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GATE Preparation Tips for Last 30 Days

Last Updated - January 17, 2018

Graduate Engineering Test in Engineering (GATE) 2018, conducted by IIT Guwahati this year, is barely a month and this makes the last month before the D-day the most important phase of the entire preparation.

GATE consists of both MCQs and Numerical type Questions and a penalty of 1/3rd mark is imposed for every incorrect answer. The brief exam pattern of marking scheme of the exam is tabulated below:

SectionTotal MarksNo of Questions
Subject Knowledge70 marksTotal 45 questions (25 questions of 2 mark) (20 questions of 1 mark)
Engineering Mathematics15 marksTotal 10 questions (5 questions of 2 mark) (5 questions of 1 mark)
General Aptitude15 marksTotal 10 questions (5 questions of 1 mark) (5 questions of 2 marks)
Total100 marks65 questions

Tips for GATE 2018 Preparation

The last month is the stage to act smart and systematic for all the aspirants whether they have been preparing for GATE for some time or have just started preparing for the exam.

Candidates who have already finished the entire syllabus of the discipline in GATE 2018 they are aiming for now need to get into the final gear. Following are the tips for them-

  1. Revise, Recall, Recollect

Make a list of subjects in sequence of their level of difficulty. Begin your revision with the easiest ones, as these finish up fast and help boosting your confidence. Having a thorough knowledge of easy topics will help you devise a strategy to attempt your paper in the most productive and scoring way.

  1. Stick to Study Hours

Now is no time to laze around and procrastinate. You need to dedicate 7-8 hours daily to your preparation and stick to the study hours. You need to make up for all the missed aspects of your preparation and cover all the topics you previously left or missed.

  1. Learn to Manage Speed and Time

With just 3 hours allotted to finish the entire text, you need to learn to solve more questions in less time. Practice and work on your speed while maintaining the accuracy simultaneously. Come up with a strategy that suits you the most in attempting the maximum number of questions and that leaves with some time in hand to take a last glance at your performance in the actual paper.

  1. Take Mock Tests

Practice as many mock tests as possible and in a fashion similar to that of the actual exam. You need to take at least 15 mocks during the last month. Attempt these mocks in the time slot of the paper to get your body better accustomed to those hours as sitting for 3 long hours for an exam can be tedious.

  1. Join a Crash Course/Test Series

If you wish to power up your preparation further, you can join a crash course for GATE at a good coaching institute in your city. This will help you drastically improve at areas you find difficult during preparing for them without assistance.

List of the best coaching center to prepare for GATE 2018- click here.

  1. Get a hand on using the Virtual Calculator

As of 2016, GATE banned the use of a physical scientific calculator which was previously allowed. Now candidates are required use an in-built virtual calculator which can be tedious if you are not in a habit of using it. Download a virtual calculator in your laptop and use it to develop a habit of it.

Learn more about using the GATE virtual calculator

  1. Jack of all Trades- Absolute NO!

Do not start any new topic at this stage, all the good they do will be of distracting you. Focus on topics you already know to some extent and revise them to improve your performance in the entire paper.

Tips for candidates starting off their GATE 2018 preparation

You are late but still stand a good chance at cracking GATE given you take the right route.

  1. Focus on Topic of Importance

You cannot cover the entire GATE Syllabus now, so compile a list of the most important topics by analyzing the previous year GATE papers in the order of their difficulty level. Begin with the easiest ones as they can be covered in a short span of time and help you score the most.

  1. Preparation Material

Instead of acquiring lengthy epic sized of books for your preparation, try to get your hands on the comprehensive version of them. As they will only make it harder for you to find the inspiration to work hard. Notes of topics of significance and formula from some coaching center or a candidate who has been preparing for the test for a long time will serve you the best.

  1. Areas of Strength

You need to find your areas that you are good and weak at. Focus primarily on your strengths and prepare for them well. Try to attempt some areas where you think with practice can be mastered in a small duration but it is crucial that you skip the topics that you think are your weakest point. It will just be a waste of time to try understanding these topics that can even affect your confidence as well.

  1. Test Series/ Crash course

Joining a crash course can prove to be a game changer for you. It will help you focus absolutely on the important topics and help you master them. Test series are a must. You need to take mocks on a regular basis to identify your level preparation and your areas of strength and weakness. Also attempt previous year papers to learn what to expect in the actual exam.

  1. Time Management

With limited time in hand, you need to make the most of it. At this stage, you need to put 10-12 hours each day in your preparation without failing. Make yourself a time table for all 30 days and stick rigorously to it. Without a strategic time table, you might end feeling overwhelmed with the course you have complete in a short duration.

  1. Bonus Tip

Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude are the most scoring areas of the paper. Even though they are on a little tough side, you only need regular practice to become good at them. Also, look for tips from GATE toppers online and inculcate the ones suitable for you in your routine. Click here.

Suggested Time Table to Prepare GATE in 30 Days

You can prepare a time table for yourself or may refer to the one provided below.

WeekDayPlan in detail
Week 1Day 1Analyze previous year papers thoroughly, compile all the important topics and allot the topics to the days of the coming three weeks
Day 2 - Day 6Prepare as per topic allotted to that day
Day 7Analyze your preparation by taking mocks
Week 2Day 8 - 13Dedicate your time to allotted topic as well as work on the area you think you can improve by practicing
Day 14Analyze your preparation by taking mocks
Rest DayDay 15Take a break from major preparation; solve GA and EM and strategize the coming 2 weeks
Week 3Day 16 - Day 22Prepare as per topic allotted to that day
Week 4Day 23 - Day 29Focus entirely on taking mocks and solving previous year paper.
Analyze and revise the topics you are strong at. Absolutely do not start with anything new.
Day 30Take the day off and relax your mind for the D-day next day. Get adequate sleep before the exam.

Study Material for GATE 2018 Preparation

Preparation books for General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics are enlisted below:

  • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal for General Aptitude
  • Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S. Grewal for Engineering Mathematics

For more books and subjective preparation books, Click here

Online Reference Material 

The internet offers a plethora of material to help GATE aspirants. You just need to find the right ones. Click here for top online resources to prepare for GATE

GATE, even though, can be cracked with ease if you make up your mind for it and adopt the requisite approach towards its preparation.



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