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How to use GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator

Last Updated - March 31, 2017

GATE 2017 exam will have Virtual Calculator for the candidates for making calculation during the exam. It was firstly introduced last year for the candidates as they brought physical calculator for making calculations during exam and also to reduce the chances of cheating through unfair means.

So for the new aspirants those who are not familiar with the GATE 2017 virtual calculator usage. Here we have tried to solve all the queries regarding the how to use GATE virtual calculator.

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The authorities will set the GATE 2017 question paper within the consideration of requirement of virtual calculator. So all the calculation will be done during GATE examination is through virtual calculator.

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How the virtual Calculator looks

GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator

  • The right side of the virtual calculator will have all the keys for simple operations
  • Scientific calculation keys are at left hand side
  • No need of shift key and inverse key as inverse function have separate keys.
  • All function keys ar group together
  • There are two display screens on the calculator
  • Top display screen will show the sequence of keys pressed
  • Second screen shows the result

How to Calculate


For Simple Arithmetic

To calculate 60 + 55 x 3 candidates must enter 60, +, 55, *, 3, =

To evaluate: 40 x 35-2 candidates must enter 40, *, 35, -, 2, =

Similarly to evaluate: 20 x (6+5) candidates must enter 20, *, (, 6 +, 5, ), =

For evaluating function (value)

To evaluate 3 + log(30) x 5 candidates must enter 30, log, *, 5, +, 3, =

To evaluate log(20) x 5 - 7 candidates must enter 20, log,*, 5, -, 7, =

To evaluate In(55) x 2 + 5 candidates must enter 55, In, *, 2, +, 5, =

To evaluate 5 + In(35) x 2 candidates must enter 35, In, *, 2, +, 5,=

To use sin(Degree), cos(Degree), tan(Degree)

To evaluate sin(30) or cos(30) or tan(30) candidates must enter 30, sin or cos or tan

To evaluate: tan(45) x 5 + 2 candidates must enter 45, tan, *, 5, +, 2, =

To find out yroot() value

To evaluate 4th root of 5 candidates must enter 5, y√x, 4, =

To find out cube() value

To evaluate: 563 x 6+8 candidates must enter 56, x3 , *, 6, +, 8, =

To find π value

To evaluate 5 π candidates must enter 5, *, π

To find cuberoot()

To evaluate cube root(3) candidates must enter 3,3√

To find out square root

To evaluate square root(4) candidates must enter 4,√

To find out factorial (nỊ)

To evaluate factorial(5) candidates must enter 5, nỊ

To evaluate factorial(6)*5-2 candidates must enter 6, nỊ, *, 5, -, 2, =

To find exponential (ex )

To evaluate e0 candidates must enter 0, ex

To find 10x

To evaluate 102.5 candidates must enter 2.5, 10x

To evaluate 10-0.509 candidates must enter 10, ^, 0.509, +/-, =

To evaluate 10-2 candidates must enter 10, ^, 2, +/-, =

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Some FAQs about the GATE 2016 Virtual Calculator

Q1. How to do the fractional calculations?

Ans: Virtual Calculator is not a fractional calculator. NAT (Numerical Answer Questions) questions need answers only in decimal form.

Q2: How to convert rectangular form to polar and vice versa?

Ans: Candidates are need to know how to use appropriate conversions through the virtual  calculator as no separate keys are available for these calculation.

Q3:  How to represent Complex numbers in Virtual Calculator?

Ans: Complex numbers can’t be represented in this virtual calculator. All queries identifying with any area where complex numbers may be regarded useful, eg. in power systems or other areas, can be solved using this calculator.

Q4:  How to carry out Matrix operations like transpose, inverse etc?

Ans: All the matrix related calculations are need to carry out manually.

Q5:  How to solve cubic, quadratic or simultaneous equations?

Ans: The GATE 2017 virtual calculator does not solve any kind of equations.

Q6: Can one get a stand-alone calculator app for their mobile or computer?

Ans: No. The calculator can be used through internet. An internet connection is needed only to load the calculator on your webpage on your computer or mobile. Once it is loaded an internet connection is not needed to carry out the calculations.

Q7: How to get to the estimations of constants like Planck's constant, electron mass and so on.?

Ans: The constants needed for solving any questions will be provided in the question paper. Wherever it is not provided then it is expected that the candidates should know the values of such constants.

Q8: Can a student use the keyboard?

Ans: No. students can’t use the keyboard during the entire examination. They will have to use the mouse only.

Q9: How to evaluate 3root9?

Ans: The key sequence is 9, yrootx, 3. Students must remember that the top most display area will show the sequence of the keys pressed and not the formula.

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