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VITEEE 2019 Preparation Tips By Sanket R

Last Updated - September 18, 2018

VITEEE Preparation is essential to score high in VIT Engineering Entrance Exam. VITEEE is a national level entrance exam for engineering aspirants considered as one of the toughest entrance exams. It is conducted by VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology). The university aims to assess candidates on the basis of speed, time-management and decision-making power besides their academic knowledge.

VITEEE 2019VITEEE Application FormVITEEE Cut off

In 2019, VITEEE will be organized through online mode tentatively in 1st week of April 2019. VIT will release VITEEE 2019 application form in online mode tentatively in the first week of November, whereas offline form will be released in the second week of November 2018.

VITEEE Preparation Tips by Sanket R

Sanket R cleared VITEEE 2012 with 94 percentile. He was offered admission from many institutes but he opted for MNM Jain Engineering College. He has his own Five Point Someone to crack the exam. He says, only a good practice can lead to crack the exam and hence selection. He also says, only a practice with focused mind can make weak areas as the strong one so, practice die-hard to get selected in your dream institute. Given below is the questionnaire of him which can help you in preparing for VITEEE.

Ques. The Institutes that offered you Admission?

Ans. SA Engineering College,  Abdur Rahman College, Jeppiar Institute of Technology, Panimalar Institute of Technology, RMD College of Engineering, VIT Chennai and VIT Vellore.

Ques. How would you rate the following Preparation Strategy in terms of their efficiency in your story?     

Coaching ClassesOnline Study MaterialCoaching Study MaterialMock & Sample Test PapersStudy GroupsSelf-Study
ModerateHighHighHighHighVery High

Ques. Name the Coaching Institute you joined and its role in your story.

Ans. I Joined the FIITJEE Classes to prepare for the VITEEE. The coaching classes helped me to build a strong foundation in terms of understanding the basics. The study material that they provided was a great help for me. I was very well aware of the fact that VITEEE wasn’t an easy exam. However, my tutors at FIITJEE always motivated and inspired me to give my best. So that's how FIITJEE Classes helped me in cracking the VITEEE.

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Ques. Rate the Role of you Coaching Institute (Classroom or Online) in cracking VITEEE?

Ans. 8

Ques. How did you manage VITEEE preparations along with your Class 12th exams?

Ans. The most important thing when it comes to preparation for VITEEE is how you balance your time between the board exams and other competitive exams. I completed my board preparation much before my actual exam dates so, I had much time for revising my VITEEE syllabus once again. I never studied both for boards and VITEEE on the same day, I kept on juggling between alternative days. That’s it.

Ques. What were your Strong and Weak areas? How did you prepare and what special efforts did you put for improving them?

Ans. My strongest area was Physics and the weakest area was Chemistry. Physics was my strongest because one can practically learn it. On the other hand, Chemistry was the hardest because, there you have to thoroughly understand the concepts. In Chemistry I would say that my weakest area was the organic part as it has many formulae to remember. Organic Chemistry was never mine favorite one. However, my coaching classes helped me to get along with the subject. I also invested more time in the Organic part. At last, it is all about improving your weak areas in order to clear exams like VITEEE.

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Ques. What is your Five Point Rule to excel VITEEE?

Ans. Here are my Five Point Rules that Might help a VITEEE aspirant:

1) Always try to stick to syllabus, because I have seen many of my friends just studying something that never related to the syllabus.

2) Never mug-up anything, always try to understand a topic

3) Don't study something new at the last moment as this would surely lead to confusion

4) Never leave any topic

5) Focus on your weak areas

Ques. What mock papers did you take?

Ans. I didn’t take any particular mock test, I just downloaded previous year question papers from the net. I used to solve about 5 papers a week, so that I could be thorough with my syllabus. Mock series are very useful as they give you complete real exam situation. Use google to search for the latest papers.

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Ques. Websites you followed regularly for practicing sample papers and get updates?      

Ans. There are many websites like Career360 where you can easily get the latest updates about the changes in the Exam format. I used Google to Search for the Sample Papers and downloaded them. You can also buy Study Materials from Various Coaching Institute. Finally, I would advise every aspirant to put in their Full effort to solve the Sample papers.

Ques. Physics: Strategy and Books Followed

Ans. Physics was my favorite subject among the 3. I never used to mug any concept because there is nothing to mug in it. I would recommend the following books for Physics:

  1. H.C. Verma Concepts of Physics Vol I and II - the best
  2. I.E. Irodov Problems in General Physics - good for slow learners
  3. Halliday, Resnick & Walker Fundamentals of Physics - good for revision

So these are the books that I followed for VITEEE. It is advisable not to start new books in the last few months. One must join Test Series for better time management and accuracy. Best of Luck!

Ques. Chemistry: Strategy and Books Followed for this section 

Ans. Chemistry for me was a bit tough yet I was constantly motivated by my tutors, hence I was prepared conceptually for any type of question. I would recommend the following books for chemistry:

  1. P. Bahadur - best book numerical chemistry physical chemistry
  2. Paula Bruice Yurkanis – optional organic chemistry
  3. J.D. Lee - must read inorganic chemistry
  4. Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd - must read organic chemistry

So that was the list of books that I followed. Chemistry is all about understanding the basics, if you are thorough with the basics then you are very well prepared for the advanced.

Ques. Mathematics: Strategy and Books Followed

Ans. Maths is all about knowing to apply the right formula at the right time. Maths was a fun hobby for me. I just used to remember the formulae and everything else was very easy. I used these books for maths:

  1. NCERT Maths XI & XII - most important book for books
  2. S. L. Loney - must read trigonometry recommended
  3. S. L. Loney co-ordinate geometry
  4. Hall & Knight – optional higher algebra
  5. I.A. Maron - many problems

Ques. Share your thoughts on the Strategy for the aspirant who is starting 4 months before the exam.   

Ans. Last 4 months should be generally utilized to consolidate one’s preparation by focusing on problem solving and overcoming the weaker areas in preparation. However if one is thorough with the basics then he can try his luck. So I will suggest these few strategies for the aspirants:

  • Focus on your weak areas and improve your concepts.
  • Solve the Previous years’ VITEEE Papers.
  • Practice meditation to develop inner calm, confidence and power of concentration.

Finally, don’t be nervous if you find the paper tough as it is the relative performance that counts. So, I think that there is nothing wrong if you start late but what matters is how much of hard work you put in.

Ques. What are the things you would like to go back in time and change to get into a better college?

Ans. I think I would have got into a better college if I had started preparing a bit earlier. I also regret of not having changed my school in 10th std. However I am happy with my present state because I have great inspiring teachers in my college.



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