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GATE CCMT Cut off for National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

Last Updated - July 16, 2019

CCMT 2020 is the gateway leading to admissions into NIT, Kurukshetra engineering aspirants to pursue M.Tech. Candidates, who have scored higher than CCMT 2020 cut off the mark are eligible for pursuing M.Tech at NIT Kurukshetra. GATE CCMT 2020 Cut Off for NIT Kurukshetra is determined by the authorities of NIT itself and it may vary for each category and programs.

CCMT Cut off is the minimum marks required to be shortlisted for admissions to various M.Tech programs at the NITs. The cut off marks are listed depending on various factors like availability of seats, the difficulty level of the examination, the number of qualified candidates etc. Registration for admissions to M.Tech programs in all NITs and CFTIs will commence online from April second week via CCMT. Candidates who qualified the GATE 2020 can register at CCMT portal.

GATE 2020 is scheduled on multiple dates for different streams from February 1, 2020  to February 9, 2020. IIT Roorkee declared GATE 2020 result on March 17, 2020. CCMT the counselling body for Mtech courses in NIT's is coordinated by Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat this year.

Courses Offered by NIT Kurukshetra

The duration of an M. Tech. course is four semesters for regular students and two semesters for Postgraduate diploma holders in the relevant disciplines.

Following Courses of Study are offered in the disciplines and specializations:

(a) Civil Engineering(i) Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engg. (ii) Structural Engg. (iii) Water Resources Engg. (iv) Transportation Engg. (v) Environmental Engg
(b) Electrical Engineering(i) Control System (ii) Power System (iii) Power Electronics & Drives
(c) Electronics & Comm(i) Electronics & Comm. Engg. Engineering (ii) VLSI Design* *This program will be offered by School of VLSI Design & Embedded Systems w.e.f. academic year 2012-13
(d) Mechanical Engineering(i) Industrial and Production Engineering (ii) Thermal Engineering (iii)Machine Design
(e) Physics(i) Instrumentation (ii) Nano-Technology
(f) Computer EngineeringComputer Engineering
(g) School of VLSI Design & Embedded Systems(i) Embedded System Design
(h) School of Energy and Efficiency

(i) Renewable Energy System

CCMT GATE Cutoff 2019 for NIT Kurukshetra

As mentioned earlier, Candidates who secure higher scores than GATE CCMT cut off 2020 will be considered eligible to apply for CCMT. Below is the 2019 Cutoff for Round 1. Candidates can analyze how much marks they need to score for getting admission in the desired course. 

Computer Engineering692622467293
Control System658608411268
Electronics and Communication Engineering622565423281
Embedded System Design615565388365
Environmental Engineering685530441374
Industrial and Production Engineering653578470351

GATE Previous Year Cut Off for NIT Kurukshetra


M.Tech Instrumentation

M.Tech InstrumentationSchedule Caste392
M.Tech InstrumentationSchedule Tribe295
M.Tech Environmental EngineeringGeneral583
M.Tech Environmental EngineeringSchedule Caste485
M.Tech Environmental EngineeringSchedule Tribe430
M.Tech Transportation EngineeringGeneral765
M.Tech Transportation EngineeringSchedule Caste558
M.Tech Transportation EngineeringSchedule Tribe391
M.Tech Water Resources EngineeringGeneral583
M.Tech Water Resources EngineeringSchedule Caste540
M.Tech Water Resources EngineeringGeneral Person with Disability392
M.Tech Computer EngineeringGeneral706
M.Tech Computer EngineeringSchedule Caste484
M.Tech Power System EngineeringGeneral680
M.Tech Power System EngineeringSchedule Caste521
M.Tech Power System EngineeringSchedule Tribe384
M.Tech Power System EngineeringGeneral Person with Disability342
M.Tech Biomedical EngineeringGeneral572
M.Tech Biomedical EngineeringSchedule Caste458
M.Tech Biomedical EngineeringSchedule Tribe236
M.Tech Power Electronics and DrivesGeneral719
M.Tech Power Electronics and DrivesSchedule Caste412
M.Tech Renewable EnergyGeneral658
M.Tech Renewable EnergySchedule Caste514
M.Tech Renewable EnergySchedule Tribe306
M.Tech VLSI TechnologyGeneral624
M.Tech VLSI TechnologySchedule Caste487
M.Tech VLSI TechnologySchedule Tribe251
M.Tech Civil Soil Mechanic and Foundation EngineeringGeneral624
M.Tech Civil Soil Mechanic and Foundation EngineeringSchedule Caste420
M.Tech Civil Soil Mechanic and Foundation EngineeringSchedule Tribe476
M.Tech Control SystemGeneral671
M.Tech Control SystemSchedule Caste403
M.Tech Control SystemSchedule Tribe387
M.Tech Machine DesignGeneral768
M.Tech Machine DesignSchedule Caste541
M.Tech Molecular Engineering & Advanced Chemical AnalysisGeneral488
M.Tech Molecular Engineering & Advanced Chemical AnalysisSchedule Caste238
M.Tech Molecular Engineering & Advanced Chemical AnalysisSchedule Tribe238
M.Tech Structural EngineeringGeneral727
M.Tech Structural EngineeringSchedule Caste545
M.Tech Structural EngineeringSchedule Tribe416
M.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringGeneral653
M.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringSchedule Caste395
M.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringSchedule Tribe287
M.Tech Production & Industrial EngineeringGeneral754
M.Tech Production & Industrial EngineeringSchedule Caste518
M.Tech Production & Industrial EngineeringSchedule Tribe317
M.Tech Thermal EngineeringGeneral729
M.Tech Thermal EngineeringSchedule Caste602
M.Tech Thermal EngineeringSchedule Tribe448
M.Tech NanotechnologyGeneral692

Cut Off 2016 Round 1

M.Tech Molecular Engineering & Advanced Chemical AnalysisGeneral527
M.Tech Molecular Engineering & Advanced Chemical AnalysisSchedule Caste315
M.Tech Molecular Engineering & Advanced Chemical AnalysisSchedule Tribe200
M.Tech Molecular Engineering & Advanced Chemical AnalysisOther Backward Class395
M.Tech Renewable EnergyGeneral637
M.Tech Renewable EnergySchedule Caste415
M.Tech Renewable EnergySchedule Tribe348
M.Tech Renewable EnergyGeneral Person with Disability254
M.Tech Renewable EnergyOther Backward Class563
M.Tech NanotechnologyGeneral591
M.Tech NanotechnologySchedule Caste374
M.Tech NanotechnologySchedule Tribe264
M.Tech NanotechnologyGeneral Person with Disability283
M.Tech NanotechnologyOther Backward Class517
M.Tech Biomedical EngineeringGeneral611
M.Tech Biomedical EngineeringSchedule Caste423
M.Tech Biomedical EngineeringSchedule Tribe269
M.Tech Biomedical EngineeringGeneral Person with Disability380
M.Tech Biomedical EngineeringOther Backward Class547
M.Tech VLSI TechnologyGeneral658
M.Tech VLSI TechnologySchedule Caste589
M.Tech VLSI TechnologySchedule Tribe283
M.Tech VLSI TechnologyGeneral Person with Disability369
M.Tech VLSI TechnologyOther Backward Class604
M.Tech. Embedded SystemsGeneral648
M.Tech. Embedded SystemsSchedule Caste425
M.Tech. Embedded SystemsSchedule Tribe287
M.Tech. Embedded SystemsOther Backward Class567
M.Tech Thermal EngineeringGeneral724
M.Tech Thermal EngineeringSchedule Caste593
M.Tech Thermal EngineeringSchedule Tribe306
M.Tech Thermal EngineeringOBC Person With Disability291
M.Tech Thermal EngineeringOther Backward Class681
M.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringGeneral636
M.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringSchedule Caste420
M.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringSchedule Tribe292
M.Tech Electronics and Communication EngineeringOther Backward Class567
M.Tech Machine DesignGeneral755
M.Tech Machine DesignSchedule Caste563
M.Tech Machine DesignSchedule Tribe298
M.Tech Machine DesignOther Backward Class681
M.Tech Environmental EngineeringGeneral643
M.Tech Environmental EngineeringSchedule Caste430
M.Tech Environmental EngineeringSchedule Tribe349
M.Tech Environmental EngineeringSC Person With Disability304
M.Tech Environmental EngineeringGeneral Person with Disability410
M.Tech Environmental EngineeringOther Backward Class522
M.Tech Water Resources EngineeringGeneral600
M.Tech Water Resources EngineeringSchedule Caste388
M.Tech Water Resources EngineeringSchedule Tribe315
M.Tech Water Resources EngineeringOther Backward Class515
M.Tech Power Electronics and DrivesGeneral687
M.Tech Power Electronics and DrivesSchedule Caste453
M.Tech Power Electronics and DrivesSchedule Tribe487
M.Tech Power Electronics and DrivesGeneral Person with Disability318
M.Tech Power Electronics and DrivesOther Backward Class622
M.Tech Civil Soil Mechanic and Foundation EngineeringGeneral613
M.Tech Civil Soil Mechanic and Foundation EngineeringSchedule Caste435
M.Tech Civil Soil Mechanic and Foundation EngineeringSchedule Tribe352
M.Tech Civil Soil Mechanic and Foundation EngineeringOther Backward Class537
M.Tech Transportation EngineeringGeneral592
M.Tech Transportation EngineeringSchedule Caste435
M.Tech Transportation EngineeringSchedule Tribe363
M.Tech Transportation EngineeringOther Backward Class529
M.Tech Structural EngineeringGeneral667
M.Tech Structural EngineeringSchedule Caste504
M.Tech Structural EngineeringSchedule Tribe374
M.Tech Structural EngineeringOther Backward Class596
M.Tech Control SystemGeneral730
M.Tech Control SystemSchedule Caste491
M.Tech Control SystemSchedule Tribe378
M.Tech Control SystemOther Backward Class632
M.Tech Power System EngineeringGeneral660
M.Tech Power System EngineeringSchedule Caste442
M.Tech Power System EngineeringSchedule Tribe404
M.Tech Power System EngineeringOther Backward Class602
M.Tech InstrumentationGeneral700
M.Tech InstrumentationSchedule Caste475
M.Tech InstrumentationSchedule Tribe440
M.Tech InstrumentationOther Backward Class585
M.Tech Computer EngineeringGeneral729
M.Tech Computer EngineeringSchedule Caste449
M.Tech Computer EngineeringSchedule Tribe448
M.Tech Computer EngineeringOther Backward Class563
M.Tech Production & Industrial EngineeringGeneral687
M.Tech Production & Industrial EngineeringSchedule Caste487
M.Tech Production & Industrial EngineeringSchedule Tribe506
M.Tech Production & Industrial EngineeringOther Backward Class627

Available Seats for M. TECH Courses in NIT Kurukshetra

The M. Tech. seats are first filled by GATE qualified candidates, then by industry sponsored candidates and if seats remain vacant, by other candidates. The non-GATE candidates are not eligible for the scholarship.

M. Tech. courses are offered in the following disciplines and specializations.

Department/SpecializationNo. of SeatsAdmission Made
Civil Engineering
Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering8+2R+5*01
Structural Engineering8+2R+5*-
Transportation Engineering8+2R+5*-
Water Resources Engineering8+2R+5*03
Environmental Engineering10+3R+5*-
Electrical Engineering
Control System8+2R+5*09
Power System8+2R+5*12
Power Electronics & Drives8+2R+5*08
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering10+3R+5*19
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering8+2R+5*10
Robotics & Automation10+3R+5*15
Master of Business Administration46+14R60

R Reserved Category  

* Sponsored Category



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