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How to prepare for KIITEE B.Tech 2017?

Last Updated - April 04, 2017

KIIT (The Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology) conducts KIITEE, which is a nationwide entrance examination to shortlist candidates applying for the university. Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of their skill sets, knowledge and performance in KIITEE 2017. Every year there are more than 1 lakh students who appear for the exam, just to stand a chance at securing a seat in this university.

Other than doing well in KIITEE 2017, aspirants should have passed a higher secondary test or equivalent exam to pursue B.Tech. One of the reasons why KIIT is considered prestigious is the level of questions asked in the entrance exam, which is scheduled for April 14-23, 2017. It is important to have a preparation strategy to be able to crack the examination. We have gathered some genuine Preparation Tips on How to Prepare for KITEE 2017 B.Tech Exam.

KIITEE 2017 Exam pattern

A quick look at the KIITEE 2017 Exam pattern in order to make the preparation for The Entrance Exam easier.

  • Exam Duration: 3 hours
  • Mode of exam: Online. It is a computer based test.
  • Number of questions: There will be 120 objective type questions in the exam. 40 questions will be asked from each subject.
  • Marking scheme: Four marks will be awarded for each correct answer. Negative marking of One mark for each incorrect answer. There will be no negative marking for unanswered questions.
  • Language of the question paper: English.

Since we are telling you about How To Prepare for KIITEE exam. The questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Each subject is different and requires a different set of Preparation Plan. We will guide you with Preparing for the BTech entrance exam subject wise. Let us start with Chemistry.

How to prepare chemistry for KIITEE 2017?

Chemistry is considered to be the most scoring subject among PCM. Well, that may sound good but it is a scoring subject only for those who have their concepts clear. The questions in the Chemistry Section are usually based on basic concepts of class 12th. So following are the tricks to ace the chemistry section and get that perfect score!

Learn the periodic table

Let us put it this way, periodic table in Chemistry is as useful as the cheat codes in games. Almost every concept revolves around the basics of elements, their structure, and its molecular number. It is indeed very important to memorize the periodic table in order to do well in Chemistry.

Extra attention to d, f-block elements and Co-ordination compounds (Inorganic Chemistry)

One can easily score high by performing well in the questions which come from P and S-block elements. It is also important to go through co-ordination compounds and d-block elements. The questions from these topics are probably the easiest in the section, so why to miss a chance to score on that.

Be thorough with all the formulae (Physical Chemistry)

Formulae are the core for Physical Chemistry, and if one is unable to recall anyone of the formula then all your hard work is a waste. One can use mnemonics and other methods to learn the important chemistry formulae.

Understanding complete reaction mechanism (Organic Chemistry)

The key to doing well in organic chemistry is to understand complete reaction mechanism. Organic chemistry basically studies of properties and structure of compounds. As the questions for complex structures are asked, one won't be able to solve if he/she isn't clear with the understanding of the complete reaction mechanism.

How to prepare Physics for KIITEE 2017?

Physics exams can be a hard section to perform well in, as the questions are so complex & advanced. Not to worry, though, because for physics it is important to study smart and not hard. We got all the preparation tips for you to do well in the KIITEE 2017 physics section.

Physics is not limited to Numerical

Physics has more to offer than just numerical, there are important concepts behind those calculations which help in solving the questions with ease. Numerical only get better if you have done your preparation well by learning all formulae and theories which explain the logic for those numeric problems. So focus on understanding the subject than just viewing it as mathematics.

Don't cut on your syllabus

One of the ways to study smart is to cut down on your syllabus and prepare what's practically important for scoring. Unfortunately, Physics is a subject which doesn't allow one to skip any chapter as everything is so interconnected with one concept or the other.

Practice as much as possible

Physics require allot of practice to understand a numeric concept. The more you practice the faster you will be able to move on with the concepts. It is a complex subject and to be able to retain it in the exam hall, can be a really really tough. In order to do so, one must practice as much as possible. Solving previous year papers & sample papers is one way to go.

Don’t Mug Up

Ratta, The art of mugging up has never helped anyone in preparing physics for KIITEE and never will. As mentioned earlier physics is a technical subject and to be able to mug up is a task in itself. The physics section consists of tricky and complex questions, so being thorough with your concepts is the only way to go about it.

How to prepare Mathematics for KIITEE 2017?

Maths is one subject which you one can spend hours studying but end up none the wiser. We got tips and techniques for preparing maths for KIITEE 2017.

Practice, Practice and More Practice

As much of a genius, you might be, but there is no alternative to study maths than practice it day and night. Practice makes a man perfect and that's the only mantra which will make you excel in math section in KIITEE. Every problem has its own set of concept and probably multiple ways to be solved. The art of problem-solving only comes by practice and nothing else.

Make you own Notes

Maths is full of Formulae, theorems, abbreviations, symbols and allot more terminologies. Making your own notes will not help you recall them all at the time of solving a complex problem. One can make steps to solving a problem or short tricks to solve the questions fast.

Master your basics

It is better to master your basics than moving ahead without actually learning anything. Mastering your basics will help you in understanding the subject well. Moreover, it will make it easier for you to quickly move on with your practice.



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