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GATE ME: Preparation Tips & Tricks for Strength of Materials
Exam: 05 Feb `21
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Strength of materials, also called mechanics of materials, is a subject which deals with the behavior of solid objects subject to stresses and strains. It consists of wide-ranging topics of Torsions, Bending Stress, Mohr’s Circle etc. The ultimate strength refers to the point on the engineering stress-strain curve corresponding to the stress that produces fracture. 

Being a core subject of mechanical its weightage is on an average 10% of GATE exam so it becomes necessary to cover this subject. GATE 2020 will be held from February 01, 02, 08 and 09, 2020 in various cities divided into Zones according to 7 IITs.

Those candidates who appear for GATE ME need to complete the syllabus with proper planning in the sense covering almost all the topics of all chapters. Here, we will give you complete information on how to prepare for Strength of Materials for GATE ME.

Important Topics for Strength of Materials

What you need is a proper exam strategy that will help you utilize your time and efforts efficiently. For Strength of Materials, we suggest you to start with the important topics first which are discussed below:

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Preparation Tips for Strength of Materials for GATE ME

To Prepare for Strength of Materials for GATE ME, aspirants need to incorporate these tips and tricks daily to yield the best result. You need a positive and a thoughtful approach.

  • Good Time Table: You should design proper timetable which directs all the material which has to be covered. A schedule of every subject should be made with different priorities. Most importantly it should have breaks in between.
  • Don’t Cram, Make Notes: Cramming everything can result in forgetting everything while making notes can help in remembering all points easily.
  • Use Creative Techniques: Make use of Flashcards or mnemonics. Design funny rhymes or word associations to help remember the points. This way, you will not feel like boring. All these techniques convert your chapters into various types of games.
  • Time Management: It is best advised that you must allocate time for each topic individually and formulate a study plan around it.
  • Practice Previous Year’s Papers: Be familiar with the exam pattern for GATE ME paper. As the saying goes, “practice makes a man perfect.” This will boost your confidence.
  • Read & Revise: Read and revise all the topics. Categorization and division of topics as per the assigned time help in achieve your set target.

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Recommended books for Strength of Materials for GATE ME

It’s challenging to find out the correct books for Strength of Materials for GATE ME. Here, you find the best books for Strength of Materials for GATE ME discussed below:

Strength of Materials Books Author’s name ISBN No.
Elements of Strength of Materials 5 Edition D. H. Young, S. P. Timoshenko 9788176710190
Strength of Materials 14 Edition S. Ramamrutham, R. Narayanan 9788187433545
A Textbook of Strength of Materials: Mechanics of Solids (S.I. Units) 5 Edition R. K. Bansal 9788131808146
Strength of Materials R. K. Rajput 9788188458103
Strength of Materials: Elementary Theory and Problems (Part - 1) 3 Edition Stephen Timoshenko 9788123910307
Strength of Materials 4 Edition W. A. Nash 9780070700338