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    NIT Rourkela M.Tech admissions will be done through CCMT 2020. Candidates having GATE score more than CCMT 2020 Cut Off are eligible for M.Tech admissions. CCMT Cut off for  GATE 2020  will be determined by NITS and varies for each category and program. The cut off marks depend on various factors such as the availability of seats, the difficulty level of examination, the number of qualified candidates, etc. Meanwhile, candidates can check their rank  Using GATE Rank Predictor. 

    After the declaration of  GATE 2020 Result, candidates will be able to able to download their scorecard which is one of the important documents for the admission process. 

    Courses Offered at NIT Rourkela

    Courses Offered at NIT Rourkela

    NIT Rourkela is an autonomous university approved by AICTE under MHRD and established in the year of 1961. It offers various programs which are the following:

    • M.Tech
    • MBA
    • M.Sc.
    • MA
    • B.Tech
    • Ph.D

    CCMT 2020 is an online admission program for getting enrolled to all the NITs. CCMT is associated with the admission to postgraduate technical programs to all the participating institutes of CCMT.

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    NIT Rourkela Cut Off 2020

    GATE CCMT Cut Off for NIT Rourkela

    CCMT 2020 Cut Off will be released by NITs at the end of each round of seat allotment. CCMT Cut Off is based on the performance of candidates in GATE 2020 and the specified cut off will be considered for admissions across CCMT participating institutes. NIT Rourkela GATE Cut Off is based on the opening and closing rank of candidates. The cut off marks vary according to the category and streams.

    Check  GATE 2020 Cut Off

    GATE NIT Rourkela Previous Year cutoff list

    Below given are some previous year cut off lists that will help the candidate to get about the marks that they need to score in the exam. 

    GATE 2018 NIT Rourkela

    PG ProgrammeGeneralOBCSCST
    Biomedical Engineering7275564150
    Atmosphere and Ocean Science605514358283
    Control & Automation694625441327
    Cryogenics & Vacuum Technology700618382316
    Chemical Engineering562430353230
    Communication & Networks622586436315
    Energy and Environmental Engineering676592467341
    Electronic Systems & Communication647607452286
    Geotechnical Engineering670633509443
    Food Processing Engineering677452435202
    Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering702609502306
    Industrial Ceramics609551335240
    Metallurgical & Materials Engineering673633376303
    Industrial Design742651435422
    Information Security691592461362
    Microwave and Radar Engineering642516395239
    Machine Design & Analysis758722611529
    Mining Engineering613569529299
    Power Electronics & Drives701646455346
    Power Systems Engineering694643485393
    Production Engineering724672508426
    Software Engineering695568441342
    Signal & Image Processing637590385260
    Structural Engineering725673538457
    Transportation Engineering679609483399
    Thermal Engineering773718565458
    VLSI Design & Embedded Systems712672485496
    Water Resources Engineering623610440306
    Computer Science747667522382
    Biomedical Engineering7275343660
    Control & Automation694606399327
    Atmosphere and Ocean Science6055143510
    Cryogenics & Vacuum Technology679608358316
    Communication & Networks617534436315
    Electronic Systems & Communication639542371275
    Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering702595388264
    Food Processing Engineering587452435156
    Chemical Engineering4944163530
    Geotechnical Engineering643614509355
    Energy and Environmental Engineering676569440299
    Metallurgical & Materials Engineering6576013760
    Industrial Design742651390256
    Industrial Ceramics6085223350
    Information Security691580417318
    Machine Design & Analysis758686497398
    Microwave and Radar Engineering6425163400
    Mining Engineering589536384282
    Production Engineering714672453415
    Power Systems Engineering650617444382
    gate rank predictor

    GATE 2017 NIT Rourkela Cutoff for General Category 

    M.Tech Chemical Engineering534
    M.Tech Industrial Ceramics627
    M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering682
    M.Tech Transportation Engineering685
    M.Tech Mining Engineering601
    M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering647
    M.Tech Water Resources Engineering602
    M.Tech Industrial Design 704
    M.Tech Software Engineering662
    M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering660
    M.Tech Signal and ImageProcessing677
    M.Tech Biotechnology687
    M.Tech Structural Engineering692
    M.Tech Information Security and Management684
    M.Tech Cryogenics and Vacuum Technology691
    M.Tech Production Engineering704
    M.Tech VLSI Design & Embedded System745
    M.Tech Machine Design757
    M.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering700
    M.Tech Control & Automation766
    M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering770
    M.Tech Thermal Engineering764
    M.Tech Power Electronics and Drives732

    Here, we are providing the NIT Rourkela Marks for each category for round 1 in the given table below.

    NIT Rourkela GATE 2016 CCMT Cut OFF for General Category

    NIT Rourkela offers M.Tech programs in various disciplines. Check the following table to know the CCMT Cut off (Rank-Wise) for general category.

    M.Tech Chemical Engineering483
    M.Tech Industrial Ceramics589
    M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering591
    M.Tech Transportation Engineering598
    M.Tech Plastic Engineering / Technology600
    M.Tech Health, Safety and Environment Management606
    M.Tech Biomedical Engineering630
    M.Tech Analytics and Decision Sciences634
    M.Tech Mining Engineering647
    M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering649
    M.Tech Water Resources Engineering649
    M.Tech Industrial Electronics652
    M.Tech Software Engineering658
    M.Tech Steel Technology660
    M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering666
    M.Tech Telematics & Signal Processing672
    M.Tech Biotechnology682
    M.Tech Structural Engineering682
    M.Tech Information Security and Management682
    M.Tech Industrial Design688
    M.Tech Cryogenics and Vacuum Technology692
    M.Tech Digital Communication and Networking695
    M.Tech Production Engineering702
    M.Tech VLSI Design & Embedded System709
    M.Tech Machine Design731
    M.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering734
    M.Tech Control & Automation737
    M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering745
    M.Tech Thermal Engineering747
    M.Tech Power Electronics and Drives817

    NIT Rourkela GATE 2016 CCMT Cut OFF for OBC Category

    Candidates can go through the following table to check the NIT Rourkela CCMT Cut Off for OBC category.

    M.Tech Chemical Engineering373
    M.Tech Biomedical Engineering466
    M.Tech Biotechnology481
    M.Tech Plastic Engineering / Technology525
    M.Tech Industrial Ceramics536
    M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering537
    M.Tech Water Resources Engineering539
    M.Tech Mining Engineering544
    M.Tech Transportation Engineering548
    M.Tech Analytics and Decision Sciences553
    M.Tech Software Engineering555
    M.Tech Steel Technology562
    M.Tech Health, Safety and Environment Management565
    M.Tech Information Security and Management579
    M.Tech Industrial Electronics586
    M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Engineering590
    M.Tech Telematics & Signal Processing599
    M.Tech Structural Engineering609
    M.Tech Cryogenics and Vacuum Technology612
    M.Tech Control & Automation619
    M.Tech Digital Communication and Networking622
    M.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering623
    M.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering624
    M.Tech Power Electronics and Drives633
    M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering638
    M.Tech Industrial Design638
    M.Tech VLSI Design & Embedded System651
    M.Tech Production Engineering656
    M.Tech Thermal Engineering695
    M.Tech Machine Design704

    NIT Rourkela GATE CCMT Cut OFF for SC Category

    For SC category, we are providing the opening and closing rank of CCMT Cut Off at NIT Rourkela. Candidates can check the following table to know the CCMT rank of 2016.

    ProgramsOpening RankClosing Rank
    B.Tech Electrical Engineering1971763
    B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering433733
    B.Tech Mechanical Engineering4621592
    B.Tech Mining Engineering5743021
    B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering10251288
    B.Tech Civil Engineering13531812
    B.Tech Chemical Engineering14652849
    B.Tech + M.Tech Hydraulic & Water Resources Engineering18991899
    B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering + M.Tech Information Security19101910
    B.Tech Electronics Engineering19652106
    B.Tech Electronics and Communication + M.Tech Communication & Signal Processing22112211
    B.Sc + M.Sc Physics25024988
    B.Tech + M.Tech Power Electronics & Drives25042504
    B.Tech Electronics & Instrumentation + M.Tech VLSI & Embedded Systems25132513
    B.Tech + M.Tech Transportation Engineering26562656
    B.Tech Biotechnology30484370
    B.Tech Metallurgical Engineering30653390
    B.Tech + M.Tech Chemical Engineering33063306
    B.Tech Industrial Design36303669
    B.Tech Ceramic Engineering36324523
    B.Tech. Food Process Engineering37304724
    B.Tech + M.Tech Mining Engineering39193919
    B.Tech + M.Tech Metallurgical & Materials Science44144414
    B.Sc + M.Sc Mathematics46204778
    B.Sc + M.Sc Chemistry47025444
    B.Tech + M.Tech Industrial Ceramics & Ceramic Engineering49034903
    B.Tech Biomedical Engineering49985150

    NIT Rourkela GATE CCMT Cut OFF for ST Category

    B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering256446
    B.Tech Civil Engineering478590
    B.Tech Mechanical Engineering492638
    B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering496496
    B.Tech + M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering502502
    B.Tech Electrical Engineering565711
    B.Tech + M.Tech Control & Automation566566
    B.Tech Electronics Engineering753753
    B.Tech + M.Tech Mechatronics Engineering916916
    B.Tech Chemical Engineering9991056
    B.Tech Mining Engineering10111011
    B.Tech Ceramic Engineering11931849
    B.Sc + M.Sc Physics13831383
    B.Tech Metallurgical Engineering17161721
    B.Tech + M.Tech Mining Engineering17621762
    B.Tech. Food Process Engineering17991799
    B.Sc + M.Sc Mathematics18131813
    B.Tech Biotechnology18201820
    B.Sc + M.Sc Chemistry18922394
    B.Tech + M.Tech Industrial Ceramics & Ceramic Engineering22132213
    B.Tech Biomedical Engineering23152315
    B.Tech Industrial Design23282328

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    Admission Process

    NIT Rourkela M.Tech Admissions 2020

    • NIT Rourkela M.Tech/ M.Plan admissions are done through Centralized Counselling.
    • Candidates qualifying in GATE 2020 can apply for M.Tech admission at NIT Rourkela through CCMT.
    • It is a two-year duration program (Including four-semester).
    • The minimum qualification required for the admission to M.Tech program is B.Tech/ B.E/ M.Sc. from in relevant subject from a recognized university.
    • It will be conducted three rounds of seat allotment. After the completion of all rounds, candidates have to appear for the verification of documents and have to produce all the original certificates along with their photocopies at NIT Rourkela.

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