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GATE 2017 Computer Science (CSE) Paper Analysis Session 5

Last Updated - September 26, 2017

GATE 2017 CSE Paper for session 5 has been successfully conducted on February 11, 2017. GATE 2017 CSE paper was divided in three sections i.e. Engineering mathematics, General aptitude and Technical subjects. It consisted of 65 questions carrying a maximum of 100 marks. Candidates had to solve the paper in three hours. The difficulty level of the paper was moderate. The paper has questions broadly divided into numerical answer type and multiple choice questions (MCQs).

Note- This article is about GATE 2017 Computer Science (CSE) Paper Analysis Session 5. To know more about GATE 2018, click at GATE 2018.

GATE 2017 paper showed that most of the questions were similar to the questions asked in last year’s GATE Exam. IIT Roorkee has followed the almost the same weightage compared to last year. Here, we are providing session 5 analysis with the weightage of each section with respective marks & number of questions in this article. Check the details of the topics and paper analysis introduced by various institutes.

GATE 2017 CSE Paper Analysis Session 5 (The Gate Academy)

The overall difficulty level of the paper was moderate. The general aptitude section was easier than last year. The questions were conceptual and direct. Theory of computation, computer organization and data structure contained more weightage in the technical section. Here, we are providing details for distribution of questions from various topics asked in GATE 2017 in the table below:

The Gate Academy

SubjectTopicsNo. of questionsLevelWeightage (%)
Engineering MathematicsProbability, calculus7Moderate12%
General AptitudeVerbal ability, Numerical ability, Passage, Grammar8Moderate15%
Programming & Data StructurePointer, structure, recursion, functions7Difficult10%
Operating SystemThread, Scheduling, Critical Section, Page Replacement4Easy6%
Theory of ComputationRegular Grammar, Turing machine, DFA6Easy12%
Computer Organization & ArchitectureCache Memory, Memory mapping, Pipe Line, Addressing mode9Moderate14%
Digital CircuitsFlip flop, logic gate, K-map3Easy4%
Discrete MathematicsTree, Spanning tree4Easy5%
DBMSFunctional dependency, SQL, Topple calculus, Relation algebra5Moderate8%
Computer NetworksStop & Wait protocol, CRC check, TCP, protocol5Easy8%
Compiler DesignFirst follow1Easy2%
Design & Analysis AlgorithmAsymptotic notation, Complex city, Greedy technique, Quick sort3Moderate4%

GATE 2017 CSE Paper Analysis Session 5 (Gate Forum)

There was mixture of algorithms and objective type questions in the exam. The weightage of Discrete Mathematics has come down while it is increased in Engineering Mathematics as compared to last year. In general, the overall difficulty level of the paper was easy than last year.

Gate Forum

Section1 mark2 markNo. of questions
Engineering Mathematics246
Discrete Mathematics314
Digital logic325
Computer Organization033
Theory of Computation336
Programming & Data Structures459
Complier Design213
Operating Systems235
Computer Networks325
Verbal Ability325
Numerical Ability235

Section wise questions asked in GATE 2017 CSE (Gate Forum)

Discrete MathematicsMathematical Logic, Set Theory, Graph Theory, Combinatorics
Digital logicLogic Expression Minimization, Number System, Floating Points, Sequential Circuits
Computer OrganizationMemory, Instruction Pipelining
Theory of ComputationRegular Language and Regular Expression, Finite State Machine
Programming & Data StructuresProgramming in C, BST, Queues, Linked Lists
AlgorithmsTime Complexity, Greedy Method
Complier DesignLanguage Processing & Lexical Analysis, Syntax Analysis (LR Parsing)
Operating SystemsProcess & CPU Scheduling, Deadlock
DBMSStructured Query Language, File Structuring & Indexing, Functional Dependency, Transaction Management & Concurrency Protocols
Computer NetworksNetwork Layer, Data Link Layer (Hamming Code), Propagation Delay



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