks40 Marks
    • Applicants can opt for either English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
    • There will be no negative marking for wrong answers or unanswered questions
    • The applicant can appear for the test in English and Hindi medium as well.

    Know About LPUNEST 2017

    LPU NEST 2017 B. Tech Physics Sample Questions

    Question 1: The photoelectric effect was discovered by: -

    a) Einstein

    b) Hertz

    c) Millikan

    d) Halwachs

    Question 2: An electron, a proton and a deuteron and an α-particle have same linear momenta. Which one of them possesses least kinetic energy?

    a) Electron

    b) Deutron

    c) α-particle

    d) Proton

    Question 3: Three equal masses P, Q and R are pulled with a constant force F. They are connected to each other with strings. The ratio of the tension between PQ and QR is: -

    a) 2:1

    b) 1:2

    c) 3:1

    d) 1:1

    Question 4: To avoid slipping while walking on ice one should take larger steps because of the: -

    a) Larger normal reaction

    b) Smaller normal reaction

    c) Smaller friction

    d) Larger friction

    Question 5: If the Earth shrinks in its radius by 4%, mass remaining the same, the value of 'g' on its surface: -

    a) Remains constant

    b) Decreases by about 8%

    c) Increases by about 8%

    d) Decreases by about 4%

    As part of the LPU NEST Preparation Tips for Physics, we want you to get a strong grip on most of the topics in Physics and for that the following books can be used for reference and further study.

    Name of the bookAuthorDescriptionISBN Number
    Concepts of PhysicsH C VermaThe book is useful for Mechanics, Electrostatics, Optics, Modern Physics, Heat and waves and it contains good quality of solved numerical problems.8177091875
    Problems in General PhysicsI.E. IrodovThis book contains high level of problems and is good for modern physics, mechanics, electricity and mechanism8123902514
    Arihant PhysicsD. C. PandeyIt consists of solved problems9350941732
    Elements of DynamicsS. L. LoneyCheck this book for better understanding8174731342
    Advanced level PhysicsNelson and ParkerGood for LPU NEST & Advanced also043592303X
    NCERT PhysicsText Books for BasicsClass XI and Class XII books for CBSE
    University PhysicsSears and ZemanskyIt consists of good numerical problems.032173338X
    Fundamentals of PhysicsResnick, Halliday, WalkerThis book is good for electricity and magnetism, heat, mechanics1118230647



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