GATE 2020 Exam day Guidelines & Instructions

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    Gate 2020 will be conducted in total 8 slots, two each on February 1, 2, 8 and 9, 2020. It is of foremost significance that all candidates check the exam day instructions for GATE 2020 and some last minute tips for smooth and successful exam conduction.

    Around 8,58,030 candidates have applied for GATE 2020. It is important for the candidates to carry their GATE admit card, which are out on the official website till exam day. Along with it a valid ID proof has to be carried as well.

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    Important Dates

    GATE 2020 : Dates to Remember

    Registration window for GATE 2020 

    August 31 – October 5, 2019

    GATE Application Form Correction Window

    October 15, 2019

    Issue of GATE 2020 Admit card 

    January 3, 2020

    GATE 2020 exam dates

    February 1, 2020

    February 2, 2020

    February 8, 2020

    February 9, 2020

    GATE 2020 Result declaration

    March 16, 2020

    Exam Schedule

    GATE 2020 : Examination schedule

    Sr. No.Session CodeExamination Date & DayTimePaper Codes
    1SIFeb 1, 2020 (Saturday)09:30-12:30 hrs (Forenoon Session)IN, ME1, MT, PE, PH
    2S2Feb 1, 2020 (Saturday)14:30-17:30 hrs (Afternoon Session)CY, ME2, PI
    3S3Feb 2, 2020 (Sunday)09:30-12:30 hrs (Forenoon Session)AR, BM, BT, CH, MA, MN, ST, XE, XL
    4S4Feb 2, 2020 (Sunday)14:30-17:30 hrs (Afternoon Session)AE, AG, EC, GG
    5S5Feb 8, 2020 (Saturday)09:30-12:30 hrs (Forenoon Session)EE, EY, TF
    6S6Feb 8, 2020 (Saturday)14:30-17:30 hrs (Afternoon Session)CS
    7S7Feb 9, 2020 (Sunday)09:30-12:30 hrs (Forenoon Session)CE1
    8S8Feb 9, 2020 (Sunday)14:30-17:30 hrs (Afternoon Session)CE2

    Important Instructions

    Important Instructions for GATE 2020

    Reporting time

    Candidates must report at the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled commencement of the examination.

    Seating in Examination hall

    Candidates will be permitted to occupy their seats 35 minutes before the scheduled start of the examination. Candidates will be given 20 minutes before the start of the examination to read all necessary instructions.

    Locate Exam Center

    Candidates are advised to reach out the examination centre at least a day before the examination, so that they can reach the venue on time on exam day.

    Read more about GATE 2020 Exam Centers

    Photograph and signature

    • Candidates are advised to sign on the photograph in the presence of the invigilator.
    • Candidates must carry additional copies of their passport size photographs.
    • The passport size photograph must be a professional one. Wearing caps or goggles is not acceptable. Only those who wears spectacles at a regular basis are allowed to wear them.
    • The photograph and the signature must be clearly visible and same as filled in the application form, otherwise it will be directly rejected.

    Documents to carry

    • GATE 2020 Admit Card
    • Passport size photograph
    • Valid ID proof

    Download GATE 2020 Admit Card here

    Facilities for the scribe

    As per the Government of India rules there are certain aids available for the Persons with Disability (PwD). They are provided with an additional amount of time for completing the examination. Those candidates will be provided with a scribe by the conducting authority of GATE 2020. The candidates belonging to this category are also allowed to visit the examination campus prior to the exam date for analysing all the arrangements. If not satisfied, they can also request for the change in scribe. Moreover, they are also allowed to bring their own scribe. But the scribe they are bringing in with them must be one step below the qualification of that particular candidate.

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    GATE 2020 Guidelines

    GATE 2020 : Guidelines for Exam Day

    • Candidates must reach the examination center 30 minutes prior-to the given exam time.
    • Candidates are suggested to carry the admit cards with them. Also, they must carry valid ID proof before entering the examination center.
    • Candidates will be provided with their allocated seats and they must occupy that particular seat for the entire exam conduction.
    • For rough work, the invigilators will provide the candidates with scribble pads. The given pads can be used by the candidates after writing their registration numbers with their respective names on the pad.
    • Smoking or consumption of alcohol is also strictly prohibited inside the examination hall.
    • They must not carry any electronic devices with them which are used for communication purposes. (Note: If any candidates are found with any electronic device even in the switch off mode that will lead to the disqualification of the candidate from the exam).
    • Candidates must not tamper with the provided computer system or with any hardware.
    • Any hand-written scripts or any such material are strictly not allowed inside the examination hall. If caught the candidate will be disqualified.
    • All the above instructions must be followed by the candidate. If any code of conduct that is mentioned above is violated by the candidate inside the premises then the candidate will be debarred from giving the exam.

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