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GATE CCMT Cut Off for NIT Karnataka

Last Updated - February 12, 2018

NIT Karnataka M.Tech admissions are done through CCMT 2018. Candidates having GATE score more than CCMT 2018 Cut Off are eligible for M.Tech admissions at NITs. CCMT 2018 Cut Off is determined by NITS and vary for each category and program. CCMT Cut off is the minimum marks required for admission to various M.Tech programs at the NITs. The cut off marks depend on various factors such as availability of seats, difficulty level of the examination, number of qualified candidates etc. The online registration for admissions to M.Tech programs in all NITs and CFTIs will start from on April 2018 through CCMT. Candidates who have qualified in GATE 2018 can register only at CCMT portal. Here is the table for important dates of CCMT 2018 process.

Starting date of online CCMT registrationApril 10, 2018
Last Date for PaymentMay 8, 2018
Last Date for Locking Choice fillingMay 8 to 11, 2018
Seat Allotment (Round 1)May 21, 2018
Seat Allotment (Round 2)May 29, 2018
Choice Filling for NSRJuly 5 to 14, 2018
National Spot RoundJuly 23, 2018

*Dates are tentative

GATE CCMT Cut Off 2018 for NIT Karnataka

CCMT 2018 Cut Off will be released by NITs at the end of each round of seat allotment. CCMT Cut Off is based on GATE Score and the specified cut off will be considered for admissions across CCMT participating institutes. The cut off marks vary as per the course and category. Here, we are providing NIT Karnataka GATE Score for each category which is considered as Rank of candidates for round 1 in the given table below.

NIT Karnataka CCMT 2017 Cutoff for General Category 

M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering667
M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering765
M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering681
M.Tech Structural Engineering740
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering791 
M.Tech Power and Energy System Engineering708 
M.Tech Nanotechnology689 
M.Tech Process Metallurgy638 
M.Tech Computational Mathematics and Data Processing768
M.Tech Water resource578 
M.Tech Industrial Pollution Control Engineering470
M.Tech VLSI Design770 
M.Tech Design and Precision Engineering755 
M.Tech Marine Engineering616
M.Tech Industrial Biotechnology607 
M.Tech Construction Technology718 
M.Tech Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System GIS587 
M.Tech Thermal Engineering769 
M.Tech Information Technology753 
M.Tech Transportation Engineering666
M.Tech Manufacturing Engineering723 
M.Tech Environmental Engineering612 

NIT Karnataka CCMT 2017  Cutoff for SC Round 1

M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering486
M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering513 
M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering444 
M.Tech Structural Engineering475 
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering548 
M.Tech Power and Energy System Engineering494 
M.Tech Nanotechnology419 
M.Tech Process Metallurgy394 
M.Tech Computational Mathematics and Data Processing457 
M.Tech Water resource367 
M.Tech Industrial Pollution Control Engineering235 
M.Tech VLSI Design526 
M.Tech Design and Precision Engineering500 
M.Tech Marine Engineering356
M.Tech Industrial Biotechnology407 
M.Tech Construction Technology461
M.Tech Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System GIS332 
M.Tech Thermal Engineering597 
M.Tech Transportation Engineering448
M.Tech Manufacturing Engineering471

NIT Karnataka CCMT 2017  Cutoff for ST Round 1

M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering315 
M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering416 
M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering314 
M.Tech Structural Engineering395
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering474 
M.Tech Power and Energy System Engineering400 
M.Tech Nanotechnology379
M.Tech Process Metallurgy315
M.Tech Computational Mathematics and Data Processing355 
M.Tech Water resource326 
M.Tech VLSI Design444 
M.Tech Design and Precision Engineering427 
M.Tech Marine Engineering264 
M.Tech Industrial Biotechnology263 
M.Tech Construction Technology341 
M.Tech Thermal Engineering390 
M.Tech Transportation Engineering373
M.Tech Manufacturing Engineering436
M.Tech Environmental Engineering323 

NIT Karnataka CCMT Cut Off for General Category

Candidates can check the General Category - Branch Wise Gate Cut off scores in NIT Karnataka for the year 2016 for various M.Tech programs as mentioned in the table below.

M.Tech Industrial Pollution Control Engineering501
M.Tech Chemical Plant Design527
M.Tech Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System GIS591
M.Tech Industrial Biotechnology630
M.Tech Environmental Engineering644
M.Tech Water Resources Engineering645
M.Tech Transportation Engineering666
M.Tech Process Metallurgy669
M.Tech Marine Engineering671
M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering699
M.Tech Construction Technology722
M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering724
M.Tech Structural Engineering740
M.Tech Power and Energy System Engineering753
M.Tech Nanotechnology757
M.Tech Information Technology757
M.Tech. Mechatronics760
M.Tech Communication Engineering765
M.Tech Computational Mathematics and Data Processing768
M.Tech Manufacturing and Precision Engineering769
M.Tech. Information Security776
M.Tech Thermal Engineering791
M.Tech VLSI Design800
M.Tech Design and Precision Engineering805
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering816

General PWD

CCMT Cutoff for GEN-PWD
M.Tech Structural Engineering333
M.Tech Nanotechnology378
M.Tech. Information Security443
M.Tech Information Technology443
M.Tech Communication Engineering459

NIT Karnataka CCMT Cut Off for OBC Category

Check the following table to know the previous year NIT Karnataka CCMT Cut off for OBC category as per their GATE Score.

M.Tech Industrial Pollution Control Engineering374
M.Tech Chemical Plant Design448
M.Tech Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System GIS511
M.Tech Industrial Biotechnology516
M.Tech Marine Engineering537
M.Tech Water Resources Engineering558
M.Tech Process Metallurgy574
M.Tech Transportation Engineering581
M.Tech Environmental Engineering591
M.Tech Construction Technology592
M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering617
M.Tech Nanotechnology622
M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering624
M.Tech Computational Mathematics and Data Processing662
M.Tech Communication Engineering667
M.Tech Power and Energy System Engineering670
M.Tech. Information Security678
M.Tech Information Technology682
M.Tech. Mechatronics686
M.Tech Structural Engineering692
M.Tech Manufacturing and Precision Engineering727
M.Tech VLSI Design732
M.Tech Thermal Engineering748
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering750
M.Tech Design and Precision Engineering755

NIT Karnataka CCMT Cut Off for SC Category

For SC category, we are providing the rank of CCMT Cut Off at NIT Karnataka, Surathkal. Candidates can check the following table to know the CCMT rank of 2016.

M.Tech Industrial Pollution Control Engineering265
M.Tech Chemical Plant Design313
M.Tech Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System GIS360
M.Tech Industrial Biotechnology418
M.Tech Water Resources Engineering422
M.Tech Transportation Engineering448
M.Tech Construction Technology461
M.Tech Process Metallurgy471
M.Tech Computational Mathematics and Data Processing480
M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering486
M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering486
M.Tech Nanotechnology491
M.Tech Marine Engineering500
M.Tech Power and Energy System Engineering513
M.Tech. Information Security526
M.Tech. Mechatronics532
M.Tech Information Technology536
M.Tech Structural Engineering537
M.Tech Communication Engineering539
M.Tech Environmental Engineering544
M.Tech VLSI Design544
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering579
M.Tech Manufacturing and Precision Engineering596
M.Tech Thermal Engineering600
M.Tech Design and Precision Engineering635

NIT Karnataka CCMT Cut Off for ST Category

CCMT Cutoff For ST
M.Tech Industrial Pollution Control Engineering213
M.Tech Industrial Biotechnology244
M.Tech Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System GIS282
M.Tech Marine Engineering294
M.Tech Process Metallurgy315
M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering319
M.Tech Environmental Engineering323
M.Tech Water Resources Engineering329
M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering345
M.Tech Transportation Engineering363
M.Tech Computational Mathematics and Data Processing378
M.Tech Nanotechnology379
M.Tech Information Technology382
M.Tech Construction Technology389
M.Tech Structural Engineering391
M.Tech. Information Security397
M.Tech. Mechatronics404
M.Tech Power and Energy System Engineering411
M.Tech Communication Engineering416
M.Tech Manufacturing and Precision Engineering436
M.Tech VLSI Design444
M.Tech Thermal Engineering455
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering480

NIT Karnataka M.Tech Admissions 2018

NIT Karnataka admission in postgraduate M. Tech programs is on the basis of marks obtained by the students in GATE and through CCMT 2018. To get final admission, the eligible candidate has to be physically present at MNIT Karnataka for payment of the fee of institute and completion of other final admission procedure. Candidates have to produce all the original certificates along with their photocopies at the time of Centralized Counselling. The seat allotment will be done on the basis of choices filled by the candidates and GATE Score.

Candidates have to produce the following documents along with their photocopies at the reporting center as given below.

  • Three color passport size photographs
  • Copy of the CCMT Registration form
  • Provisional Seat Allotment letter
  • GATE Score Card
  • Photo ID proof
  • Birth certificate Class X (High School) Board Certificate as proof of date of birth
  • Certificates and Mark sheet of Class XII
  • Mark sheets of qualifying examination for all semesters
  • Category certificate, if applicable

In the case of two candidates having same GATE Score, then the following criteria will be used in the order of preference. Candidates having GATE score in 2017 will be given preference over candidates having a score of 2018. After that, candidates with higher in age will be given preference. In highly unlikely event of their birth date being the same i.e. same date of birth with same GATE score and year, then preference will be given to that candidate who has passed the qualifying examination in earlier academic year.

NIT Karnataka (Surathkal) is one of the 30 NITs of India and is reckoned as one of the top technological universities in India. It was established in 1960, when it was also known as Karnataka Regional Engineering College. It was declared as Institutes of National Importance by the National Institutes of Technology Act, 2007. It offers various programs such as

  • M.Tech in various disciplines
  • MCA
  • MBA
  • B.Tech



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