PSU Through GATE 2020: How to Crack PSU Interviews

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    GATE 2020 is scheduled for February 1, 2, 8 and 9 in CBT mode in multiple sessions. After the declaration of GATE Result, qualified candidates can apply for PSU Recruitment. 

    • PSU Recruitment through GATE is two-stage process namely GATE score and interview round. 
    • More than 43 PSUs announce the recruitment of graduate engineers on the basis of their GATE Score every year.
    • Apart from having the requisite GATE scores, candidates need to prepare for a host of other things while attending the PSU Interviews.
    • Most of the questions in PSU interviews are based on theory, thus candidates are required to focus on theory area.
    • You also need to go through the PSU website and jot down some important projects, board members name and CSR projects, etc that might help you in the introduction part. Check GATE PSU Cut off

    In recent times most of the PSUs and some of the big core companies have started recruiting based on GATE score. PSUs provide jobs in core research fields, that is the perfect for candidates from that particular field.

    Things to Keep in Mind at the Time of Interview

    In PSU interview the highest weightage is given to GATE score (around 85%) and around 5% weightage to group discussion and group task and 10% weightage to personal interview. It is to be noted that most of the PSUs recruiting through GATE Scores will call around four to five times the actual vacancies; sometimes even more. It is crucial for every aspirant to give his/her best shot.

    There are few general things that the candidate must take care of before appearing for an Interview:-

    • Candidate should be prepared with the company profile as to what sectors the company is involved in, its performance.
    • Candidate should check the HR Policy for the company. They should know the details of the pay scale offered to the designation advertised for.
    • If there is a service bond, candidate should understand that and ask a senior or faculty, family members before saying yes to company. The service bond is an important legal binding contract that mentions the number of years a candidate has to compulsorily work for the said company.
    • Candidate should concentrate on making a good resume and put it while applying and during the interview process. It is important for candidates to not to falsify stuff, achievements in the resume as they could lead to questions.
    • Candidate should be well revised with the B.Tech project they did i.e. they must have a basic knowledge of subject, scope, methodology and conclusion of the project. Questions can be asked based on these topics in any interview.
    • Wear Formals on the day of Interview and be prepared for a day-long event.

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    Check List for PSU Interviews

    • Candidate should make sure they are impeccably groomed. This matters and goes to show candidates in a good light.
    • Applicants should also ensure that he/she do look like their GATE 2020 Application Form photograph. Changing appearance in any manner that is different from the photograph is not advisable,
    • Make sure that a copy of the PSU Application Form, GATE 2020 Admit Card in original, GATE Score Card is with you.
    • Candidate should make sure that all their certificates in original are in place.
    • To be on the safe side, Candidate should always carry a valid photo ID and some photographs similar to ones posted in the GATE Application Form.

    What to Prepare for PSU Interviews

    • Candidate should prepare from their B.Tech discipline in general.
    • Candidate should choose at least two topics from their B.Tech specialization in which they are interested. Make sure that they have a sound knowledge about these topics and why these like these topics.
    • Some toppers suggest to know about Industrial Training but that is up to the candidate and not compulsory.
    • Candidate should be aware of the current topics and General Knowledge. This will come handy for the group discussion as well as some questions that may be asked to test your grasp of the world in general.
    • Candidate should also go to the PSU website and jot down some important projects , board members name and CSR projects, etc
    • Candidate should be prepared for tricky questions such as “Why should you be selected?” or “Why do you want to join this company?”

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    Guidelines During the Interview

    • Candidate should be respectful.
    • Group Discussions are meant to check whether a candidate is a team player and his/her knowledge about Current Affairs. Candidate should make sure that he/she come across as a team player.
    • While entering the interview room, Candidate should make sure to wish everyone in the panel politely.
    • If the candidate disagrees on any point, he/she should put the disagreement across in a very polite manner. Do not show aggressiveness in any manner.
    • The panel will look for smart individuals. So a candidate should think before they answer.
    • If a candidate is doubtful of the answer, tell the panel that he/she think this is the answer but they have some reservations about it.

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    Pattern of PSU through GATE Interviews

    Some of the PSUs ask basic questions of almost same pattern/topics in the most interview. Mentioned below are few companies and type of questions they focus on :-

    • BARC: Candidate should prepare at least five subjects from his/her graduation course, as they mostly ask aspirants to name their 5 favourite subjects and then ask questions from those subjects only. BARC ask very basics questions at first, then increase their level of questions.
    • PGCIL: PGCIL’s Interview is basically focussed on aspirants B.Tech discipline.
    • National Thermal Power Corporation : Candidate should learn about Thermal Power plants, Different components of Thermal Power plant and their efficiency .
    • DMRC: Questions for the Interview are mostly from Regenerative Braking, Carbon Credits and Power System Protection.
    • IOCL: Questions for the Interview are mostly from Artificial Intelligence, Efficiency of the boiler, Refinery of IOCL and from candidates’ B.Tech Discipline.
    • HPCL: selects a candidate purely on the basis of Interview. Candidates’ GATE score will not play any role in selection. Some of the questions asked are : Why do you want to Join HPCL ?; What is Umbrella Pact between Germany and India; CSR activities of HPCL.
    • ONGC: Learn about important oil wells and their location. Questions for the Interview are mostly based on Posting Location; Why to choose ONGC and not other PSU’s. Not many technical questions will be asked in ONGC interview.



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