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GATE 2017 ME Paper Analysis Shift 1

Last Updated - September 26, 2017

GATE ME 2017 paper conducted on February 4, 2017, in morning and afternoon sessions. The exam carried 65 questions which were to be completed in 3-hour duration.

GATE ME paper had both MCQs and Numerical Type Questions. The difficulty level of GATE ME paper was easy to moderate. Hard work in a smarter way always pays. Candidates who studied well for GATE 2017 can score a good rank. Fluid Mechanics, SOM, Vibration and Median & Design dominated the GATE ME paper.

All the three sections had a different difficulty level. General Aptitude was moderate to difficult. Candidates found English the most difficult one. While the Technical Section was easy to moderate.

Note- This article is about GATE 2017 ME Paper Analysis Shift 1. To know more about GATE 2018, click at GATE 2018.

Here, we are providing you GATE 2017 ME paper analysis by GATE Forum and The GATE Academy. Let's what they have predicted for GATE 2017, ME Paper.

Analysis of GATE 2017 Mechanical Engineering Shift I (The GATE Academy)

The marks distribution of topics covered in GATE ME paper is shown in the following table:

GATE Paper Analysis

GATE Paper Analysis of Mechanical Engineering by The GATE Academy is depicted in the following table:

SubjectQuestion NumberTopics Asked (Memory Based)Difficulty LevelTotal Marks
SOM1 Mark (4) | 2 Marks (3)Poisson’s Ratio, ColumnsEasy10
TOM & Vibration1 Mark (1) | 2 Marks (3)Natural Frequency, Dynamics of Slider Crank, Mechanism, Epicyclic Gear TrainsEasy7
TD, Applied TD1 Mark (1) | 2 Marks (4)Brayton Cycle, EntropyModerate9
MPE1 Mark (5) | 2 Marks (6)Slab Milling, Non-Traditional Machining, Casting, WeldingEasy to Moderate17
FM1 Mark (4) | 2 Marks (3)Flow Through Pipes, KinematicsEasy to Moderate10
HT1 Mark (1) | 2 Marks (2)Conduction, Heat ExchangerEasy to Moderate5
Machine Design1 Mark (2) | 2 Marks (1)S-N Curve, Theories of FailureEasy to Moderate4
Industrial Engineering1 Mark (0) | 2 Marks (2)SchedulingModerate4
Engineering Mechanics1 Mark (1) | 2 Marks (2)-Tough5
Engineering Mathematics1 Mark (5) | 2 Marks (2)Diff Eqn, Probability, Rank of the Matrix, Eigen ValuesModerate14
GA1 Mark (5) | 2 Marks (5)Family Relations, Grammar, Inference, Co-ordinate GeometryTough15
Total   100

Feedback: Majority of the questions were concept based. The weightage of MPE, SOM and FM was comparatively high. Surprisingly, this year, GA was tough as compared to previous year.

Know About GATE Result

Analysis of GATE 2017 Mechanical Engineering Shift I (GATE Forum)

Distribution of questions from various topics asked in GATE 2017 Mechanical Paper is given in the following pie chart.

GATE Paper Analysis

GATE Paper Analysis of Mechanical Engineering by GATE Forum is depicted in the following table:

Section1 Mark Questions2 Mark QuestionsTotal Number of Questions
Engineering Mathematics6410
Engineering Mechanics112
Strength of Materials325
Design of Machine Elements134
Theory of Machines022
Fluid mechanics358
Thermal Science224
Heat Transfer224
Manufacturing Science527
Industrial Engineering044
Verbal Ability325
Numerical Ability235

According to GATE forum, GATE 2017 ME Paper had more formula based questions. As compared to last year, SOM, Thermal Science weightage has come down while topics such as Vibrations and FM has high weightage. IIT Roorkee has followed almost same weightage compared to previous year. In general, the overall difficulty level of GATE ME Paper was moderate.  



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