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What are the expectations of an employer from a fresh graduate?

Last Updated - February 12, 2019

In today’s world, every individual is facing to have the right competencies for a job. What a company anticipates at large from a fresh graduate is attitude, knowledge and multiple skills.

There are suitable expectations for any job, but it is significant to analyze the expectations that one has and the consequences they may create. An employer's expectations should aim at how to explore the natural talents that a potential job employee has than to teach skills and further enhance their talents.

It is also beneficial to be aware of these expectations much before you sit for an interview. Various universities these days teach these skills to the students to make them proficient enough for the placements. One such university is UPES which prepares the students not only in the theoretical aspects but also the practically improving their personality.


However, let’s check the expectations that a fresh graduate should cater to:

Soft Skills and Hard skills:

The first things that an employer looks in a candidate are the softs skills and hard skills. The soft skills include great communication, teamwork, and coordination, adaptability and conflict resolution. These are intangible and difficult to measure, so one needs to work hard for it. On the other hand, hard skills are skills that are measured and proven easily, so one must be proficient with them. they include a degree or certificate, good typing speed, machine operation, and computer programming.

Problem Solving:

Employers expect their candidates to prepare anecdotes that will paint them as a problem solver. Despite, not having an experience, you are expected to be proactive, innovative and highly responsive to a challenge. You must just show that you took the initiative to identify the problem and find solutions for it.

Proficiency in Writing:

Being a proficient writer is the most desired hard skill among fresh graduates. Crafting a great cover letter is crucial, but there are some other unconventional outlets to highlight your writing chops.

Leadership Skills:

Before one even enters the workplace, they can show their leadership skills to impress the employer, by just talking about their experiences in college or anywhere else where you have been delegated authority. As a leader, you should be able to clearly make your employees understand everything from business goals to specific tasks.

Strong Work Ethics:

An employer expects their employees to be highly committed to their work responsibilities and understand that doing one's job is more than just means to a pay check. Demonstrating a strong and organized work ethic tends to impress the boss.

Along with what the employer expects from a fresh graduate, they should themselves have certain self-expectations where they are clear about what they want to do and where they want to work. One advice to impress an employer is getting relevant work experience in order to secure good jobs as it is equally important.



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