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GATE 2017 ME – Mechanical Paper Analysis & Answer key

Last Updated - September 14, 2017

GATE 2017 ME paper was successfully conducted on February 4, 2017 in both sessions. GATE ME exam consisted of a single paper of 3 hours duration which comprised 65 questions carrying a maximum of 100 marks. The question paper consisted of both multiple-choice questions (MCQ) & numerical answer type questions.

GATE 2017 Mechanical Engineering (ME) Answer Key. Download Now

The ME question paper was divided into 3 sections viz. General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and the Qualifying Degree Section i.e. Mechanical Engineering. All the questions carried 1 or 2 marks for all papers and individual sections. In GATE ME, Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions, candidates were required to answered using the virtual keyboard as no answer choice was provided.

GATE 2017 Result for Mechanical Engineering exam is expected to be declared on or before March 27, 2017. Candidates who qualify GATE 2017 can participate in the GATE counselling process.

GATE 2017 ME Paper Analysis Shift 1Click here
GATE 2017 ME Paper Analysis Shift 2Click here

GATE 2017 ME Answer Key for Morning Paper (Session 1)

Here are the answers to 43 questions right now, the solutions of the remaining 22 will soon be up on our website.

  • Total Questions: 65
  • Included in the list: 43
  • Numerical Questions: 20
  • MCQs: 23


Question & TypeAnswers
Q.1 MCQ(b)
Q.2 MCQ(b)
Q.3 MCQ(a)
Q.4 Numerical103.86 MPa
Q.5 Numerical60.76 MPa
Q.6 Numerical1.66
Q.7 MCQ(a)
Q.8 MCQ(c)
Q.9 MCQ(c)
Q.10 MCQ(a)
Q.11 Numerical14.8
Q.12 Numerical679 K
Q.13 Numerical106.06
Q.14 Numerical-3
Q.15 Numerical(b)
Q.16 Numerical100 watt
Q.17 Numerical10
Q.18 MCQ(a)
Q.19 Numerical130-140 MPa
Q.20 Numerical5.015
Q.21 MCQ(a)
Q.22 Numerical333.33 J/K
Q.23 MCQ(b)
Q.24 MCQ(c)
Q.25 MCQ(c)
Q.26 MCQ(d)
Q.27 MCQ(b)
Q.28 Numerical60.85 MPa
Q.29 Numerical73.83%
Q.30 MCQ(c)
Q.31 MCQ(a)
Q.32 MCQ(a)
Q.33 Numerical63.6
Q.34 Numerical800 rpm
Q.35 MCQ(d)
Q.36 MCQ(c)
Q.37 Numerical12 minutes
Q.38 MCQ(b)
Q.39 Numerical3.5
Q.40 MCQ(a)
Q.41 MCQ(b)
Q.42 MCQ(a)
Q.43 Numerical17.07 kj/mol

GATE 2017 ME Answer Key for Afternoon Paper (Session 2)

For session 2 we have collected 27 questions and answer only. We will update soon once other answers are available.

  • Total Questions: 65
  • Included in the list: 27
  • Numerical Questions: 18
  • MCQs: 9
Question & TypeAnswers
Q.1 MCQ(c)
Q.2 MCQ(a)
Q.3 Numerical32 minutes
Q.4 Numerical262.8 kW
Q.5 Numerical1.49
Q.6 Numerical29.030
Q.7 Numerical15.66
Q.8 MCQ(a)
Q.9 Numerical6 MPa
Q.10 Numerical8 W
Q.11 MCQ(a)
Q.12 Numerical6.67%
Q.13 Numerical7 kg/s
Q.14 MCQ(c)
Q.15 Numerical5.816
Q.16 Numerical5
Q.17 MCQ(a)
Q.18 Numerical5 kg
Q.19 Numerical30 radian/s2
Q.20 MCQ(a)
Q.21 Numerical0
Q.22 MCQ(d)
Q.23 Numerical110 N
Q.24 MCQ(b)
Q.25 Numerical198.93 J/kg K
Q.26 Numerical5
Q.27 Numerical500 MPa

GATE 2017 Mechanical Engineering (ME) Paper

Mechanical Engineering (ME) Paper Analysis

Mechanical Engineering paper was conducted on February 4, 2017 in 2 sessions. The number of conceptual questions were more than calculation based questions. Also, 1 mark questions were quite easy to attempt. The number of questions, the marks they carry and the level of difficulty from each section is mentioned below:

Section1 Mark2 MarkNo.of Ques
Engineering Mathematics 549
Engineering Mechanics022
Strength of Materials549
Design of Machine Elements011
Theory of Machines123
Fluid mechanics437
Thermal Science549
Heat Transfer 112
Manufacturing Science4610
Industrial Engineering022
Verbal Ability325
Numerical Ability235

Read About GATE Cutoff

GATE 2017 ME Section Wise Questions

Engineering MechanicsKinematics of Rigid Bodies in Plane Motion
Strength of MaterialsThin Cylindrical Shells, Principle Stresses and Strains in Plane Stresses, torsion, Axial load, theory of failure
Design of Machine ElementsShafts, Gears and Bearings
Theory of MachinesCam, Gear and Gear trains
VibrationsForced vibrations, vibration of body
Fluid MechanicsFlow through pipes, Boundary layer theory, fluid kinematics, pump
Thermal SciencesEntropy and availability, second law of thermo dynamics, stoichiometry
Heat TransferHeat Exchangers, Conduction, Radiation
Manufacturing ScienceMachining, Engineering materials, welding, lathe and meteorology, casting
Industrial EngineeringProduction Planning and Control, LPP
  • ME paper I had more concept based questions than only formula based questions.
  • Compared to last year, Engineering Mechanics weightage has come down while it is increased in Strength of Materials, Thermal Science and Manufacturing Science.
  • In general, the overall difficulty level of the paper is higher than last year.

GATE 2017 Expected Cutoff for ME

Here, we are discussing about the GATE 2017 expected cutoff marks for ME. Candidates have to secure minimum cutoff marks to get admission in post graduate courses at IITs. They can check the following table for details:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

IITsCutoff Marks
IIT Madras810
IIT Bombay605
IIT Kanpur788
IIT Hyderabad797
IIT Patna738
IIT Mandi630

GATE IIT Cutoff 2017

IIT MadrasClick Here
IIT DelhiClick Here
IIT RoorkeeClick Here
IIT GuwahatiClick Here
IIT BombayClick Here
IIT KanpurClick Here
IIT KharagpurClick Here
IIT GandhinagarClick Here
IIT BHU Click Here
IIT JodhpurClick Here
IIT HyderabadClick Here
IIT PatnaClick Here
IIT MandiClick Here



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